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Hip Slides!
By AmyVictoria Comments: 149, member since Sun Jan 09, 2011
On Thu Aug 04, 2011 03:54 AM


I have been belly dancing for around 2 years now and I really am trying to improve on my technique! I competed in Disco Freestyle for around 12 years and now teach however I still keep Belly as something to do and learn for myself!

One move I find difficult is sliding my hips! I can do my top half, bumps, camels, figure 8's etc but just cant seem to get a side to side hip slide! When I do this my hip ends uo coming up rather than staying all at the same level.

Any hints and tips would be appreciated!

Thanks :)

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re: Hip Slides!
By shira Comments: 1051, member since Wed Jul 03, 2002
On Wed Sep 21, 2011 03:54 PM
Amy, think of putting your hips on a conveyer belt. Think of your hips NOT smiling.

It helps to do oblique stretches to build flexibility in the sides of your body, to allow your hips to move more freely.

Don't try to push yourself for a huge range of motion at first. Start with keeping the movement small. If you try to push for a large range of motion too soon, you'll get that "smiley" effect.

Avoid pumping your knees. The more knee action you do, the more your hip will come up.

I hope some of these suggestions help!