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re: Random comment thread. Fitness Style!
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On Fri Feb 17, 2012 07:57 PM
Edited by Theresa (28613) on 2012-02-17 20:00:19
^I recommended it to a friend on fb, she's gone from pretty much the couch to a quater of a mile jogging in one shot, in like, three weeks.

So I decided to be "different", and had ranch dressing with my salad today at dinner. HUGE. MISTAKE. The calories from the ranch dressing alone were almost all of the calories I had left in my budget for the day.

I ended up going 162 calories over on the day. And Jim and I are having a date night tomorrow, so tomorrow will probably go similarly. Craaaaaaap.

Usually, when we go out, I order a take out box right along with my meal, scrap at least half the plate right into the box, and then eat on the rest, because we all know how insane restaurant portions are, right?

Well tomorrow for date night, I asked to get to go to the fondue place, and takeout at the fondue place? Not as much...things to dip into chocolate at the fondue place? Yes please!
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