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Hip Hop songs for 10-14 year olds
By JazzFreak90
On Sun Jul 31, 2011 05:53 PM

I am teaching Hip Hop for the first time and this age group seems to be a struggle for music for me. I'm not necessarily one to listen to music appropriate for this age, as they are too old for High School Musical and Miley Cyrus now but they're too young for Rihanna and Britney...

I had some ideas with JBiebs but you know its not my forte so I was wondering if anybody else had any ideas other than Justin.

Thanks ;)

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re: Hip Hop songs for 10-14 year olds
By DancerGirl05
On Sun Jul 31, 2011 06:34 PM
Ok, so I totally wrote out a long response but for some reason it didn't upsetting gah. So in short, try Jacob Latimore, Daft Punk, the Glitch Mob, Willow Smith, Shonlock, Group 1 Crew, Danity Kane (some is clean), Grits, Savvy, Big Time Rush, and Jazzy. If you don't have a music editor, Google Wavepad and you should be able to get it for free. Then you can just chop away at the age inappropriate parts of songs from Britney and Rihanna and such. It works wonders, because totally clean music is hard to come by these days.

I hope this helps, and feel free to PM me if you need more ideas!
re: Hip Hop songs for 10-14 year olds
By dancerasa
On Sun Jul 31, 2011 06:44 PM
He's a whole list of appropriate hip hop music that is not Disney, high school musical, or Justin :) some of it may be old, but maybe not for those kids. I also like black eyed peas older stuff

Bout it 3lw and young joc
Bring em out...clean version- t.I
Caught up usher
Closer ne yo
Crowded Jennie Ortega
Errtime Jung tru Jacob and nelly
For the night-musiq
Fuego-pit bull
Get it shanty-Lloyd
Get right-Jennifer Lopez
Got to have you- Christina milian
Peanut butter and jelly-Christina milian pretty does start off saying feeling sexy, so that's pending
He said she said-Ashley tisdale
Jiggle it-young leek
Lose my breath-destinys child
Real love-maryj blige
Miss you-musiq
Only you-Ashanti
Ooh it's kinda crazy-soul decision
Please don't turn me on-artful dodger
Roc ya body-MVP feat Stagga lee
Run the show-kat deluna
Shake your pants-cameo
Show me the money-petey Pablo
Slide-Missy Elliot
So sick-ne yo
Toma-pit bull
Wall to wall-Chris brown
Whatever you want-Christina milian
Your love-wyclef Jean
I fell in love with the dj- chenille
World go round-bust a rhymes.....may be's been a while since I heard that

Hope that helps some what!!!
re: Hip Hop songs for 10-14 year olds
By JazzFreak90
On Sun Jul 31, 2011 07:00 PM
Wow, I'm thinking yes that did help.
Also a lot of these songs bring back memories but I do enjoy bringing music from my childhood and presenting it to the students.


I use Audacity to cut all my music and I've had to cut out a lot of profanities over the past few years. I understand how hard it is to come by music that is appropriate for this age and style, when they all come to me asking to dance to LoveGame and Womanizer. But I will gather all these suggestions and see what I can find.

Thanks you :)
re: Hip Hop songs for 10-14 year olds
By AllStar7779
On Sun Jul 31, 2011 08:42 PM
For that age group this summer I used "Turn it Up" by Ciara, "Paper, Scissors, Rock" by Timbaland (I think) and Chris Brown, "Don't stop the party" BEP (I have a really short edited version though).... I'm sure there are more that I can't think of!


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