What should a ballerina eat for breakfast?
By iv_loves_pointe
On 02/04/2012 09:26:53
Hi everyone! I take ballet and I have a really long day at the studio today. What can I eat to give me the most energy? Oh, and what are some good snacks to eat in between? Thanks! :)
re: What should a ballerina eat for breakfast?
By Sumayah
On 02/04/2012 12:55:58
A good balanced breakfast. Whole grains: slice of whole grain toast or bowl of oatmeal or similar, protein: scrambled egg or cup of yogurt, fruit: banana or orange or berries, herbal tea or milk/nondairy milk or coffee. Breakfast sets up your body for the day. A good snack can be fruit and cheese or hard boiled egg and vegetable strips. Drink water. You want food that will give you energy and will stick with you. Fruit and vegetables will give that instant boost, protein will stay with you and keep you going. Reasonable portions. I've found that 2oz of bell pepper and cucumber and carrot strips and 1-2oz of cheese is plenty to satisfy and nourish and keep me going. You may find you need more or less. I like hard boiled eggs and vegetable strips and apples and bananas and oranges because they're easy to carry with me. If I'm in a rush like thus morning, ill make a smoothie - 1c yogurt, 1c almond milk, sweetener, unsweet cocoa, frozen banana, berries, ice cubes. It gives me carbs and protein all in one 32oz glass I can sip on while I drive. Hopefully some others will share their meals and snacks.
re: What should a ballerina eat for breakfast?
By noachka
On 02/05/2012 19:20:15

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