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Case of the Ex choreography posted here
By Jampony
On Thu Jan 17, 2002 03:16 AM

ere's the chorus moves to Mya's Case of Ex

Here are the steps to Mya’s Case of the Ex

On “What’cha gonna do when you”: count one kick your right leg out low, and

cross your arms (right over left) in front of you, but at a downwards angle.

Count 2 bring your right leg in so your right foot is on your left knee

(kind of weird but o well!) and cross your arms so that your right hand is

touching your left shoulder and your left hand is touching your right shoulder.

Count 3 kick your right leg out low again, and bring your hands

out so that your right is over the left and the inside of your hands are


Count 4 Bring your right foot to your knee again, and bring your

hands a little away from your chest, and your hands are in fists facing each

other a little apart.

“Can’t say no and your”:

Count 5 punch your right arm down to your side and your right leg goes down too

so your legs are apart..

Count 6 punch your left arm down to your side.

Count 7 put your arms straight in front of you but your right hand is on the

back of your left hand so your fingers are facing up, and jump together.

Count 8 tilt your head back.

“Feelings start to show”:

Count 1 bring your right arm across your chest (so it is near your left

shoulder) in a fist.

Count 2 cross your left arm across your right in a fist.

Count three & 4 step out with your right foot and from your pelvis bone to your

waist move your hands up so they are in blades facing each other.

“Boy I really need to know and,”:

Count 5 invert your knees and punch your arm down so your wrists are


Count 6 punch your arms to your side.

Count 7 jump together and put your hands on your head.

Count 8 jump back out and throw your hands a little away from your side.

“How ya gonna act”

Stay there for count 1.

Count 2 put your right hand on your crotch (attractive isn’t it!) Count 3 put

your left hand on your right (which is still on your crotch)

Count 4 put your arms in a shrugging position.

“How ya gonna handle that,”

Count 5, 6, 7, & 8 shrug your shoulders up and down.

“What’cha gonna do when she,”:

Count 1 cross your right left behind your left knee and throw your left arm

straight out to the side.

Count 2 step forward with your right leg and throw your hands straight up.

Count 3 throw your hands to your side.

Count 4 look to the back.

“wants you back.”:

Count 5 step up with your left and make a come here motion with all your fingers

and both hands in front of you.

Count 6 step in the same spot with your right leg and do the same motion with

your hands.

Count 7 throw your hands to the side and tilt your head up.

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