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re: Look for the hope!
By Coccinellamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Mon Apr 30, 2012 06:19 PM
3 sleeps until we're off on our vacation! I can't believe all the little things that keep popping up that we need to do before we leave: travel insurance, picking up last minute items, making sure all of our credit cards/money are in order, etc. The living room is a disaster area of camping supplies and clothes and bags, etc. Thank goodness I camped a lot as a child because T doesn't seem to know quite what to do, haha. I'm very methodical about packing for camping because I know how lame it is to not have something that is somewhat essential or just really nice to have to make life easier. So, I've got stuff like paper towels and toilet paper and cleaning supplied and garbage bags, dish towels, a small drying rack, set of mixing bowls, can opener, etc. I know that might sound like overkill, but this isn't backwoods hiking, this is road trip family-camping in unfamiliar places so I want to have everything I need.

Dinner is cooking right now and I have to head off to work soon so I'll try to write more later about our trip and packing, haha.
re: Look for the hope!
By ballerinatwirler
On Mon Apr 30, 2012 06:38 PM
^ I'm like the master packer! I need to be prepared for whatever. Anything anyone could possibly need on vacation I have. From every kind of medicine to different clothes for unusual weather. I went to Niagara Falls with my boyfriend last year and took like 6 bags for a 3 day 2 night trip.

When I went camping years ago I was the only one to bring extra sweatshirts and sweatpants because we were camping near a beach. My family froze the entire time in their shorts.
re: Look for the hope!
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On Tue May 01, 2012 09:43 AM
^ Haha, ya! I remember going on a school retreat in Grade 12 and I had this huge duffle bag for only 2 nights and everyone thought I was nuts. Peoples tune changed when they realized the weather was completely iffy and it was a really dirty place we were staying. I was a Girl Guide and a Pathfinder growing up so I like to stick with the motto, "Be Prepared!".

That being said, I'm not trying to pack everything in the entire house, haha. Today I'm getting my eyebrows waxed at a spa out near my Mom's house so I might pop in and see how her packing is going because they leave tomorrow. Then I'll come home and continue get a bit more properly packed and cleaning the house and such. So much to do!
re: Look for the hope!
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On Wed May 02, 2012 11:57 AM
Questions of the day:

Will all of our stuff fit nicely in the car?!

Answer to follow later today, haha.

T is at work and I just finished an at home Bodyrock workout. I did the Fit Test for the May 30 Day Challenge and it was very challenging. Simple enough exercises on their own but when you do them almost back to back with an interval timer it definetly gets the heartrate up and the muscles working! So, I'm glad I did that since I've been a bit lazy this week compared to last.

We took Jade to T's parents lastnight and she was NOT happy and most cats aren't when you shove them in a cat crate and drive them across town, haha. I let her out in the office because it's a fairly quiet room and she slinked right into the closet where she proceeded to glare at anyone who looked in on her for the next couple hours. At one point she even shoved herself in deeper behind some boxed but I lured her into a more visible spot with her brush and some treats. She used to to live at that house for a couple of years and she's stayed with them there for vacations many time so she'll warm up. Apparently her and T's Dad are best buddies when we're away. The dog that lives there is BFF's with his Mom so Dad get's Jade to pair up with and spoil, haha.

As soon as I recover from this workout a bit I guess I have no choice but to work on the house as we leave in less than 24 hours now! My Mom and step-Dad are already gone and are staying in Astoria tonight and then proceeding to drive to San Francisco. T is off at about 3 and is going to get his haircut and then will come home and we'll hopefully get everything into place! We're bracing for a rainy night of camping tomorrow in Astoria where it says they are expecting 18mm of rain. Tarp packed, raincoat packed, umbrella packed, haha. I'll have to remember to pack our Nintendo DS's and some board games for hiding out in the tent, haha.
re: Look for the hope!
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On Sat May 19, 2012 11:55 PM
We just got home from our vacation! Gone for 16ish days, what a whirlwind! I will try and type up some info and post some photos in the next couple of days...
re: Look for the hope!
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On Mon May 21, 2012 05:23 PM
Neat things I got to experience on my vacation:

- Taking the Coho as a means to get off of the island for the first time. Previously, I'd only ever taken BC Ferries or the Clipper, a passenger ferry, or flown off.
- Visiting all types of stores I'd never been to before (Fred Meyer, Trader Joe's) and purchasing and looking at stuff you can't buy in Canada. This also meant not being able to find certain things I really like (certain brands of chips and chocolate bars and such are very different!)
- Paying for a doctors visit for the first time :(. I got sick as soon as we left and it progressed into a severe sore throat with white ulcers on the right side. Iknew it was an infection, I was right, and was given two types of meds which worked, but made me feel sort of sick and then gave me a rash. In the end I finally felt better, but nausea from antibiotics is really not welcome at Disneyland.
- Went to Disneyland and Univeral Studio's for the first time!
- Met and took photos with lots of Disney characters!
- Pushed my comfort zone to go on rides and things that really scared me!
- Went to Vegas for the second time and walked the entire length of the Strip one evening (ugh, so far, so hot!).
- Experienced heat over 40 degrees celcius.
- Picked my own grapefruit off a tree and ate it for breakfast!

Aaah, the list goes on and on but we had a great time! Hopefully that point form list gives a good overview. If anyone is curious about any specific parts you could ask! :)

Today we went and got the cat, boy was she grumpy to be carted up and put in the car again. She is currently hiding under the bed while I write this and T is out grabbing her some cat food and getting a couple dinner ingredients. While we were at T's parents we washed the car inside and out (even though it's raining) and it looks 10X better without a pound of bug guts on it, haha.

We are going camping with friends this weekend so we just left most of our camping supplies in the car for the sake of simplicity on Friday. My only roadblock to camping is my cleaning jobs so I might have to work something out with the offices to come in Thursday or just do it Sunday when we get home. Dunno, there's a few different options so we'll just have to see.

Courses for school FINALLY got posted the other day so I've been fiddling around (ie: tearing my hair out) trying to make a schedule. I've really screwed myself by not finishing my math sooner because now my options for courses to take are dwindling since I don't have the pre-reqs and I'm not registered in the right program. BUT, I'm not freaking out. I'm going to keep persevering with my math (I was thinking about quitting and trying a teacher led class again) this spring and summer and I do have at least 2-3 courses I can take come fall so it's all good. I know for sure I'll be taking ENG 250: Advanced Composition. It's an online class and the prof has some pretty terrible reviews on ratemyprof but I think I'm gonna do it anyways. There were a few reviews in there that basically said, "Everyone stop whining, the guys just wants you to try and do well." Most the bad reviews were from 1st year classes anyways. English is my strongest subject so I'm sure I can figure it out. Also, like I said before, not actually being enrolled in the right program means that a lot of courses are restricted until a certain date so people in those programs can have an opportunity to register. Hopefully, some of the classes I might take are Agreement Seeking at Work, Leading Organizational Change, and Organizational Behaviour. If I can't get into those, there are several Anth classes I can take as electives and even a History course that looks good. Lots of options, stop freaking out Coccinella, haha.
re: Look for the hope!
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On Wed May 23, 2012 12:04 PM
Really frustrated with my online math right now. I have wasted so much time procrastinating and now I feel so dumb that I haven't even finished 2 units since January when I started! I got out all my work today and did some questions, I'm close to finishing the second unit but I just hate it when I don't get something and there isn't anyone there to ask for help. Tomorrow I think I'll get T to leave me the car and I'll go in for help, even though I usually find them to be quite unhelpful. Anyways, I seem to understand a bit more each time I look at the work so I think that the key is to just do a bit every single day, even if it's 10 minutes, so that I get my brain working it's math parts. As it is, I've been doing the work too sporadically to expect to understand the concepts. I feel a bit better just writing this out, I know I can do this...but I think it will be a big struggle. I've gotten myself a bit worked up now so I think I'll go back to it this evening when T is at the gym. I'll see if I can't do just a few more online lessons, or perhaps go back and watch previous ones to try an solidify old concepts. *sigh*

T and I went to the gym the day before yesterday and I did an intense workout at home yesterday. I am super sore today which feels awesome after a couple of weeks of just walking around on vacation or being stuck in a car for hours and hours. My eating has been pretty good since we've been home so I hope to workout close to every day and start seeing some great results in both my fitness level and the way I look.

Tonight we are going to MEC (outdoors store) after dinner to get a couple of things. We love that place, haha!
re: Look for the hope!
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On Thu May 24, 2012 01:09 PM
Did another awesome workout yesterday, my abs are hurting so good right now, haha. I'm about to go have a sandwich, I think, and then I'm going to try a ZWow workout that T did lastnight. It's pretty short but really high intensity so we'll see how that goes.

I'm so close to being done Unit 2 of math, I'll probably mail it in today or tomorrow and then start reviewing for my first test in the course. Goodness, I proud, but now thinking about all the other units there are still left to do!

Family Dinner and work tonight, it's my second day of work since being home. There really wasn't too much that piled up, T's Dad did a great job of keeping things organized well. We've given most of the gifts we bought people to them already but we still have something for T's brother and his grandparents which we'll give out tonight. Speaking of that particular brother, he's getting a puppy in just a couple weeks! She's a Boston Terrier and her name will be Gracie. I'm off all of June from school so I think I might get to watch her a few times which I'm pretty excited for. When my Dad got our dog, a golden retriever, I was away at an SI so I missed the majority of her puppyness, and then when my Mom and I met my step-Dad, his beagle was sort of just outgrowing being a puppy too. So, thankfully, I finally get to be around for a little puppy dog! So excited!

Getting together with my friend tomorrow morning and then I'm headed up island for camping with T and friends!
re: Look for the hope!
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On Mon May 28, 2012 08:51 AM
The Zwow workout was not what I thought, turns out you were supposed to do 5 rounds of it! I did 1, felt absolutely exhausted after 7 minutes of non-stop jumping around and strength exercises, but then I really surprised myself and did a 2nd round which made me really proud! That made 4 workouts last week! Then I went camping and ate smores and a hot dog, oh dear, haha.

Camping was lovely, we had good weather and the campsite was really nice and quiet. I did my cleaning yesterday evening and it was a nightmare. The person who took over my jobs during the time I was away didn't do a very good job.

For some reason I woke up too early today and now I'm too tired. Thinking I might grab the cat and head back to bed for another hour or so, how lazy is that? Haha.
re: Look for the hope!
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On Tue May 29, 2012 11:23 AM
Finished my second unit of math! Now I have to be tested at the actual office/school on the 1st and 2nd unit which means I'll have to spend a couple of days studying math, yuck, haha. I'll have to wait for my mark back for this unit though so I can see where I'm right/wrong. I just printed out the 3rd unit to take a look at it and looks mostly like graphing which I think I'm pretty good at. My goal will be to work on that unit while I wait to get my 2nd unit marked. Then I'll review units 1 and 2 and take the test. Then I hope to have unit 3 finished and handed in by, let's say, June 15th.

I have the car today but I don't think there is much I need/want to do. We shall see!
re: Look for the hope!
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On Tue May 29, 2012 02:08 PM
I forgot to write a bunch of stuff and my post is too old to edit...

#1 - I have my schedule for Fall 2012 at school, finally!

Monday: Leading Organizational Change 8:30-11:20
Tuesday: Entrepreneurship: 11:30-2:20
Wednesday: Agreement Seeking at Work 6:00-8:50pm
Thursday: No class
Friday: No class

I'm also taking Advanced Composition, but it is a completely online class so I don't have to actually go to any real life classes. I'm also going to be still working on my math during that semester so that is why I'm only taking 4 courses. To be honest, the idea of 5 classes a semester scares me. I get overwhelmed so easily when I'm having a rough time and I just don't want my health or grades to suffer by me taking on too much. I think that come winter I might take 5 though because that's when I'll finally be able to take all those 1st year courses that have the math pre-reqs.

# 2 - I just did an awesome workout and then stretched. I was super lazy yesterday and didn't get my buns in gear to work out so today I worked extra hard. I measured my waist and it was a bit smaller, woo hoo! It's hard to tell with waist measurements because I feel like sometimes I might be standing up taller or have a stomach full of food or be bloated from my period, I'm sure it fluctuates all the time.

# 3 - Sad note. Today is the 14th anniversary of my Grandma's murder. Very sad day for my whole family, a REALLY hard time for my Mother. I talked to her yesterday and she was struggling a lot, she was at the doctor getting a new prescription to deal with her depression. She's been feeling really down and sort of useless which isn't good. :(
re: Look for the hope!
By pinkballerina1
On Tue May 29, 2012 05:04 PM
Wow sounds like you have a busy lifestyle liek me. I do dancing(ballet this fall I'm going to be in a pre-proffesional class). This is my first year of ballet, and like you said it gets frustrating doing barre work,doing the spins,and jumps. Not to sound all stalker but you answered my first question about comments. Lol
re: Look for the hope!
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On Thu May 31, 2012 02:26 PM
Well, not that I have a lot of money to spend right now, but I ordered myself a little something yesterday online. It would have been so expensive if it wasn't for the ridiculous taxes and shipping and handling that I paid to get it shipped to Canada. I ordered 4 pieces of swimwear from Victoria's Secret. I bought two different bandeau tops: one is just a plain twist in the front and it is black with brigt horizontal skinny stripes of different bright colour. The other bandeau has a bow in the centre and the main part of the suit is coral with white dots and the bow is coral with white stripes. Then I got two pairs of bottoms: one plain black boy shorts that are considered "maximum coverage" and a bikini bottom with side ruching in the coral with white stripes. I'm pretty excited to get them!

I just did a really good workout, nothing like ordering new bikinis to motivate you, lol.

I'm going for coffee with my friend in a bit so I have to go shower to get ready!
re: Look for the hope!
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On Sun Jun 03, 2012 08:11 PM
I had a good time catching up with my friend. We didn't end up going for coffee, we ran errands instead, haha. We ended up going to see my mom to give her the key for the office she cleans. Speaking of cleaning, I might be getting some more hours at that job in a couple months. The empty 2nd floor of one of the buildings I clean is going to be taken over by the same company so my friend asked me if I'd like to do it. I think that it should provide me with at least 2-3 more hours per week which is awesome. It will be hard work though, it's identical in size so it will pretty much double my time there. I'll give it a try and see if it's manageable, if not, I'll ask for help.

Thursday night we went to a candlelighting ceremony at a Veteran's cemetary where T's grandpa was the first male veteran to take a candle and a little boy scout and put the candle on a grave. It was a really lovely service!

Friday night I went to see the ballet with my friend who invited me to go with him. We had a good time and the dancing and live choir was lovely. Sort of a neat thing, before the show we were asked to stand for the entrance of our Lieutenant Governor who was officially attending the ballet. We were on the lower balcony so didn't see him but we heard all the bagpipes and such. I'm so lucky, I got hear bagpipes two nights in a row, haha.

Saturday am I got up fairly early and managed to get to my cleaning at a respectable hour. I did a really thorough job on my big cleaning job because it had been such a mess last time. I even did a few extra things like clean the underside of some desks where people had scuffed the white desks with their shoes.

I went home after that and T and I headed to the lake for one night. T's brother has his new puppy, Gracie, the Boston Terrier there and she is SO cute! She is 8 weeks old and really prescious. She barely whines and only had one pee accident in the house in 2 days. She is a big cuddler and will pretty much fall asleep instantly if you lay her on your chest or something. His brother is back to work tomorrow so I get to watch her all day! He's going to drop her off around 7:30, probably, and I'll have her until about 4:30. It will probably be a long day, but she is pretty easy except for the constant pee breaks, haha.

Tonight we are just gonna tidy up the common areas of the house to make sure there isn't anything lying around that she shouldn't get!
re: Look for the hope!
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On Thu Jun 07, 2012 12:54 PM
Edited by Coccinella (54968) on 2012-06-07 14:20:35 More stuff!
It was a whirlwind 3 days with the puppy, let me tell you! She is adorable and well behaved...but she is also 8 weeks old. The first day she was a pain because she was unfamiliar with the house and a little bit with me so she was quite needy. 2nd and 3rd days were much better and led to her being a lot more independant and sort of walking around on her own and deciding what she wanted to do. She had this weird thing yesterday where when I took her out she would always pee, but she pooped a couple times in the house. Oh well, she'll learn. I have her next week again Monday-Wednesday so I bet she'll be even more different and grown up then.

I got a nice little email the other day, I made it on the Dean's Honour Roll at school! My GPA was 8.0 for the Winter term so that makes me extrememly proud and happy! I'm hoping to try and maintain that for the Fall again. I don't think my Summer semester will allow for it since you have to be taking 12 credits minimum to qualify. But if someone tried to take 12 credits in a 7.5 week semester that would be crazy!

I recieved my VS bikinis yesterday. I made sure to workout and shower before I tried them on because I wanted to feel as confident as possible when I put them on. For the last 2 weeks now I've done 4 pretty intense workouts a week and my eating has been quite good. This week my eating has been really good and my workout Tuesday was a bit weird because the puppy would not leave me alone. Wednesday I managed much better. Anyways, I tried on the first one, the more covering bottom of the two, and immediately I was frustrated because the cut of the suit was nothing like the picture. Now, in VS sizing for bottoms, I'm right around a Small to a Medium. I already own a bottom thats a medium and I tried it on before I ordered and I noticed how it was kinda wrinkly on the bum. I really dislike that look is bathings suits, especially when the fabric gets wet and heavier. So, I decided to order Smalls because, hey, I'm a fricken size 2 and I think it's a bit dumb that I would be a medium anyway. Plus, I'm working out a lot and I hope to lose an inch or so off my hips before the height of summer. So, in the picture, the suit totally covers the models butt and even goes down further. The suit is supposed to be a maximum coverage suit. Not so, they look like little booty shorts. I'm not going to return them for a medium, I'm going to work my buns off (literally, haha) to try and go down and inch or so. The second pair is even less coverage but looks amazing from the front with a nice low rise and side ruching which is very flattering from that angle.

The tops are super cute and fit great, haha. Go figure! So, all this chatter about my bathing suit conundrum has reminded me to go eat an awesome salad with avocado and some imitation crab and then workout HARD!

Ciao! :)

EDIT: My salad was amazing. I had a big handful of mixed greens and one of spinach in a huge bowl. Then I added some chopped cherry tomatoes, a few ounces of imitation crab, half an avocado, some yellow bell pepper, squeezed lemon and a tiny bit of my favorite vinaigrete. It was unbelieveably filling and gave me awesome fuel for my workout. I did this one today: . . . and was amazed that I made it through 4 and a half rounds of the workout. Usually I am totally done by 2-3. I am really proud and I loved/hated it the whole time, haha. I am super sweaty and need to go stretch my legs because that workout had sooooo many squats, lunges, and jumps! Can't wait for my shower, lol.
re: Look for the hope!
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On Fri Jun 08, 2012 05:56 PM
Silly vent:

#1: If you are taking care of a little baby puppy, please don't feed her dinner 4 hours late. She was probably really hungry. Also, why didn't she have access to a water dish?

I love how attached and protective of this dog I am when she isn't even mine. Oh, dear.

End of vent.

When we got to family dinner lastnight, T's grandma gave me a Congratulations card for getting on the Dean's Honour Roll. How sweet! T's Mom asked everyone what we wanted for dinner over the last week and all I asked for was something semi-healthy or that I could make healthy (ie: burrito's where I could leave out cheese and add extra veggies). Guess what dinner was? Lasagna with full fat ricotta cheese and 4% fat cottage cheese and the only veggies in it was the tomato sauce and onions. Ugh. Thankfully there was also a huge greek salad on the side so I ate lots of that and took a small piece of lasagna. I also only took the smallest brownie at dessert. I was a bit annoyed, but totally feel like a brat for thinking that way, I donno...eating healthy is hard enough.

Today we've been super lazy. We didn't really sleep in but once we got up we watched lots of TV and just had leisurely breakfast/lunch. T got energy from somewhere and went for a good 2 mile run and I did a tad of housework. We are going to go out to the gym tonight for a good strength workout. I think I might go on the eliptical to have a bit more of a sustained cardio session since I've just been doing lots of intense interval training. If I still have time after that maybe I'll do some free-weights that are heavier than the ones I have available at home.

Tomorrow I want to get out the door no later than 10:00 to head to my cleaning. I just don't want to be doing it really late in the day. I always feel like the day is wasted when I do that to myself. Sunday is Step-Dad's birthday at their house so we're going for a BBQ which should be good! T and I are going to take these Weight Watchers buns we discovered which are really thin and yummy but are only 110 calories. I don't really like having a giant bun on burgers or hots dogs because I feel like it takes away from the flavour of what's inside!

That's about it for now. Nothing else to report!
re: Look for the hope!
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On Sun Jun 10, 2012 02:03 PM
We didn't make it to the gym Friday night for our workout because we realized we wouldn't have had to time to go there, work out, and for T to come home and shower and drive to the movie theatre in time to meet his brother for the late show. So, T laid down for a nap BUT I did an awesome, awesome ZWOW workout and even beat my time from lastnight and threw in some exercises at the end with my weights.

Saturday morning I did not get to my cleaning in the time frame I wanted to and the whole cleaning day was quite crappy, to be honest. I got there and was in a fine mood but went into the Jantor's room to see it was a bit crazy. The mop bucket was full of the other cleaners supplies that were just sort of thrown in there (including a toilet brush, ew). There was garbage bags tied all around the vacuum and coiling up the cord for I have no idea what reason. It was like that last week and I thought that it was perhaps a way of saying that it was broken, it wasn't. OH, but today it actually was broken, I discovered after I'd lugged it upstairs. I also didn't see any microfibre cloths for cleaning which I use for everything, I found 1 in the actual office. So, I was texting my boss/friend like crazy but she is out of town (again). Finally she got back to me after at least an hour to text her now ex-boyfriend about it all. He was kind enough to really promptly bring me a new vacuum and cloths. The office itself wasn't too bad except there was an unusual amount of dishes left around, haha. Oh, to top it off, while I was there I dropped my nice chicken salad all over the floor before I'd even eaten 1/4 of it. D'oh. Whyyyyy? I was so discouraged by that first job I decided to just skip my second job and leave it until today. Which, while I somewhat wish I'd just gotten it out of the way, I know it'll take me only an hour ish to complete.

We had a really yummy dinner lastnight of extra lean ground beef cooked up with some onion and bell pepper and Epicure Taco Seasoning. I made some salsa with a diced tomato and onion and Epicure Salsa Mix and then we rolled it all up in a whole wheat tortilla with a bit of light sour cream and light cheese. Yummy! T also went for a 2.5 mile run before dinner! I'm so proud of us!

T and I woke up at around 8:30 today and I got out of bed to make a good breakfast of steel cut oats with walnuts, strawberries, raisins, and a splash of soy milk on top. After that I got on my workout clothes and did a ZWOW. This was my 3rd time doing this particular workout and I blew my times out of the water. I love those workouts because they are so short but you are literally panting and sweating and grunting the entire time. So effective!

I'm looking forward to the healthy food we're going to eat at the BBQ tonight!
re: Look for the hope!
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On Tue Jun 12, 2012 12:11 PM
I was quite proud of my eating at the BBQ, I had my veggie burger on my healthy bun with a cold bulgar salad on the side. I ate some slices of watermelon and pineapple, drank nothing but water, and a had about a handful of chips. :)

Monday I took a rest day from working out and today I've yet to get around to it. I've got the puppy again which makes everything harder. I need to go make some yummy lunch and then I'll probably have the energy to get going and do something awesome for my body!
re: Look for the hope!
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On Wed Jun 13, 2012 08:55 PM
Things started to get crappy yesterday for no good reason. I got myself into quite the funk and by the time T was home I was really exhausted and head-achey and I called to switch my work with T's Dad to tonight. Today I wasn't about to let that happen again so I took the puppy to the park and just sat in the grass with her for about half an hour in the sunshine which was really nice. Then I came home and had some lunch, took the puppy to pee, and then came in for a hard workout. After 2 rounds of this particular ZWOW, I texted T that I was so exhausted that last week I did 4 and 1/3 rounds of that same workout last week and that it must be my period. Well, then I got some inspiration from somewhere because I banged out another 3 whole rounds. I bettered my workout from last week! I'm so glad I didn't allow for crappy excuses. After that, I gave a really good stretch including my sorry excuses for the splits, haha. I just finished showering and getting dressed and I'm going to put on a bit of make-up in a second to keep the positive feel-good vibed going. I'm going to weigh myself at T's parents tonight, because I did 8 days ago and was happy with what I was so I just want to see if I've managed to maintain. If I'm higher, I need to revamp my diet even more because since that weigh in I've done...5 workouts? and eaten pretty darn well so the scale should be the same or a tad lower. We shall see, I'm also 4 days from my period, so I hope that's not a factor.

Nothing else to report since I'm writing frequently.
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On Fri Jun 15, 2012 07:52 PM
The scale was higher. I'm not too concerned, like I said, it's right before my period. T's Dad ended up having to pick me up and drop me off on Wednesday. T was working really late at a car accident scene putting a new pole in the ground. He didn't get home until after 11:00pm. We had a cheat meal that night where he brought home Hawaiian pizza pops for me and he made this elaborate sandwich with bacon, haha. I ate the 2 pizza pops and then accidentally left the others out overnight so it was like workout/fitness fate that I had to toss them out.

Yesterday I didn't have the puppy so I did lots around the house like stripping the sheets off the bed, a few loads of laundry, cleaning all the mirrors (all our closets are mirrored), dishes, etc. I sort of did a weird workout during the day where I would stop and and sets of exercises as I cleaned. Did lots of jumping jacks and mountain climbers, pushups, tricep dips, etc. I was sore to begin with yesterday and that just added to it, haha.

Then in the evening we went to family dinner which was pretty silly. Here is me complaining: T's Mom is off all day, T's Dad gets off at about 6:30 and she has him go grocery shopping after work. She starts making dinner and then forgets to preheat the over. Ugh, we didn't eat until almost 8 which meant I did all sorts of snacking because I was so hungry! The meal was full of cheese and cream and deep fried onions...UGH! There wasn't much work so I just did some paperwork on my own.

This morning I had a super healthy breakfast and pre-workout snack and just finished the workout. I did . . . workout with 20 reps of each instead of 30 since I hadn't done that one before. This was really cardio intensive and I realized that my lungs were really burning at one point! My arms were already a bit sore and my bum and legs were too so I'm sure by tonight I'll be super stiff.

T just walked all the way downtown to meet some friends for lunch which I imagine should be over soon. I should get ready so I have drive him home if he wants...

Anyway, the only plans this weekend are my cleaning (my paycheque had better come today) and taking my Dad out for dinner with my little Sister on Sunday night.
re: Look for the hope!
By Coccinellamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Fri Jun 22, 2012 08:26 PM
How terrible have I been about updating this last week?

Sunday I took myself to my cleaning jobs, which I rarely do so I don't have to find downtown parking. I had to go to the 6th floor of the parkade near one of my jobs before there were any spots at all! Both cleaning jobs we pretty easy, a vacuum has mysteriously disappeared, though, so we had to transfer the vacuum from the small job to the big one last week. How the heck does a vacuum go missing?! I blame the other cleaner in the's been really nice because there haven't been any employees in the bigger office the last couple of times I went!

That evening T dropped me off at my Dad's so that he, my sister, brother, and I could do out for dinner. We chose somewhere simple so my brother wouldn't have a hard time eating. Wasn't really the best food for eating healthy so I just ordered a Greek salad. After we went for ice cream but only my Dad and sister got one.

Monday through Wednesday was puppy-sitting, again. I was really stressed watching her this week. I got my period Monday and Tuesday I woke up and went to the washroom and thought I was going to pass out and have a seizure. I felt so foggy and hot and just terrible. T stayed home with me that day which was SO kind of him. There's no way I would have been able to get off the couch every 1.5-2 hours to take that dog out for 10 hours.

I started watching the series Breaking Bad on Netflix this week, too. It's really good. I think I'm more of a television person than a movie lover. I could never go to a movie theatre again and I'd be happy but I totally love a good multi-season TV drama to get into. I love the character development you get from a long-running show.

I made it to work just fine with T's Dad both days this week but we didn't have a whole lot of paperwork to do.

Here's the real kicker of the week (okay, there's two). T got home from a run on Wednesday night and came in saying that the Jeep (our old secondary vehicle we park across the street) wasn't there! So, we called the cops to see if it was towed, then called the towing company, and then the cops again to report it stolen. What a pain in the butt! Next morning, T calls the house at 6:10am and says he saw it just around the corner in a parking lot when he was walking to the bus stop. The steering column is effed up from getting hot wired and the drivers side lock is punched out, etc. What a short joy ride if that's was it was! The Jeep has been towed away to get looked at by an adjuster, etc. Thankfully insurance will cover all damages in the case if theft which is really great.

Second big thing of the week. My friend, the one who employs me and who I've known since age 4, just got ENGAGED! She's been with this guy for only a few months and he is MUCH older than her but they are extremely happy together and want the same things in life, so I'm very happy for her! I think she is going to get a lot of criticism so I hope I can support her.

My Mom is in a really bad spot with my step-Dad. She's calling me almost every day crying. I finally just convinced her to call her counsellor and make an appt. for them because I really think she needs a 3rd party to help them.
re: Look for the hope!
By UberGoobermember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Sat Jun 23, 2012 02:15 AM
I'm with you on the TV vs Movie thing. Plus, i'm always so busy and I just have trouble sitting and watching a 2 and a half hour movie anymore (because no one makes shorter movies these days!). Movies drag on too much for my liking.
re: Look for the hope!
By ballerinatwirler
On Sat Jun 23, 2012 02:31 AM
^ Agreed. I own like 5 movies but I have many TV show box sets. It is really rare for me to watch a movie let alone go the movie theatre. My boyfriend hates watching tv and always wants to watch movies and I can't sit through them.

I do want to see that Magic Mike movie though.
re: Look for the hope!
By Coccinellamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Mon Jun 25, 2012 10:29 PM
^ Thanks, ladies. I, too, feel like I just don't have the attention span for a 2 hour movie.

I definitely had a full weekend! Friday we went over to a friends house and just hung out for a bit. I was tired (and a bit bored) so I went home at around 10:00pm. I got a text when I got home from one of the guys asking if T could get drunk tonight, lol. I told them it was up to him to which they said they'd get him home safe and before 12. 12 comes and goes and the same friend texts to let me know they are aware of this and to make room for him in the bed tonight, haha. This was not a sexual joke, he lives several hours out of town and was here for the weekend for a few different events. So, I was super tired by this point and kind of just wanted T home so I could go to bed normally, but now I knew our house was a MESS so I spent a few minutes tidying and getting the couch made up for our friend to stay. They came home at around 1:30 (they had been at the strippers, lol) and we all stayed up for an hour talking.

For some crazy reason I couldn't sleep past 9 so I was really tired all day. We had another larger event to go to Saturday, a big BBQ, which was lots of fun. We played a few good games and ate good food (we brought our healthy food but did end up eating some chips, etc.). We left fairly early again so we could catch up on some sleep.

So, the news about my friends engagement is now public. She worked up the courage to tell her family who she said we surprisingly supportive and excited. She announced it on Facebook and I was really disappointed by the huge lack of congratulations I saw offered by our group of friends. She called me yesterday when I got home from my cleaning jobs and told me the wedding is in November (THIS November) and in Hawaii. HAWAII! I've never been, and I'm so excited! I was quite concerned about money, I mean, I can't necessarily afford to go on a vacation that includes airfare, etc. I straight up asked my friend how much she thought flight and accommodations would be. She replied with, "I'm not sure, we will cover the costs probably."

So, I don't want to get my hopes up or anything, but I don't think she would have said that unless she seriously thought there was at least a possibility of that happening. Of course, I would be shocked and incredibly grateful if that ended up happening...but I think it's going to HAVE to because she knows there isn't any way I could afford this. I mean, I work for her so she knows that my financial situation is such that I need two jobs.

My other questions about things is that it is in the middle of a semester of school. It isn't around midterms, which is good, those usually happen in October, I believe. The wedding should be mid November so that's post-midterm but still a good month away from finals. I guess it's the best possible time it could happen during a semester. I might post something on the College board asking for tips on how to stay on top of school while away. She flies home tonight so we are getting together tomorrow which I'm super excited about!

T isn't working a compressed week this week which means that while he has to work on Friday (boo!) he get's off from work at 3:00pm each day instead of 5:00ish. I have the puppy today and she has been really good aside from biting my foot hard enough to draw blood! I gave her such a gruff "No!" that she immediately laid down on her stomach. She has had ZERO accidents in the house today which is awesome.

Skip this part unless you want to hear the details of the puppy's bathroom schedule, haha

I've changed the structure of our outside visits a bit which seems to have helped. I used to just take her out every 2 hours (ish) unless I fed her then I would take her out about 10 minutes after eating, regardless of the last time she'd been out. Today I took her out at around 7:30 when she arrived and she had 2 little pees but no poo when we were out despite her owner telling me she should have to. We went back in and I took her out 1 hour later during which she pooped and peed twice (success!). Then we went out about 1.5 hrs. later because she was drinking a lot of water and since then we've been back to about 2 hours. I'm very proud of her and I, haha.

Tonight I have to do my Mom's cleaning job again. Her shoulder is really bad and she's going through stuff with Worker's Compensation for her regular job so she really shouldn't be working anywhere else. She is going to meet me there tonight though because last time I felt like I missed some things.

On the healthy eating and exercise front, exercise has been a bit wimpy until today. I did a great 12 minute BodyRock and then some free weights, abs, and some ball exercises followed by a stretch. It felt good to push that comfort zone a tad. Eating has been pretty good, I took two graham crackers last night a melted a few chocolate chips on them because I was craving chocolate really badly. I probably could have done without but I think it was less than 100 calories. 60 for two graham crackers and that's an estimate on the amount of chocolate chips.
re: Look for the hope!
By Coccinellamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:13 AM
Annoyed because I know that family dinner is an unhealthy Shepherd's Pie tops with these cheesy hash brown things T's mom makes. It was a request from T's brother for his birthday and will be paired with an ice cream cake, go figure. I seriously considered bringing my own salad, and I would do it if it was my own family, but I think his family won't get it and just think I'm rude or obsessed with dieting. Just had some yummy high protein 0% greek yogurt with pear slices for a snack so hopefully I won't have to eat a big portion at dinner tonight. I didn't even have a chance for my workout today because I got up, ate, showered, ran several errands, put groceries away and did a bunch of cleaning, ate, went to pick up T from work, waited in the car for him for over an hour (Grr, waste of my time), and now we are home cleaning and getting ready for family dinner.

So, my friends are coming from Calgary tomorrow to stay with us. The house is no where as clean as I wanted it to be and I just don't have the motivation to get it there.

I'm still waiting to get my Math assignment marked and sent back to me...I'm not sure what the hold up is. I need it back so I can study for my test.

In other news, the Jeep was stolen and driven around the corner and damaged by the thieves. We were scared the vehicle would get written off and we would get a terrible value for it. We always thought we'd get more from selling privately but it looked like that option was out. Well, in a turn of events, it WAS written off, but was given what we considered a VERY high value. Nearly $4000.00 dollars for a 1995 vehicle in poor condition. We are very pleased and the money is going straight to our small debt. :) T feels like a big weight is lifted off his shoulders and he's pleased he can stop paying insurance on it now. We should get the cheque tomorrow from the insurance company.

In bad news, my Mom has temporarily (maybe) moved out of her and my step-Dad's house to stay with my Aunt and Uncle. Things really aren't good between them, she has a LOT of trust issues and he's been acting really odd these days which is exacerbating things and making home life tense. My step-Dad thought it would be best if they "separate" for right now until they can see a counsellor because he says if they stay living together he things the fighting will just escalate and really end things for good. I'm feeling very sad for my Mom, because she's terrified for this to be over, but at the same time I really want her to try and be strong so that he doesn't just walk all over her. For example, she flipping surrendered her house key to him when she left. They both own that house, why in the HECK would she do that? Now she can't go in and get more of her things and even check on her cat. Those things annoy me a lot. She's also still off work with her injury so she has nothing to do but sit at home a stew which isn't very good. :(

Tuesday was incredibly fun, I went wedding dress shopping with my engaged friend (M). We brought the puppy with us and luckily the shop owners said she could come in. Who could said no to her adorable face. She just slept in her crate the whole time the little angel. M will most likely purchase 2 dresses from that store we went to, one for ceremony and one for reception but she wanted her Grandma's opinion before she made a purchase. The dresses we looked at were just lovely and looked so nice on her. I was really honoured she asked me to go with her as it was just she and I. I think I was very helpful and gave just the right amount of input. I'll be going to Denver, most likely, at the end of July to visit M and meet her new fiancé. He's going to pay to fly me down to stay for a few days and help M with wedding stuff, etc. She showed me the resort the wedding is at and it is unreal. It's a Waldorf Astoria resort so all I have to say about that is, cha-ching. She said he has big connections at that hotel so he's getting a much better deal on rooms than normal.

Hmm, what else. Been consistent on working out every other day this week, feeling like I'm getting back into it a bit better so would like to step it up next week. Oh, the 2nd floor of the building I clean is ready so I'll be cleaning more on the weekends now which means more money! Hooray! Once I catch up on paying the 'ol VISA bill and paying for Fall semester I should be much less broke this year. I'd love to be able to get T a really nice Birthday/Christmas gift this year! :)

Alright, time to get ready to go. Have a great weekend and Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadian DDN'ers!
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