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Gypsy Solo
By ukiecam Comments: 136, member since Sun Mar 11, 2012
On Sun Apr 22, 2012 04:30 PM

Okay, first off, thanks a lot for comenting o my other posts. (Can't you see my eyes rolling right now!). Second, WHERE IS EVERYONE!!!???

Anyway, I really want to do a Gypsy solo next year, but is it even possible to do a Gypsy solo??? And apperently the moves are very 'seductive', and I am 14, so do you think that I'm to young? How old should you be? And, do you have any ideas for music/choreography??

Please, PLEASE comment!!!


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re: Gypsy Solo
By Ukeenthused Comments: 1, member since Wed May 09, 2012
On Wed May 09, 2012 12:11 PM
Hey Cam, I am an Instructor and long time dancer and there are a few specifics when it comes to dancing a Gypsy dance. Generally it would be difficult to do a solo as a large amount of Gypsy is done in partners. Since you would not have any girls, the sensual part is not a concern, but yes you are right you are probably a bit young to learn a proper and correctly choreographed gypsy piece. As an instructor I do not teach Gypsy until a dancer is an adult or at a very high level of dance. Gypsy is a hard region that requires a lot of technique and skill. It would also be very difficult to fulfill a dance like this alone. I would steer away from this as a solo until you are a bit older and probably until you do it with a group. Hope this helps and you can always start to train in the Gypsy style. (It can take awhile but is alwqays good to learn)Let me know if you want any help. Watch some videos to get an idea. Virsky, Volya and Rusalka are good examples and should be foung on youtube.