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To Go Beyond
By ClareJulissa Comments: 98, member since Sat Mar 26, 2011
On Thu Jun 16, 2011 01:32 PM

You know you see them every day
Maybe you smile at them as they go on their way
They look just like regular people, but they're not
They're the ones that go beyond, and give all that they've got

They're the dancers that give their teacher a hug before they go
They're the dancers who encourage others before the show
They're the dancers who help teach the small ones their first dance
They're the dancers who practise hard and don't leave things up to chance

They're the ones that are shocking, compared to what you often see
They're the ones who consider their teammates family
They're the ones that care like no one else bothers to
They're the ones who will see their teammates through

They're the dancers that will recall the the O
They're the ones that will be World Champions, you know
They're the ones who will go far
They're the ones who reach to a star

They are the ones who know what it means…

To go beyond.