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Looking for 2 specific monologues, help?
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On Tue Mar 27, 2012 01:00 AM

Hi there,

I was at an open audition earlier this year and I heard two really fantastic monologues. Unfortunately I was so wrapped up in the process that I completely forgot to ask the girls who performed them which play they were from! So I was hoping someone here might have an idea if I give a description of each one.

#1: Long, dramatic monologue. The speaker is angry at her friend for making her do something that she thinks makes her a "whore". She blames her. She talks about how her parents are going to be disappointed with her, says that she loves her pastor and church and Jesus. Says that she feels sorry for this friend because she's going to go to hell (I think...) We never find out what actually happened, just that something went wrong and now the speaker really regrets it and is very upset about it.

#2: Long, comedic monologue. The speaker narrates a story of working at "the dub". She gets a customer that honks his horn and startles her so she drops a glass mug, which breaks. Then when she serves him he tries to pay her in drugs, and tries to leave with the tray (and another mug) still in his car. She accidentally breaks his neck and kills him while trying to get the mug back. She keeps the drugs.

Ahh I really hope someone recognizes one of these! Thanks so much!