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The Triubhas News, Issue 44 - ScottishMami
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On Mon Jul 11, 2011 05:09 PM
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The Triubhas News is pleased to present it's 44th issue with ScottishMami!

Username: ScottishMami
Why did you choose your username? Because I'm a wee bit Scottish and I'm a mommy but ScottishMommy doesn't look as cute as Scottish Mami, plus I have a lil Latina flavor in my blood anyway ;)
Name: Tara Mills
Member since: Jan 2009
Years Dancing: a little over 7 years
Age: 25
Board: SDTA

What tartan do you wear for your kilt, and is there a specific reason why you chose it? Right now I wear the Dress Gordon because I am part of the Gordon Clan and it fit me after I had my babies, but I have many ideas for which tartan I'd like to use for my new kilt eventually...

Tell us a bit about your other costumes.
Do you wear a white dress or an Aboyne for nationals?
I wear an Aboyne in Blue Lennox
What colour is your jig dress? I don't have a jig dress of my own yet, but I plan on having a plain blouse, dark green skirt, red cummerbund, and most likely red jig shoes..
What colour is your hornpipe outfit? It will be navy.

What brand of Ghillies do you wear? Hullachans.

What is the name of your school and teacher? Kyla is my teacher and I go to Kyla Groeschel's School of Highland Dance.

How/when did you know you wanted to be a dancer? ? I've always loved all kinds of dancing, but I started Highland after my mom started it, I loved it after my first competition but I didn't start taking it really seriously until after my first son was born and I missed it soooo much.

Why did you choose highland? 1. My mom was doing it. 2. I wanted to prove I could do it. 3. I loved it immediately. 4. It is part of my heritage...
Do you take, or have you taken, any other forms of dance? I am currently also taking ballet, I have experience in Jazz, tap, modern, and also freestyle booty shaking ;)

What makes you love Highland dance? The friends I have made, the intense workout, and the challenge.
If you could describe your dancing in only 1 word, what would it be? Strong

Do you compete? If so, what level are you in? I just moved into Intermediate, I will start my intermediate year in the spring

When is your next competition (if applicable)? Sacramento Games & Gathering...possibly Sonoma, but probably not...
How do you think you'll do there? It'll be my first Intermediate, so I know I'll be nervous as ever, depending on if I can hold it together I plan on placing at least once :)

What has been your most memorable competition moment? I will never forget my first competition ever, where I won 3 1sts and a 3rd and won the trophy, it was a very special day for me.

What has been your most memorable non-competitive achievement? Dancing on stage with the Wicked Tinkers whenever we see them!

Do you remember your first competition and how you did there? See question before last ;)

What do you enjoy most about competitions? I enjoy getting to see my friends, and watch spectacular dancing.

Do you have any superstitions? I've been lugging around all my gold medals for good luck ha ha ha.

What is the most difficult thing for you about Highland? Keeping my stamina up.
What's the easiest? Keeping the rhythm.

What are your best and favourite steps? Quick time in the Seann Triubhas.
What are your worst and least favourite? Double & extended hi-cuts.

Anything you are still working on? I'm working on lots, perfecting my Laddie and hornpipe, and learning the J.L. McKenzie tribute.

Do you ever feel the pressure to quit? Not at all.

What are your favourite dances? They change every so often; right now I love the Village Maid and the Laddie. I always love the Jig.

How often do you take class? once a week
How frequently do you practice? I'm ashamed to admit, once a week, but I am a mother of 2 and full time student. I actually consider my ballet as "practice" so that bumps me up to 3 times per week...around competition time I practice 4-5 times per week.

What do you generally work on when you practice on your own? I go through all the dances and try to work on things that I often struggle with; I also work on my stretching

Do your friends and family support your dancing? They do. Nobody is brave enough to talk down on it, at least to me ;) I'm very protective of my heritage

Do you hang out with your dance friends outside the studio? I have, and I like to, but I don't get much hang out time so it's rare.

Approximately how many times per year does your dance school perform? About 24 times, if not, more

Does your school hold a recital? We have a Christmas Concert that we share with the Sacramento City Pipe Band
If so, what does it generally consist of? A lot of the regular dances performed to Christmas tunes, with some of our choreography mixed in.

Would you rather have a strict or an easy-going teacher? Hmm I like both...
How would you describe YOUR teacher? She is awesome, she is strict but very easy going, we chat a lot in class but she is very serious about our dancing. She wants us to do our best but at the same time she wants us to have fun. As an adult I don't think I see the very strict side in her very often but I know it is there :)

Who are your dance idols? I love anyone who loves dancing as much as I do, but I have always called my dance sister Devon Yip my "dance Idol" (no joke!) she's amazing and I love her.

What has been your most embarrassing dance moment? I honestly cannot think of anything but a few times when I stepped on the sword. :-/

If someone completely unfamiliar with Highland dancing asked you why you did it, what would you tell them? I always tell them the same thing; it is a kick ass/warrior version of ballet with a Scottish flare for fashion.

May we have a peek inside your dance bag? yikes, it's quite full because I took so much stuff to medals testing today but this would be a good time to organize...hairspray, 2 dickies, competition Ghillies in my special Ghillie purse with my lucky gold medals, practice Ghillies, my son's Ghillies, nylons, hair stuff, feminine stuff, half full water bottle, full water bottle, ibuprophen, ace wraps, sports bras, old emergency Ghillies, black shoe polish, deodorant, and numerous little knick knacks to keep my little ones entertained on short notice.

What other activities do you have besides dancing? I raise 2 sons while going to school full time. I love dance of all sorts so I do what I can when I can.

Have you ever taken a break from dancing? I have, in short, for my sons.

Have you ever had to overcome any problems to get to where you are today? I've had all kinds of little issues, ingrown toenail, shin splints, being an "old dancer", but my most prominent one is all the weight I gained from pregnancy, it is finally coming off now though, and I feel great!

Describe your ideal dance class. Good stretching & warm up session (while chatting about the latest Scottish community gossip :-X) some old dances, some new dances, and focusing on anything that needs to be perfected. Ending with a just-for-fun dance.

Do any of your dance friends/class mates go on DDN? Yes yes! 3 of my best dancing buddies are Dancer24601, Whatsupcupcake, and PunkQueenie! Love you ladies!!

WhatÂ’s your biggest regret? Not starting dancing years earlier :(

If you were told you could no longer dance after today, what would you do? Cry my eyes out and find a way to prove whoever told me so wrong.

And how would you spend this last day? Dancing of course! Probably similar to how I spent July 31st (National Dance Day) with some Highland in the morning, some Just Dance wii battles, and getting my groove on at a nightclub with every lover of dance that I know :)


8 Replies to The Triubhas News, Issue 44 - ScottishMami

re: The Triubhas News, Issue 44 - ScottishMami
By whatsupcupcakemember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Mon Jul 11, 2011 05:22 PM
Great interview Miss Freestyle Booty Shaker! <3
re: The Triubhas News, Issue 44 - ScottishMami
By punkqueeniemember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Fri Jul 15, 2011 07:30 PM
Yay Northern California DDN Old Ladies! <3
re: The Triubhas News, Issue 44 - ScottishMami
By ScottishMamimember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sun Jul 17, 2011 02:27 PM
just saw this!! hahaha thanks ladies, it was fun to read this, it's been awhile since I wrote it.

Thanks for featuring me DDN :)
re: The Triubhas News, Issue 44 - ScottishMami
By FloraMacDonald
On Tue Jul 19, 2011 05:20 PM
Cute! I didn't realize it was written a while ago until about halfway through ... "hey, she's been an Intermediate for a while now!" :)
re: The Triubhas News, Issue 44 - ScottishMami
By Dancer24601member has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Mon Jul 25, 2011 02:19 AM
It was written a while ago! I was thinking, 'Oh she's already done that!' Very fun to read and love all the picture, although now you need a picture with your new jacket!
re: The Triubhas News, Issue 44 - ScottishMami
By ScottishMamimember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:48 PM
Good point Natalie!! I'll have to sign on my laptop & upload one!

For now I've come to update my most embarrassing moment now that I have a proper one hahaha At my lay competition I was doing really well (or so I felt) in my fling, when I got to my 4th step I completely blanked! I had no idea where I was in the dance! I ended up doing all 3 versions of shakes in one step, then I kinda got back on track only to start the last step late and on the wrong foot! I was shaking my head and laughing the whole time! I think someone hit me with a confundus charm!
re: The Triubhas News, Issue 44 - ScottishMami
By bombsquaddancers
On Wed Sep 14, 2011 01:39 PM
Thanks for sharing this!!
re: The Triubhas News, Issue 44 - ScottishMami
By ScottishMamimember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Wed Sep 14, 2011 11:20 PM
thanks for reading!

here's that jacket picture :)


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