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re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
By MarlaSingermember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:36 PM
All right, I'm back. Not nearly enough work to do today, so I've gotta do something to pass the time.

So Friday was Titanic 3D. God, I feel so OLD. The average age of our fellow moviegoers was probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 16. So, the age I was the first time I saw it. It's just totally tripping me out that the span of time from when I first saw that movie until now is roughly the entire LIFESPAN of a lot of those kids. I really cannot wrap my head around the fact that so much time has gone by so quickly.

Honestly, it's making me feel even more determined to leave this job, one way or another, sometime within the next year or so. Because different phases of your life kind of get lumped together in your memory. There was childhood, junior high, high school, college, first job, and now I've been at this job for 4.5 years. So that's 4.5 years that all kind of blur together for me. Not okay! Time to move on!

Sunday was Easter with Mark's family, and it was better than expected. The only people who showed up were Mark's mom, his aunt and uncle, and his cousin and cousin-in-law (that's a thing, right?). I do SO much better in social situations with small groups, so it was a huge relief for me. And I don't think anyone even noticed that I didn't eat any meat, so that was good, because I'd forgotten to tell anyone ahead of time, and I felt kind of bad about it.

And that's about it. We're leaving for our San Antonio trip on Friday, so we've been getting ready for that. We want to go to the Poteet Strawberry Festival so we can experience some actual Texas culture and not just touristy stuff. I mean, we'll be doing touristy stuff too, for sure, but I'm trying to get a feel for whether this could be a place that we might consider moving to, and it seems like we won't really get that by going to, say, the Alamo, you know?

Fun fact: In January, a housekeeper fell down an elevator shaft and died in the hotel we're staying at. That might explain the incredibly cheap rate we were able to get...
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
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On Thu Apr 12, 2012 06:30 PM
I'm putting this behind a cut because it has to do with body image and weight. It's not majorly triggering, in my opinion, but I know that when I'm feeling down, even just reading about what someone else is doing to try to lose weight can make me feel depressed.

Spoiler: Show
Well, maybe this is me falling off of the positive body image bandwagon or whatever, but I am just feeling very determined right now to lose some weight and get my body back to a size that I can be happy with. I would love to sit here and say that I know I'm beautiful at any size, but the truth is that I've been slowly gaining weight for the past 10 years or so, and I hate it. I don't feel beautiful. I feel pudgy and like I've lost control. I feel like if I don't do something now, I'm just going to keep on gaining until I truly am overweight and it's damn near impossible to get back down to a healthy size.

The hard part is going to be accomplishing this without going insane in the process. I have spent the last several years shying away from losing weight because it usually ends up becoming an unhealthy obsession. So that will be a challenge, but I think I'm up to it.

Here is one thing: The lonely/bored eating has got to stop. Even if I don't lose a pound, my relationship with food has GOT to change in that respect. Food is just food. Period. Food is not happiness. Food is not a friend. Food is not a fun pastime. It's just food. Really forcing myself to learn that is going to be the hardest thing of all, I think.

So yeah. We're leaving for San Antonio tomorrow, and this is the B.S. I'm thinking about. Whatever. It's going to be a good time, I just know it. And then I can come home and start tackling these issues for real.
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
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On Sat Apr 21, 2012 05:14 PM
Long time, no see, eh? Well, I guess it's only been a little over a week. So let's see...

Obviously our San Antonio trip came and went already. I do have pics, but I'm feeling a bit lazy at the moment, so I'll see if I can get around to posting some later. Our trip, in a nutshell:

* lunch on the River Walk (Cafe Ole)
* San Antonio Zoo
* dinner on the River Walk (Mad Dog's)
* carriage ride downtown

* breakfast at hotel
* McNay art museum
* Poteet strawberry festival

* breakfast at hotel
* drove to Austin, looked around a bit, drove back to SA
* Market Square
* lunch on the River Walk (La Paloma)
* the Alamo
* hung out in the Alamo Plaza

And then we came home on Monday. I loved the trip; I thought it was awesome. Like I said before, part of what we were doing was trying to get a feel for whether we thought we could picture ourselves living there or not. Not sure about San Antonio, but I could maybe see us in Austin. But we literally did not get out of the car in Austin, just drove around for a bit, so it's kind of hard to say. I think the thing that would bother us the most about Texas is the political/religious climate, but again, it's hard to say for sure after such a short visit.

So that was part of the trip; the rest of it was just strictly relaxing and having fun, and on that front, it was one of our more successful trips. I thought the length of time we were gone was perfect for just getting away for a bit. Any longer than that and I tend to have trouble getting back to reality. And I loved that we managed to fit in a lot of fun stuff without feeling rushed. So yay, vacation!

Tuesday I just caught up on stuff like laundry and grocery shopping, and then Wednesday I had another class on Microsoft Access. Thursday I spent pretty much the entire day wading through e-mails, and I was busy all day yesterday too. It's like I have a real job with real responsibilities all of the sudden!

Speaking of which, I had a meeting with my boss, and she alluded to the possibility of me taking on more responsibilities sometime in the near future. I know we've had conversations like this before, and I always get my hopes up and then nothing comes of it. But this time we were talking about something specific, about me starting to work with a call center again in addition to my current responsibilities. So that would be awesome, because I think working with the policy admin people plus working with a call center would be just the right amount of work for me. So, fingers crossed that positive changes are coming soon for me.

Now, on the negative side of things, my repetitive-stress-related shoulder/back pain is still there and has actually gotten a bit worse lately. I changed my desk set-up AGAIN and have been trying to take Mark's advice to use keyboard shortcuts as much as possible so that I'm not constantly moving my arm back and forth between the keyboard and the mouse. And this weekend I am basically doing nothing. No yard work, no housework, no cooking. I feel like a total sloth, but maybe it will help. My final course of action will be to call HR for an ergonomic assessment, if it's still bad next week. Well, I guess my FINAL final course of action would be to go to the doctor, if the ergonomic thing doesn't work out, but I really hope it doesn't come to that.

Also, I've been watching food documentaries again. I never thought that THIS would be the thing that I would get totally fired up about. Actually, I think I may just go watch another one RIGHT NOW. Because I'm crazy like that.

Over and out.
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
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On Sat Apr 21, 2012 06:02 PM
Oh, fine. Here are some pics. First set:

1. Me with a butterfly on my hand at the zoo
2. Taken during our carriage ride
3. The Alamo (that's me leaning over in the center)
4. River Walk
5. Mariachi band on the River Walk
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
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On Sat Apr 21, 2012 06:04 PM
Second set:

6. Another of the River Walk
7. Last one of the River Walk, I promise
8. Not our best pic, but we tried
9. My goofy husband
10. This is what the carriage we rode in looked like
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
By Sumayah
On Sat Apr 21, 2012 07:43 PM
Austin is a totally different animal than San Antonio. We're way more liberal and hippie up here. It's still Christianity heavy, but there's more diversity up here. Glad you enjoyed your visit!
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
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On Sun Apr 22, 2012 06:53 PM
^Yeah, I do think Austin would be a better fit for us, as far as places to live go. That's actually why we bothered to drive up there. We weren't planning on it at all, but we were starting to run out of things to do in San Antonio by Sunday, so we figured we'd just drive up and take a look. I was totally thinking of you and wishing we'd planned it better so that I could have told you I'd be up there!


The only thing I really wanted to say today is that right now I'm totally obsessed with "Golden Skans" by Klaxons. Five years late, as usual, but whatever. I was going to post the video, but it's kind of weird. Aw, heck, I'll post it anyway. Let's face it, most people don't watch embedded videos in people's diaries anyway. Music begins around 35 seconds in:

re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
By MarlaSingermember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Wed Apr 25, 2012 07:46 AM
Edited by Jonelle (199601) on 2012-04-25 09:17:03
Okay. This is it. Today is the day that I am really for real going to start the process of having someone from HR check out my desk setup and figure out what they can do to help me so that my shoulder doesn't hurt all the freaking time. I have absolutely no good explanation for why it's taken me this long to do it. But no more. This is it. I'm really doing it. Really. I am. I feel so ridiculous. Over the past few weeks, this has gone from being a minor annoyance that I put up with at work to an actual injury that prevents me from doing normal things like cooking and cleaning when I'm at home. NOT OKAY. I will report back once it's been done, for accountability's sake. Guys, if I don't come back and say I've done it within the next three hours, start sending me threatening messages via PM. I mean it. This cannot continue.

EDIT: All right, you can all save your threatening PMs for another time. First I went to our online training center and did an ergonomic assessment/training program. I did everything they suggested that was within my power to do, and I do feel slightly better already. But the main problem is the fact that no matter what I do, I have to reach way out to the side to use my mouse. So I am requesting a further ergonomic consultation and suggesting that they give me a keyboard with no number pad so that I can move my mouse closer. So we shall see what happens now.
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
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On Mon Apr 30, 2012 08:22 PM
So... I'm currently in Nashville for a business conference. During this business conference, I'm staying in the Opryland Hotel. My room in the Opryland Hotel has a window that faces a courtyard. In the middle of this courtyard is a Mexican restaurant. This Mexican restaurant is blaring very loud music. INTO MY BRAIN. Not cool, Nashville. Not. Cool.
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
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On Tue May 01, 2012 08:56 AM
So the resolution to that^ was that they did finally turn off the music at 11:00 PM, which is about when I went to bed anyway. Also, I discovered that the alarm clock in my hotel has a white noise feature.

I just ordered my first ever room service. I felt horribly awkward, for no good reason. One thing I've noticed about myself is that I'm horrible at being served. I always feel weird about it, it seems like I'm always tipping when I'm not supposed to and then forgetting to tip when I am supposed to, and just... ugh.

Nashville D was working late last night, so I just went out to dinner with co-workers, although we did go to the same vegetarian restaurant D and I went to last time. So that was a little weird, bringing my co-workers to that part of town, because it's where I always hang out with D, and also because it's a little hipster-ish, and my co-workers are decidedly not.

We talked about my old boss a bit, and it got kind of weird, because apparently he treated everyone else on our team horribly, but I never experienced that. And although there may have been some exaggeration going on, I doubt that they were just making things up. So I don't know what to think about that. Did he just love me? Did he respect me more than them? Had he gotten all of the bad behavior out of his system by the time I started working there? Was I just so passive that he didn't see me as a threat? I don't know. Plus, I just feel weird that my co-workers were being berated by this guy right and left, and I always thought he and I got along just fine. Makes me feel like a brown-noser or something, even though I really don't think I am/was.

I Skyped with Mark last night for the first time ever. It was really fun to be able to see him, and our house, and the dogs and cat while we talked.

I'll be heading down to the conference in about an hour and a half, then I think we only have one session before our lunch break, and then we'll be in sessions until about 5:00 PM, at which point I'm hoping D will be free to hang out. And then tomorrow will be more of the same, and then we'll head out on Thursday. I was dreading the long car ride so much, but it really wasn't bad. I just sat in the back seat so I didn't have to talk if I didn't feel like it, and it was fine.

All right, my coffee is calling me. Later, gators!
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
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On Tue May 01, 2012 04:21 PM
I Skype with my SO a lot since we are in a long distance relationship and its such a nifty piece of technology! We both have laptops and often move from one room to another but leave the web cam on (ie. to watch a movie lying in bed instead)..its weird to feel like you are flying through each other's houses!
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
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On Tue May 01, 2012 04:38 PM
Edited by Jonelle (199601) on 2012-05-01 16:39:23 Wrong preposition - Kinky!
^Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool that I could give him a virtual tour of my hotel room. I'm also thinking about it in light of our possible eventual move out of state, because I think it would help my parents and sister a LOT if they knew they could still see me. Obviously nothing's the same as seeing someone in person, but it's a huge improvement over just hearing a disembodied voice, in my opinion.


I'm so excited to see Nashville D!!! This is normal, right? Other people get this excited about seeing friends they haven't seen in a while? Sometimes I feel like I'm too clingy with my long-distance friends because I don't really have any close friends in my city, but I think that's probably just in my head. Anyway, he's coming to pick me up in about a half hour, and I'm super excited.

The conference was pretty good today. I got some good ideas for things I'd like to try when I get back to the office, which is the whole point of going, so I'd say it was worth it. There was one pretty horrible presentation, though, and I remember this same woman giving a horrible presentation last year too. I need to remember her name so I can avoid her if I go again next year.

I keep looking around for people from my old job at the conference, but I haven't seen any yet. I saw three of them last year, and it was Awkward City. I feel like they're still bitter that I up and left, and I'm still slightly bitter that they worked me to death and never gave me any credit for anything.

Anyway, I need to take some ibuprofen for this stupid toothache and then head down to the lobby to meet up with D. And DON'T WORRY - My nightly serenade from the restaurant downstairs is in full swing again. :?
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
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On Tue May 01, 2012 06:24 PM
[q=JonelleThis is normal, right? Other people get this excited about seeing friends they haven't seen in a while?
Totally normal. My best friend (I call him my brother, and I want him to be in my future wedding) moved to Scotland for college but is living in Cairo right now until June--and his parents moved a 16-hour drive away from our hometown when he went to the UK for school. He is FAR away, and I get to see him once a year, and every time, I get so freaking excited. Sometimes I even have these random moments where I just plain really miss him, you know? So no, it's totally normal to get that excited about seeing good friends again. :)
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
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On Wed May 02, 2012 09:06 AM
^Yeah, I mean, realistically I know it's normal, but my friends and I are all so weird when it comes to talking about feelings that I sometimes feel like maybe I'm just being a freak and they're all feeling a lot more blasé about the whole thing. But realistically, I think we all enjoy seeing each other about equally. We just don't tell each other that, for some reason.


Dinner last night was good. We went to what D thought was "this new Asian fusion place that just opened," and which actually turned out to be an Italian bistro. Then we went and got ice cream afterwards. Just a fun, low-key evening of hanging out. D's dating someone new, so he's not feeling as eager to make plans to move out of Nashville. So on the one hand, I'm glad that he's staying put for a while, since he was talking about moving to New York, which is nowhere close to anywhere I'll ever be living. But on the other hand, I was kind of excited about possibly sharing the experience of moving away from home with one of my good friends, you know? I mean, obviously our experiences wouldn't be exactly the same, but at least I'd know that someone else was going through kind of the same thing as me. But that's IF we even end up moving, which is still a big "if." And of course, since this really isn't about me at all, I am definitely happy for him that he met someone that he seems to like a lot.

So that was last night, and so far this morning I've just been hanging out in my room, getting some work done and whatnot. I'll head down for the conference in about half an hour.

Just got word that I'll be attending another conference at the beginning of June, but it's in downtown Indy, so I won't be traveling for that one. I've been to it before, and it's not my favorite thing. But neither is being in the office, so I'll take what I can get.
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
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On Wed May 02, 2012 08:40 PM
I just had a realization about myself that I wanted to put into writing.

When I talk to other people, I notice that a lot of people complain more than I do. Like, sometimes we'll be talking about something that we all have in common, and they'll start complaining about whatever it is, and I'll feel weird because it's something I never thought to complain about. So this has made me realize that, in less-than-ideal situations, I prefer to put the blame on myself. I think the reason I do this is because I like to feel like I'm in control of things. So when something goes wrong, if I can find a way to blame myself, then that means that I'm the one who messed up, so I'm the one who can fix it. Whereas if I were to put the blame on someone else, I would have to deal with the fact that someone else screwed up, and I can't control what that person does, so I can't make them fix it. So while some people seem to feel better if they can absolve themselves of blame, it just makes me feel powerless and anxious.

Also, I just have a general lack of confidence about a lot of things, so it just seems to come naturally to me to assume that if something isn't going well for me, it must be my fault.

On a related note, this is from an article on called "5 Terrible Situations for the Socially Awkward Man":

Because awkwardness, at its core, is all about believing that everyone else knows exactly how to navigate a social situation, and you're the only one who hasn't figured it out yet.

Yes, YES, exactly. Welcome to my life. And hence the reason I will probably never order room service again for as long as I live.
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
By Emmamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Thu May 03, 2012 04:54 AM
I put a lot of effort into not complaining, and I think I originally wasn't a complainer anyway, I was just surrounded by negativity. Keep yourself that way, it's an excellent way to be.
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
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On Sat May 05, 2012 09:45 PM
^Thanks, I think I will. :)


The big news for today is that I was out doing yard work for the first time in weeks, WITHOUT PAIN. My shoulder appears to be on the mend, for now anyway. We'll see what happens once I get back into the office next week.

On the drive home from Nashville, when it was just me and Co-worker J, we started talking about some things that were kind of personal, about our lives, and afterward I just felt weird and wished we hadn't talked about those things. I don't know what this thing is with me that I don't want to know anything personal about my co-workers and can't stand to have them know anything about me, but it's becoming borderline pathological. I mean, even if we hadn't talked about anything personal (and honestly, nothing I shared was THAT deep), just opening up and talking to a co-worker the way I would talk to any other person is scary for me. It's just so much easier, and safer, to put on a fake persona that's not really me than to actually show who I am and risk being judged harshly for it. If they don't like the persona, who cares? That's not really me anyway. But if I show who I really am, I risk actual rejection, and I hate it. I always try to think back and come up with some sort of incident that would have led to this fear, but I really can't come up with anything specific. And I do this with anyone I don't know well, but the difference is that normally once I've gotten to know someone a bit, I can drop the act. With co-workers, I guess I don't feel like I can ever quite trust them.

Anyway. I'm pretty sure I've lost a little bit of weight. I think my body looks different, and my clothes fit a little differently. So that's cool. If I can even just get back to where I was when we got married, I would feel good about that.

Laptop's about to die, so I should go. Lovely warm, humid weather! I've got the windows open right now, and it's so muggy in here. I love it! Not being sarcastic. Love it.

Nighty night!
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
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On Mon May 07, 2012 12:09 PM
Another weekend over. Saturday evening, I don't know why I didn't mention it in my last post, but we were at M and J's house for a cookout. I brought over some Boca Burgers, but then I did end up eating some potato salad that had bacon in it. It was loaded potato salad, which is just so awesome, and I was feeling a bit grumpy and resentful about not being able to have any (especially since we were the ones who brought it), so I gave in. I figure I stand a better chance of making this work in the long run if I don't deny myself something that I really, really want.

Mark's one friend did not say a single word to me the whole time we were there. I found out he was mad at me after New Year's because someone put Family Guy porn on my laptop at our NYE party, and I drunkenly accused him of it and was teasing him about it. But it wasn't him who did it, and he got mad at me for accusing him. EVEN THOUGH IT DOESN'T MATTER AT ALL BECAUSE I NEVER ACTUALLY CARED ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. So I don't know if he's still mad at me because of that, or if he was just being particularly antisocial on Saturday. Whatever.

I go through ups and downs with Mark's friends in general anyway. For a while I was going through a phase where I really looked forward to hanging out with them, even went to the movies with them once without Mark, but now I'm just feeling a lot more... meh. Not sure why.

Behind the cut for TMI: Spoiler: Show
I think I'm already having a normal cycle this month. I've been charting, and all signs are pointing to the fact that I ovulated a couple of days ago. Last month I'm pretty sure I didn't ovulate at all. So that's exciting. I still don't think we're quite ready to rely solely on charting as our birth control method, but we're getting closer.

I went to this place the next town over that calls itself a "farm market," and I guess they call themselves that because they sell things to help you grow stuff, because it's basically a garden center. But I was able to get some produce there, and I also bought the following, which I planted in clay pots when I got home:

* "chello" (yellow cherry) tomato plant
* basil plant
* parsley plant
* oregano plant

I also have a tomato plant that I'm growing from seed. I have no idea what type of tomatoes I will get from it. I got it at the Earth Day festival we went to last weekend. It's already started to sprout, so that's exciting. I'll probably transfer it to the garden soon. And then I also planted some green onion bulbs and a leek bulb that I cut from our storebought veggies. As time goes by and I can identify which herbs I use a lot of, I may plant more, but I KNOW I use a lot of basil, oregano, and parsley, so those seemed good to start with.

I may do some cool weather stuff later on this year. Spinach would be FABULOUS because I use so much of it. So I'm thinking I may try to plant some in late summer to harvest in the fall. I'd like to grow from seeds from here on out, but I got started a bit late this year and just wanted to get some plants going so that I can enjoy them all summer. Next year I'll probably start planting seeds indoors in March or early April so they'll be ready to move outdoors by the time it gets warm, and ready to harvest shortly thereafter.

My shoulder did start to bother me a bit late in the day yesterday, but I worked through it until I got to a stopping point, and I'm feeling pretty good today. Luckily, it looks like I'm in for a pretty slow week at work, so that will help me heal faster because I won't be doing as much work with my mouse. And with any luck, my new keyboard will be here very soon.

I've started eating lunch with co-workers again. I feel like socializing is something I need to do regularly or else I get rusty at it. We'll see how much I can take before I'm back to eating in my car again.

While I was doing the grocery shopping yesterday, a wildlife rehabilitator person came to capture the injured goose that's been hanging around the retention pond behind our house, along with her mate. So with Mark's help, they got the injured one, but they were unable to capture her mate. So now her mate is just swimming around the pond all day by himself, kind of looking around like he's wondering where she went. I find this very upsetting. Like, "Oh $#!% I have tears in my eyes" upsetting. Someone is supposed to come back out today to try to capture the mate, because apparently geese take it pretty hard when they lose a mate, so they definitely want to keep them together.

I guess at this point I should probably mention that I've been watching the pair of them every day for a few weeks now, and we're the ones who finally called someone to come out, because we were concerned that she didn't seem to be getting better. So in a very silly way, I feel like I have some sort of "relationship" with these geese. I really, really hope they are able to reunite them.

Today I am wearing a pair of pants I could barely zip up a few weeks ago. I would still prefer it if they fit just a bit looser than they are right now, but they are certainly fitting better than before. So hurray for that.

Okay, one more thing, because I know I'm writing an awful lot here. I tried Ezekiel bread yesterday. I wanted to try it because it's pretty high in protein for a bread product, and because I hate pretty much all wheat bread, so I'm always on the lookout for a non-gross variety. The verdict: I liked it! This may become my new go-to bread. I was half expecting it to be disgusting, but it was actually pretty tasty, and the flavor was not as strong as most wheat breads. And the slices are small, which I also like. I hate huge slices of bread, since I'm usually just using the bread as a vehicle for something tasty but high-cal, such as cheese or peanut butter or margarine. Small slice = less of the high-cal stuff needed to cover it = good.

Okay, I'm done! Finito! Adios! Au revoir! Et cetera!
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity (karma: 1)
By MarlaSingermember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Tue May 08, 2012 05:58 AM
Yesterday we found out that they had to euthenize the injured goose. Her injuries were just too bad. The wildlife rescuers came back to try to pick up the male anyway. They were going to show him the dead goose so that he could stop looking for her and grieve properly. But of course he wasn't there when they came, and there was a gaggle of six other geese out there instead. But they left after a bit, and this morning our lonely goose came back. So I guess he will just have to go through his mourning period and then hopefully find a new mate next year. I'm really sad about the whole thing and kind of regretting that we ever called anyone. In the day or two before we called, the female had been starting to move her injured wing a bit, so I'm thinking if we hadn't called, she might have healed but just not been able to fly, but I guess that's not a great outcome either. So, goose that can't fly but gets to live out her days with her mate at her side, or dead goose with a mate that will mourn but probably move on. I don't know. The silly, overly emotional part of me isn't sure which one is better. Especially since now every time I let the dogs out, I'm going to have to see a sad goose out there. :(
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On Tue May 08, 2012 09:16 AM
As of today, I am officially back to my pre-wedding weight. Woohoo!! I'm not going to change anything I'm doing for now. I may plateau here, because this seems to be a weight my body is comfortable with, but we'll see. If that's what happens, I'm fine with that. If I keep losing, I'm fine with that too, but I'm trying not to place too much emphasis on it, like, "Oh, if I lose five more pounds, that would be AWESOME!" I'm already at a healthy weight, so it's important that I don't get too hung up on attaching positive and negative values to specific numbers. It'll just be too difficult to maintain a positive body image if I start doing that.
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
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On Thu May 10, 2012 06:21 AM
Today's musical obsession:

re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
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On Thu May 10, 2012 04:42 PM
Just as an aside, why does every song I like have such a freaking ridiculous video? I never even watch music videos, and then I go to post one on here, to share a song I like, and I'm always like, "Oh great. Now everyone's going to think I'm a freak." Oh well.

Our lonely goose is either gone, or he's found a mate, because all we've seen lately are pairs of geese. I'm thinking maybe the latter, because I keep seeing this pair that doesn't seem to be very closely bonded yet, but you can tell they're together, just not joined at the hip like most mated pairs are. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking. :)

I just whacked the HELL out of some weeds. Actually, I was mostly just trimming up grass that Mark had either missed or not been able to mow due to them being at the edge of the yard. So that was fun. Actually, it kind of WAS fun. I like doing things that yield immediate results.

I found out today that I'm going to be supporting a call center, just like I mentioned a few posts back. This is in addition to the back office team I'm already supporting. So that's awesome. I haven't worked with a call center in a couple of years, but it's something I'm looking forward to getting back into. I mean, I'm not jumping up and down about it, but it presents a whole different set of challenges than a back office environment, and it SHOULD bring a whole lot more work as well. Hopefully not too much, although in general I think I prefer too much as opposed to too little.

I used fresh herbs from my garden on a homemade pizza the other night. Like a boss.

Speaking of dinner-type things, I need to shower and then make dinner and then call my parents to discuss purchasing airfare for our Outer Banks trip, so I'd better get on it.

Half day of work tomorrow. Totally rad.
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
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On Mon May 14, 2012 05:02 PM
Such a busy weekend! For starters, on Friday we went to this awesome local dairy creamery for their weekly farmer's market. We got so many goodies! Stuff for our pets, fresh veggies, all-purpose cleaner, pastured eggs, grass-fed meat (for Mark, not me!), fresh-baked bread, and a cilantro seedling from the market. Then we went into the creamery and got some yogurt, chocolate milk, and feta cheese. Finally we said "hi" to the cows before heading home. Then we were off to dinner at the local Mediterranean restaurant. All in all, it was a great day!

On Saturday we picked up a few things at the grocery store and then got a restaurant gift certificate for my parents, for their anniversary. Then I headed out to visit B and her little boy. He is so freaking cute! He's only 10 months old, so I was expecting him to be really shy, but he crawled right over to me, climbed in my lap, and gave me a big hug! It was really precious. He already says "mama" and "dada," so he's quite the baby genius too. :) So we played with him for a while, ate some pizza, then just sat around and talked for the rest of the night.

Sunday I started out early, making my cheesecake first thing when I got up, and then did various other chores around the house until it was time to make dinner. I used up a bunch of those nice fresh veggies making a big dinner salad, and then we had walnut pesto tortellini as our main dish and some of the fresh-baked bread as well. Delicious! And the best part was that I sent my family home with the leftovers, so I don't have a bunch of uneaten food sitting around. Then we gave my parents the gift certificate, and I gave my mom the cell phone I bought for her. I was pretty proud of my dad. By the end of the evening, he had successfully taken a picture with the phone, sent a picture message, deleted the picture, and figured out how to navigate the contact list. The only bad thing was that every time the backlight shut off, he flipped the phone closed and then open to get it to come back on, so he would lose whatever he was in the middle of. He was trying to send me a text for about 10 minutes and then finally gave up. Not sure what my mom will make of it. If I can at least get her to where she can check voicemails and texts and leave her phone TURNED ON and ON HER PERSON the majority of the time, we'll be making huge progress.

So that brings me to today, and I'm having an okay day. Not great, just okay. My throat started really hurting last night, and today it feels really scratchy and like I need to cough all the time. So it seems that I might be getting another cold, which sucks, since I just had one a couple of months ago. Also, I'm having some menstrual cramps, and they're not very bad, but after having absolutely none for the past ten years (on the pill), I'm not exactly jumping up and down about having them again. However, it's now been over two months since my last headache, and I will GLADLY take the cramps if that's the trade-off.
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
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On Tue May 15, 2012 03:25 PM
OMG, I have this ridiculous dry, hacking cough that just WILL NOT go away. I suppose this means that I am, in fact, getting sick, but god, I hope it's not just going to be a week or so of this. Give me a stuffy nose any day over just hacking my lungs out non-stop. :(
re: This is what the world is for, making electricity
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On Thu May 17, 2012 01:46 PM
A while back, I was going through a phase where I would only get on DDN during my downtime at work. I think I need to re-institute that policy, and, now that I have a smartphone, add Facebook to the ban list. I have SO MANY books that I'm not reading, video games I'm not playing, and movies I'm not watching, and then I find myself wasting 1 to 2 hours a night wandering aimlessly around the internet. ENOUGH ALREADY.

Anyway. I am at work right now, in case anyone was wondering. About to leave in about 10 minutes. I just got done eating a "Big Nut Bar" (really, Planters marketing department?) and now I have chocolate smeared all over the front of my shirt. So yeah. It's time to get out of here.

I guess I'm sick? I don't know; this has been the weirdest slow-burn cold I've ever had. I had a sore throat for two days, dry hacking cough for two days, and today I just feel generally crappy, but not THAT crappy. Crappy enough to give myself the week off from cooking though, I'll tell you that much.

Just found out I got approved for another business trip, this time for a training class. There are several sessions in different locations, but the only one I can really do would have me training in Chicago on August 30th and 31st. Problem is, as far as I know, I'm doing my group trip with my friends September 1st through September 3rd. So I don't know. There's a session in Irvine, California, that would work out GREAT with my schedule, but my boss's boss already said we shouldn't pick that one. Booooo. Whatever. I'm sure it'll all work out one way or the other. It would help tremendously if my friends and I could actually get this trip scheduled for a specific place sometime soon, but that's a whole other story.

The Excel class yesterday was total information overload, but I did pick up some cool new tips and tricks. It's kind of embarrassing how much I love using Excel.

All right, time for me to get out of here. Oh! Before I forget, I'm currently typing on my NEW ERGONOMIC KEYBOARD!! It's pretty rad. And it's a soft-touch keyboard, which means it's not as clacky. Sometimes I like clacky, but it's kind of nice to have a quiet keyboard for a change.

ANYWAY, enough about that. Have a good night, DDN! It's almost Friday!!
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