Test Shoot For A Modelling Agency
By Ruth
On 01/16/2012 13:35:58
Hi Guys, So I never post anymore, just pop back now and again for advice so I'm hoping you can help me out :) I went to an open casting for a modelling agency on Friday and today I got a phonecall (well actually I missed the call and they emailed me after), saying that they wanted to do a test shoot with me to see how I was infront of the camera. I went to a casting for work before and my problem was I tensed up infront of the camera (although this was back in October and I am so much more confident now). I really want this chance with the agency so I was wondering does anyone have any tips or advice to make the shoot go well? and how can I relax infront of the camera? Thanks :)
re: Test Shoot For A Modelling Agency
By Chaconne
On 01/16/2012 18:10:40
Get yourself a photographer friend to pose you before the real thing. Get a pile of magazines (fashion-y) and practice some poses...some natural poses. Do it until you don't really think of it at all. One of the things I've noticed when shooting models (something I actually haven't done for many years) was that most neophytes tend to overdo their poses and look rather unnatural. Jon (retired pro photographer.)
re: Test Shoot For A Modelling Agency
By Ruth
On 01/18/2012 09:15:45
Thanks for the advice :) Unfortunately I don't have any photographer friends who I can practise with but I've been looking at the magazines and practising poses. My problem is definitely overthinking, I will just try and focus not on the fact I'm being photographed but on something else Ruth :)
re: Test Shoot For A Modelling Agency
By Josiane
On 01/19/2012 17:21:06
before the shoot: Practicing in front of a mirror is key. When you do it often, it makes the whole thing feel more natural. I practice everyday. I have some ''go-to'' poses that i do if I end up being stuck. Jon's advice about reading magazines is great. don't skip the ads, they have the best pictures. Then try to replicate some of the poses in the mirror and see how you can adapt them to make YOUR body look good. Practice facial expressions so you don't always have the same look. DURING THE SHOOT: Look pass the camera. don't stare at the lens. Make sure you are looking pass the photographer. It will be less intimadating and it makes the picture look better. Try a lot of different things. Your poses might not ALL work but if you do different ones, one will work for sure. Don't be afraid to try new stuff. Have fun with it. It's just a camera. My best photoshoots are the ones when I have fun. It shows in pictures. Even if I am not smiling. Breathe.

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