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Some of my ramblings.
By PoeticRambler
On Wed Jun 15, 2011 07:43 AM

I call this "A moment on the mountain"

Wherever upon me a beam of moonlight fell
I can stop in wonder of the story it will tell
A raindrop upon my cheek fallen from the sky
And an autumn leaf in the wind flutters on by
Caresses like the color of earth's outer core
Sound of time passing like ancients of yore
Bound to earth like a vegetable's root
Birds sing as pretty a note as any flute
Hands to the sky like branches of a tree
At one with nature like I always want to be
I cup sweet water to my windblown lips
And taste of it as from my fingers it drips
A breath of life all this gives to my soul
As I rest upon a high shale strewn knoll
A glacier reflects moonlight upon a tarn
In the distance a howl sounds like a yarn
The Earth speaks to my body with a voice
I could not ignore it even had I a choice
By the time I spend a night with her or three
The poisons of the city leach away from me
My mother nature loves me as her true son
And to her I'll return when my time here is done

Thanks for reading.

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re: Some of my ramblings.
By PoeticRambler
On Wed Jun 15, 2011 07:50 AM

Tragedy and a childbirth the circle of life
Both divorce and dedicated husband and wife
Pain lies alongside ecstasy bright and bold
The heat of fire is felt during deepest cold
War steps aside for peace to rule the land
Slaps and caresses come from the same hand
Roars of anger and a lover's sweet whisper
Great tsunamis the same origin as a mister
Pebbles fall from mountains made of stone
And I can stand in a crowd and be all alone
Time both flies and crawls at the same pace
As the sunlight always darkness will chase
Dry burning sand lives at waters cold edge
And earth is flat and with precipitous ledge
Beauty and danger are companions so true
And the wisest soul sometimes has not a clue
Innocence is the foundation for all wrong
And in silence is where you will find song


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