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Fahion-esque Photography
By Twitchkitmember has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 259, member since Tue Mar 13, 2007
On Wed Sep 07, 2011 04:12 PM

Here's my latest work. Thoughts?

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re: Fahion-esque Photography
By Chaconnemember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 6359, member since Thu Jul 12, 2007
On Wed Sep 07, 2011 07:56 PM
Not a bad attempt, but I think these need refinement. First off, if the intention is actually to be FASHION photography as opposed to individual portraiture, the fashion has to be shown much better. Your poses do not show off the fashion. They are rather nice portraits though.

I'm assuming in the left photo (the one with the 10" heels, LOL) that your have window lighting from the right side. So far so good, but the contrast factor on the left side is far too low to show off a fashion. When you do a similar setup again, I would try to get a big white card on the left side, just out of the camera frame, to push some light onto the left side to lighten up the model's right side of her face and to get a rim of light around her dress so as to outline it.

I'm not overly fond of THAT shoe. While a pointed toe does elongate the leg and that is a good thing, I find that the extreme heel of the shoe lift her leg to an awkward and unnatural position. The upward angle of the toes themselves break the line of the leg you tried so hard to achieve. If you were dealing with something other than all natural light, you would probably want to get more light on the top of the hair. In technical photography terms that is call (Ta-da) a "hair light." LOL.

I once tried almost the exact same pose as photo #2 in a model portfolio I did 25 years ago (she also had a black dress.) It didn't work. While the fashion shows a bit better, the black on black causes a lack of detail. Doing a black fashion is extremely difficult and "the little black dress" is one of the hardest things to photograph. [Black Labrador dogs are the hardest thing I've ever tried to do BTW.] Your background is really too dark so that the model's hair and the left side of the dress don't show up. Now on the right side of the dress the lighting does show up the detail much better because the light causes folds in the dress to show gradations in tone. I find that that her right leg seems suspended in air and that strikes me as an uncomfortable pose. I'd be looking for some more solid grounding.
You also lost all the detail in the shoe on that side. I also find the angularity of her wrists to be ungraceful.

I do find it interesting (and this shows up the difficulty of a black and unshiny object) that although you have outlined her right arm excellently, that outline does no show up at all on her right sleeve and shoulder, even with the same lighting. Flat black object simply do not reflect any light. This would be a difficult shot even with pro level studio lighting, not to mention overhead natural lighting.

I'd certainly like to see more of your work as with some coaching, I think you have good ideas and decent camera technique.

I'd like to continue a dialog with you on this...unfortunately, this will have to wait until after Sept 19th as I am going away tomorrow morning for 11 days. But talk to me once I'm back.

Jon (retired pro photographer and photo instructor)
re: Fahion-esque Photography
By Twitchkitmember has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 259, member since Tue Mar 13, 2007
On Wed Sep 07, 2011 09:50 PM
Thanks for all the in depth comments. Always useful.

I have to admit that they do fail as fashion photos pose wise (and the too dark blacks to show off the clothes), I was more working towards the particular hazy, blueish tones often used in basic fashion shots. I have more in the set that are probably better poses, but I haven't processed them yet. I have a tendency to do very safe, light-hearted portraits, so this is one of my first attempts to step outside my box.

My greatest lament with these photos was the fact that the day I arranged the shoot for ended up being a very sunny day in San Francisco (which doesn't happen very often this time of year. The obviously outdoor shot was more wishful thinking on my part. I had to do a decent amount of dodge and burn in photoshop to even get it to that level, but I lost a lot of detail.

The first shot was actually taken in a tunnel (yay for large shady area I could find). I always tell myself I'm going to bring along a reflector, and I always forget. I think I need to make a list of things to bring ahead of time.

I hope this doesn't sound like a long list of excuses or anything; just thinking through my mistakes again so I can tackle it better next time. I'm hoping I actually find time to keep shooting as I get into my school semester (my photography annoyingly comes in fits and starts these days).