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By dancer2391 Comments: 1, member since Sun Oct 09, 2011
On Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:20 PM

I'm in my senior year as a dance major and in process of applying to graduate programs for dance/movement therapy. I'm curious if anyone is on here that is either currently in a program or works for a program. I am applying to the Pratt Institute, Columbia College Chicago, Antioch New England and Lesley University.

I am most interested in Columbia Chicago at this moment and I want to know what the application process is like. I have almost all sections of my application ready to submit except for my recommendations - does anyone know what this university looks for in applicants? Or any of the Universities. I have work in psychology and dance(as it is my major). I've danced professionally in the midwest and east coast. I've lived and volunteered in a dance community for four months and I have a good GPA. Is this enough? I keep having this horrible feeling that since I am so young that maybe I won't get accepted. I read that almost all programs have a strict acceptance rate. I just am so passionate about Dance Therapy work and have known for the past 7 years that this is the field that I want to go into that I'm kind of getting myself worked up over this application process.

Does anyone have any advice or knowledge of any of these programs?