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All Hallows weekender results!!!
By kiera2002
On Wed Mar 14, 2012 04:53 AM

My girls had a fantastic weekend with outstanding results!!!

Kiera U10 Inter Freestyle solo 1st place (Friday evening)
Kiera U10 Inter slow 2nd
Kiera U10 Champ Street 2nd
U12 Street pairs 3rd
U12 Champ pairs 4th
U12 slow pairs 4th
Sunday night GRAND FINAL WINNER U10 Freestyle Inter (and now a champ)

Lauren U18 Champ solo 2nd (Friday evening)
Lauren U18 Champ slow 2nd
Lauren U18 Champ Street 3rd
U18 Champ pairs 2nd
Street pairs 4th
Slow pairs 4th
Sunday night GRAND FINAL 2nd place U18 Freestyle Champ

Well done to everyone who attended especially HDA who had an amazing weekend!!!

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re: All Hallows weekender results!!!
By courts_13
On Mon Mar 19, 2012 04:42 AM
Comp friday night  qualifier
Katy hay Under 6 beg winner 1st 
Freya richards under 8           5th
Olivia gaffney under 12     2nd 
Isobel  tugs under 14 beg      5th
Jodie fairbank under 14 beg. 6th 
Millie baldwin under 10 start      5th
Squeek Under 10 starts.  2nd
Casey mc under 12 starts.   2nd
Bille under 16 starts     3rd
Amina el. Under 16 starts.  2nd 
Alisha  Cowley under 14 starts.     4th
Darcey Collins. Under 16 int. .  1st
Kenny grice under 16 int.    4th
Elisha Ryan under 12 int. .       5th 


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