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Bulgarian Folk Dance and Music
By RinceMama Comments: 24, member since Wed Sep 14, 2011
On Tue Sep 27, 2011 11:32 AM

Does anyone know of a Bulgarian folk dance school, or classes on the East Coast? What about music classes?

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re: Bulgarian Folk Dance and Music
By schuhplattlerPremium member Comments: 3037, member since Sat Dec 23, 2006
On Thu Nov 03, 2011 03:11 AM
From this website: . . .
"Mon. 8:00-10:00 pm, Arlington, VA. - Balkan folk dances for intermediate and advanced dancers. Barcroft Community House, 800 South Buchanan St., Arlington. First time free. (Rebecca Nazeretz, 703-521-5873, nazeretz [at]"

And several international folk dance groups that are heavily into the Balkans.
That site also has links to other sites.

Want a Bulgarian band?