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in need of a new hairstyle, options needed :-)
By reelycutemember has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 1197, member since Tue May 31, 2005
On Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:14 AM

hi guys,

im feeling in the mood for a change of hairstyle, but dont really know what... above is a picture of my current hairstyle taken about 2weeks back at my nieces christening... what do you think i should go for next?? new colour? style? fringe? i dont know :-/ any pics whould be greatly appriciated :)



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re: in need of a new hairstyle, options needed :-)
By xBallet_babex Comments: 1300, member since Thu Jul 17, 2008
On Wed Oct 05, 2011 02:49 AM
Okay, I'll preface this with I'm not the greatest stylist ever, so take my advice with a grain of salt. You seem to have a rounder shaped face which normally means that chin length hair is a no-no. Most celebs with rounder faces have super short hair (Ginnifer Goodwin) or medium to long. So rather than change the length, I think you could probably change the style.

The changes I start out with are pretty small. Do you ever part your hair on the side? The asymmetrical part is definitely in and a lot of people get the sweeping fringe. You can easily test the side part and try to visualize the fringe. I've also noticed round faces tend to look good with wavy hair, so you could try waves if your hair will hold them (mine won't). While you might be fine with a true fringe, I wouldn't recommend it because it will take FOREVER to grow out if you decide you don't want them later. This probably wasn't the most helpful, but maybe if I start the replies others will chime in!