Who as a receptionist?
By Rose
On 07/14/2011 12:19:06
After ...(thinking)... 17 years in this building, I FINALLY see a way to construct a desk for a receptionist. It needs some breaktrough of walls, door replacement, and I have to give up some space to create space, BUT it is a chance. I WANT a receptionist to be a buffer between me and parents. I don't have the patience to be polite with all their questions anymore, but it would be better for my studio if it got 'a face' again. Someone to welcome people and all these things. The beginning of August someone will come to see if he can fix my ideas. If so, he can only do it in October (I want him, don't want someone else). That's a pity, to have a desk at the start of the season would be better, but as I really don't want someone else to do the job, .... So, I hope to have a desk in a few months, and then the problem is: who do I put behind it. I would like someone more mature (above 40/50 would be great) with a police background (able to handle agressive parents :)), but they will expect a decent salary I can't afford. So, it will probably be a student in exchance for classes. Anyone experience with this? I know it will take a lot of months before this all deals, but I like to be prepared :).
re: Who as a receptionist?
By DestinationDnCr
On 07/14/2011 12:31:41
I LOVE the concept of having someone with a police background at the desk. Maybe someone in politics! I've have 2 high school girls at my desk, that just graduated and are going to college. I love them both, but they need to be told to do everything. I also have a mother of a student at my desk during my morning classes. The parents love her. I don't barter, everyone gets paid. If they hand it back to me for classes, so be it =)
re: Who as a receptionist?
By Sumayah
On 07/14/2011 12:51:52
Magic mods powers activate! We do at the studio I teach for. It a mom of one of the senior dancers - a mom who has proven over the years to not be the gossipy, trouble causing sort. The SO is often working with her behind the desk, so the clientele stills the SO's face a lot, but the mom handles all the general issues and brings important stuff to the SO's attention. I don't know whether she gets paid or trades or a combination of both. Before her, we had a teacher behind the desk and she did that because she was injured and was recovering from surgery and could not dance nor teach. She was fantastic.

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