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Things That Annoy You At Competition!
By ukiecam Comments: 136, member since Sun Mar 11, 2012
On Mon Apr 16, 2012 05:52 PM

I just came back from competition this weekend, and of course I have something to complain about! Don't gt me wrong though, I do love competition! It gives you a chance to showcase your talent, and watch other people's, and you get to know what other people think of you! But, there is always something that gets me really annoyed!

Here is my list:

- Competitions that are ALWAYS late!!! At this particular competition, every year they are running late! This year my mixed dance was schedualed (sp?) for 9pm, and ajudication was at 10pm. I ended up dancing at 11:30, adjudication was at 12:30!!! We were there untill 1am! ONE FLIPPEN AM.!!! Plus, we were dancing at 9am the next morning!!! ARG!!

-Small change rooms! Yes, I know sometimes you don't have a choice, but then there are always people who throw their stuff around the whole place! In this case, it's expecially important to keep your stuff in YOUR corner, because everyone is smushed in there like sardines, you can barely move, and at that moment you're not really thinking about whos shoes you are putting on!

-People that wear Bright bras/underwear!!! PLEASE, DO NOT wer a bright blue/purple bra underneath your blouse! WE CAN SEE IT!!! Is it that hard to wear a white tank top or a nude bra?!?!?

-After you are done your solo/duet/trio and some person you hardly know comes up to you and starts gushing about how great your dance was. Yes, I do apreciate (sp?) it, and it's very nice of them, but sometimes when you have to dance in the next session, you are pretty much like "Yeah, Thank you but I've got to go from a buko costume to a hopak costume in about 10 dances, MOVE!", as you run down the hallway.

-^^ When you have to change in 10 dances! It's not impossible, but in you teeny tiny change room with 30 other people changing at the same time, it gets a little crowded! No one knows who is helping them, or where they are throwing stuf, it just doesn't matter anymore! But then, there is always the person who, right before you get on stage, that screams "I FORGOT TO PIN MY HEADPIECE!!".

That is pretty much it for now, but usually I am cursing (in ukrainian of course!) at my garmet bag for being SO FULL! We need: Black jazz shoes, character shoes, red boots, ballet pink shoes, and an extra pair of jazz shoes, and FIVE costumes! GRR!

But, What do YOU like/dislike about competition???

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re: Things That Annoy You At Competition!
By BalletBarre Comments: 140, member since Sun Aug 09, 2009
On Sun Apr 29, 2012 04:43 PM
Great idea for a thread!

1. Whoa! That's pretty bad if it was that late!!! Usually when mine are late, it is only by half an hour or so. May I ask what competition?
2. YES! I agree the change rooms are always so small, like hundreds of girls in 1 tiny room and you can't even find a place to put all your costumes, headpieces, etc.
3. Haha, yeah and it makes them look really unprofessional, luckily for me I never have that problem cause I often have a vest or something covering but I always wear a nude cami anyway!
4. I actually love when that happens, well the part when random people start gushing over the dance and how good of a dancer(s) you are. But yeah when you are doing a quick change, it feels like everybody and anything is in your way.
Besides what is on your list, I get annoyed when:

-People from your group are late! I know it might not always by their fault but it is really stressful!
-They put your dance against dancers who are either way older or younger than you.
-People talk to you when you are backstage and about ready to dance. Ugh this is the time when I am quickly going over the dance in my head and I hate it when people interrupt me!
re: Things That Annoy You At Competition!
By ukiecam Comments: 136, member since Sun Mar 11, 2012
On Mon Apr 30, 2012 06:46 PM
AH! Yes, I really hate it when people are late! The instructor told us to be there 1 hour before we dance in costume, so we can go over the dance, not half an hour baefore with no costume, makeup, or anything!