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Oops choreography posted here
By Jampony
On Thu Jan 17, 2002 03:26 AM

for the line that says "oops i did it again", what u would do is

raise ur right hand up and then bring ur hand to ur chest,

then turn around all the way going to the left then bring ur left

shoulder down twice (like a shrug).

when it says "i played with your heart, got lost in this game",

do the heart thingy (left over right first) then switch hands so

it would be right over left then bring your hands out and make it

look like a heartbeat (your hands are still overlapping each other)

you should take steps with one foot in front of the other on each

step. then dip your right hand down like a scoop and put your hand on

your forehead then dip your left hand then swing it to the left and

bring your right hand over to your left and push to the right.

now when it says "oh baby baby oops you think im in love, that im

sent from above im not that innocent", you turn to the left, but step

with each foot to the syllables of "baby baby", then kick out with the

left foot then point out with the left hand then turn to the left

again and put your left in front of your right foot and bring your hip

back out back, then bring both arms out then down in front then up then

do a circle, but stop at the right (so u do 3/4 of a circle). your

right arm should be bent. then switch so your arms are pointing left

with your left arm bent, then bring your arms straight out and bring

your hands together like youre praying, then bring your arms in with

your hands still pointing out, then open and close your legs to "not

that innocent" and at the same time bring your right hand up and swing

it down like nsync does in the bye bye bye video only in sync with your


hope it helped. if youre confused, then watch the music video.

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re: Oops choreography posted here
By SexyAngel1502
On Sat Jan 26, 2002 08:04 PM
thnx a bunch!

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