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Higher Ground (centre stage) choreography posted here (karma: 2)
By Jampony
On Thu Jan 17, 2002 03:18 AM

is routine is good to Red Hot Chilipeppers’ Higher Ground (like in the movie)

-this is the boys part, because the girls’ part is only parts of this

5: kick right, arms right

6: kick left, arms left

7: kick right, arms right

8: right ft down over left, bend over from waist

1: come up, arms up a little and out, left ft at right knee, bend back and head back

2: step left ft down

3: right ft out and forward, throw body down from waist

4: up

5: down

6: up

7&8: turn left (3 step turn –L, R, L)

1: left hand on left hip, right hand up, bent at elbow-step right over left

2: left ft up to the left side-face right

3: step left ft down, in front of right

4: step right down, face front

5-8: repeat

1-3: double spin on left ft to the right

4: stop 2nd turn when facing right

5-8: walk back taking a lot of little steps, hands extended out in front of u, bend knees a little, and bend top of body over a little

1-3: turn to left, arms diagonal (/)

4: stop facing front, hands left

5-7: right hand out and around to right side, roll hips in a circle

8: left hand across waist to right hip, right hand over head and bent towards head

And: pick up right heel

1: tap right heel down

2: tap right heel down

3: pick up right ft, hands to left

4: face right, step on right, (start 2 turn to right)

5: step on left, face back

6: windmill kick right ft (kick left to right, facing front)

7: step right ft down

8: step left to right

1, 2: walk sideways, LRL

3, 4: leap left

5, 6: walk sideways right

7, 8: jump and turn in air

1: left hand to right hip, right knee up, look right

2: right hand to left hip, right ft down

3: hold “2” position, wrap left to right hip (hugging yourself)

4: look left

5-7: look forward and contract down bending knees

8: deep lunge down on right, left leg straight

1-4: barrel turn left

5, 6: walk sideways to the right

7, 8: turn right to face front

1: face back- right knee up

2: right knee down

3: -up

4: -down

5-7: 3 step turn (L, R, L) to left, hands above head

8: step on right

And: step left to left side

1: right ft in back, hands to left

2: step left ft out, ft apart

3: spin left on right ft

4: stop when facing left

5: kick left ft front

6: kick left ft back

7: turn to face right

8: step left ft back

1-4: turn left on right, hands clasped overhead, end facing a little to the left

5-7: lil steps back, bend over from waist

8: up

1&2: side, back, side (LRL)

3&4: side back side (RLR)

5: kick right ft fwd

6: tap right foot right side

7: windmill arms

and 8: right ft in back of left

And: step right ft fwd

1, 2: slide left ft to right, head back, lean back, arms out

3: step right

4: step left

5, 6: turn right on right ft

7: together

8: hold hands out, kick left leg left and high

1: walk sideways-left

2: right

3: left

4: right

5: hands left

6, 7: air jump and full turn

8: ft together

1-4: walk back, right hand up, look up

5: hands left

6, 7: turn right on right ft

8: hold

1: step right ft fwd

2: right hip fwd

3: step left

4: left hip fwd

5-8: full turn left, waving arms up and down (flowing) alternating

1: right knee up, slap hip with right hand

2: right ft down, a little in front of left

3, 4: circle hip right

5, 6: circle hip right

7, 8: full turn right

1, 2: kick right ft fwd (2X)

3, 4: kick left fwd (2X)

5: kick right fwd

6: kick right ft back

7&8: back side front, turn to face back

1: kick left

2: kick left

3: kick right

4: kick right

5: kick left fwd

6: kick left back

7, 8: back, side front, turn to face front

1, 2: slide right

3, 4: slide left

5: walk right

6: left

7, 8: leap 1st time, hitch kick 2nd

-Free style


3 Replies to Higher Ground (centre stage) choreography posted here

re: Higher Ground (centre stage) choreography posted here
By energy16182
On Sun Jan 20, 2002 04:38 PM
where did u get this choreography???
re: Higher Ground (centre stage) choreography posted here
By spitze
On Fri Mar 15, 2002 12:57 PM
Greate! thanks soooo much!!!

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