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Here are some poems I wrote in 2001
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On Thu Mar 29, 2012 09:07 AM

I went diving in the boxes under my bed looking for an old poem I want to play with. I didn't find it; instead, I found something else entirely.

Completely untouched since 2001, I give you: 13-year-old Heart's poems.

(I think she might be more talented than I am.)

9/23/01 10:45am.


Yesterday I was invincible
I stood tall and giggling
with my face to the sun and back to the wind.
Yesterday no one could hurt me,
and everyone liked my jokes,
and my voice,
and what I did.
Yesterday I was Superwoman --
but, of course, that was yesterday.

At 8:45 on Tuesday morning
I stood in homeroom
pledging allegiance to my flag
while figuring out my math homework.
By lunch there were whispers,
with no confirmation.
Until we got home.
Slowly, as the news unfolded,
we began to comprehend.

As it sunk in,
penetrating my pores
and heading straight for my heart --
down went my confidence,
crashing like the tallest building there ever was,
a shimmering pillar once holding me up
now whimpering rubble on the ground.
Out went my conscience,
my sensitivity,
now hovering like a cloud of black smoke
pondering my every move.
My tumbled soul went spinning,
causing happy and sad
to wash in and out like waves over me,
lapping at the shores of my consciousness.

Clutching now at air, I cower.
The sky is the ground
and to move one must fly,
but we're scared to take to air
so we must crawl as we cry.

They hike the flags up from half-mast --
oh, was I supposed to recover?
Soon, the tortoise must come from its shell.
Soon I must walk.
Soon someone will notice that when I stand
my face is to the wind and back to the sun.
But I will win.

[This one is titled “A Half-Magnetic Poem: written from pieced-together magnetic phrases,” meaning I used a Magnetic Poetry kit.]


let you not ask
am I okay
I will teach you of darkness
that cracks through my heart
immense bomb shower
that came like red wind
wraps tendrils around two
and drags them under
people stagger away
half-consumed by morning fire
that painfully brightens that darkness
now sisters line outside the hall of hope
plastering the walls with loved portraits
then turning to share the bruise
darkness and night do not end
the wild search through crumpled strength
for pieces of their hearts
too close
had something shifted
a late train
it could have been me standing vigil
over crumpled souls, waiting for kin
am I okay?
not even my dream-catcher
can stop blood-stained nightmares
of boxcutters and fireballs
and lucky trains.
come, sister, help me with my tears
I am not okay.

[Undated. Note: my school ran on block scheduling, meaning instead of having 8 periods in one day, we had four “blocks” on alternating days.]


I want to talk to her but she’s never alone
and I don’t want to tell Them.
Al my friends must have some syndrome
‘cause something’s terribly wrong with their brains.
I think they think the same of me
since I act just like them.
But only around them; otherwise,
I am Someone Else again.

I try to remain calm,
square my shoulders and march on.
Through the hallways and to class,
I worry about last
block; but what can I do?
If she’s never alone, she’ll never know –
and that is just tough.

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re: Here are some poems I wrote in 2001
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On Thu Mar 29, 2012 12:50 PM
It's weird how ingrained somethings are...all I had to do was read 8:45 on a Tuesday and I knew what the poem was referring to. Generational specific moments.

How strange that 2001 was over a decade ago.

Your poetry was amazing (still is). When I was 13 (I always thought you were older than me, but we must be nearly the same age) I was still mostly rhyming haha.


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