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All 4 you choreography posted here (karma: 1)
By Jampony
On Thu Jan 17, 2002 03:15 AM

all the girls at the party look at that body, shakin that thing like i never did see"

1-8:walk into place

"gotta nice package all right, guess Im gonna have to ride it tonight"

1-8:walk into place


rt hand up finger the numbers (u know what i mean )


"its all for u, if u really want it, its all for"

1:throw hands out in front of u

2:bring them back in at upper thigh

3:bring hands out a lil

4:hands up to chest

5:jump ft out, roll hands

6:connect hands and left elbow out,(like your elbowing someone)

7:turn to rt, left arm up at head(arm bent), (swing left arm left to rt when turning)

8:left hand down kick left

"u, if u say u need it, its all for"

and: jump landing on rt ft

1:put left ft in back of rt ft and throw rt hand out while leaning to the rt

2:back up together

3:hands down and in front of u, kick rt out a lil

4:jump out to face front

5:bend from hip, swing left hand to rt

6:back to left

7,8:turn to rt-arms right next to sides,bend elbows so lower arm is out(like robot) -move shoulders up and down-move hadns with shoulders

"u, if u gotta have it, its all for u"

1:step on left a lil to the front (your left side)

2:throw hands to your side, pick up back ft

3:stand up front, left extended to left side, rt bent to left

4:bring hands back up in fists at chest

5:move body to left form hip, lead with left arm and head

6:jump up together, move hands and shoulders

7:step left out to left, left knee bent and out to left, left hand out, rt hand down

8:twist left , left knee bent and out to the rt

"u, if u make a move, its all for u"

1:up together hands down

2:slap left hip with left hand

3:ft apart, left hand up bent at elbow, rt hand on left elbow

4:step on rt ft

5:slowly bring left had down to rt elbow

6:step on rt ft

7,8: turn to left

"i see ya standin there, out the corner of my eye"

1,2:roll shoulders back and roll hips

3:roll hip out, hands in back, step left ft out to left side

4:bend knees and go down , swing left hand from left to rt, rt knee bent out to rt

5:jump up, hands directly out to side

6:bring left arm out to left

7:turn to rt, bring left leg down, hands on head-look front-to "audience"-roll hip

8:roll hip

"u seem uneasy boy to approach me from your line"

1:punch out rt arm to your rt side look to "audience"

2:bring hand back in -body facing front, step back on rt

3:left ft out

and:step on rt

4:left in abck of rt, punch left down in front to rt

5:step left ft out and forward a lil

and:punch left down

6:left on top of rt lower arm bent, head back

7,8:up on toes, arms out, bent at elbows, lower arm extended forward, move shoulders up and down

"but then somethin inside u grabs u says "who am i""

1:left arm out and down, rt at inner left elbow

2:left fist at head, rt hand fown and flexed, left ft in front of rt

3:hands crossedand uncrossat hip near upper thigh

4:turn to back, kick rt ftbehind u

5:walk back

6:turn left and look to "audience", hands at chest

7:pull hands apart , elbow bent and up

7 and 8; 3 lil hops


"i know exactly cause it happens with all the guys"

1:turn to rt , step left out , left arm out, rt tucked at chest

2:bring in and up

3,4:bring arm up body and roll hip to front, face front

5-8:walk and bring hands down


"so u do what u gonna do, come on and talk to me"

1:face rt , look to the back (your left)

2:look to "audience" slap left hand to rt shoulder, rt hand to left hip

3:roll hips front

4:pull apart arms and move them down your body

5:step with left ft 2 face rt

6:left arm up, forizontal fist

7:pull arm in or back

and:back out


"promise u wont even have an attitude, ill let u sit right next to me"

and: twist to back

1:turn left to face the left

2:stop when facing left, dig rt ft next to left

3:step with rt,

and:turn rt to face rt, put left ft in front of rt

4:head back

and:hands in front

5:bring body towards hands

6:step on left and face front

7:twist left spin on rt ft -left ft is in the air next to rt knee

8:face front, ft apart

"don't join the list with these other fools, that aint the way to be no"


1:shoulders rt

2:shoulders left

3:rt hand flexed to rt side

4:twist body to rt, rt ft in front of left, touch left to rt ft

5:face front throw hand back

6:stand rt ft in front of left, rt hand back, left hand bent up near face

7:rt up and bent at elbows

and:rt up

8:bend down at hip

"yea its cool and yea im in the mood, intimidations got that mind"

1:kick left out to tleft side

2:rt ft in back of left, arms down and out

3:turn to rt

4:left ft up to rt knee-air guitar


CHORUS dance

"can't be afraid or keep me waitin for way too long"

1:step left

2:hip circle to left

3:lean to rt, hands clasped together at rt side of head, ft apart

4:moce hands down and to the left, slide rt ft to left

5:step rt over left, face left

6:take a step to the left with left ft

7:step on rt ft and face the back, rt hand on head


"before u know it, I'll be outta here"

1:face rt, twist upper body to back, left hadn wrapped around body, rt arm down

2:turn to front, swing left arm out and around when u turn

and:scoop hands down and up...

3:hands up near chest and run down to hips

4,5:left arm down, rt at chest, rt elbow out to rt, whip head to look left

6:left arm up but bent at elbow, look left, let rt hang

and:left hand to rt hip, rt hang

7:left hand to left side

8:head back, left hand down at rt side

"don't try to be all clever, cute, or even try"

1:step left to face left

2:step on rt to face front

3:spin left

4:face back, rt arm down across to left side

5,6:turnto face front

7:step left

8:step rt

"don't have to work that hard, just be yourself, and let that be your guide"

1:hands down both to rt side

2:jump, bring hands back in

3 and:left hand up-weave it in and out-snake-like

4:hold left hand up, look up

5-8:walk and bring hand down


"its all for u, tell me I'm the only one"

1:leap onto left ft, hand out to sides (T), bend forward a lil from hips

2:put rt ft crossed in front of left, slam hands straight down crossed at wrists

3 and 4:ft apart, left aem in front of u, bring it across from rt to left

5:rt arm in front of u bent, ft crossed

6:ft out, left arm down

7:ft apart, sweep left hand down to floor and to the rt

8:up, facing rt, lefet arm across hips to rt hip, rt hand up by head

"its all for u, soon you'll be havin fun"

and:left arm up, left leg up, face rt

1:down, rt and lfet hand in front of u bent from elbow

2:turn to left with arms at chest, rt over left lower arm

3:push arms down,lift head up, ft apart

4:up again

5:let ft in back og rt ft, throw left hand to rt side

6:step back out

7:step on rt, lean rt

8:step on left so ft are together

"its all for u, come on here and get some"

1:step rt over left

2:step left ft to left side, rt shoulder in front

3:left ft in back of rt, left hand at rt hip, rt hand on left shoulder

4:step rt apart, hands down and back


6:unlock knees to bend

7,8:walk backward shaking shoulders

"its all for u, if u make a move, its all for u"

1:step left ft back , left shoulder back

2:roll hand to the rt

3:bend from knees a lil, hands on top of each other-under chin,

4:push hands down, pop up


"all the girls at the party look at that body, shakin that thing like ya never did see"

and:rt hadn up

1:rt hand down next to face

and:tilt head to the rt, rt hand on left side of face

2:head up, rt hand underneath

3:bring rt hand across face, left to rt

4:throw rt hands down to hipsand slap

5,6:run both hands up body

and:rt hand in front of face, left ahdn in back of head

7:switch-left in front, rt in back

and:arms extended out to sides from shoulders

8:bring hands in at head

"gotta nice package alright, guess I'm gonna have to ride it 2night"

1:circle rt hand over head


3:rt hand down, left ahnd at rt elbow(but inside arm)

4:keep hand position and swing arm to left

5:swing to the rt

6:unlock position, both fists down to rt side

7:pull hands up to chest, left lower arm on rt

8:move to left side

repete once more:"all the girls...ride it tonight"


5 Replies to All 4 you choreography posted here

re: All 4 you choreography posted here
By energy16182
On Sun Jan 20, 2002 04:37 PM
Hey, just wonderin where did u get these moves??
By Dea
On Tue Jan 22, 2002 05:11 PM
What amazing choreography! Its exactley (almost. :)...) the same as Janet Jackson! Your great, keep up the good work!
Thank you!
By Peachesmjjwjr
On Mon Feb 04, 2002 09:15 AM
I got the video somewhere in my massive vault of janet and I got it on DVD but I only have DVD on my computer but hey now I can learn it from here too. THANKS!
re: All 4 you choreography posted here
By blondie461member has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Wed Mar 20, 2002 02:57 PM
to Dea...
its probably exactly the same as janet because she got it from watching the video!!! gee...that was hard to figure out...

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