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Scraped my boss' bumper :( (karma: 2)
By Louisemember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Mon May 14, 2012 09:36 AM

Brilliant. The first time I've ever damaged another motor vehicle and it had to be my managing director's bloody Mercedes, didn't it?!

In all fairness a lot of things were conspiring against me - our car park is tiny, for some reason there was an articulated lorry just randomly parked across half of the exit, the other half was partially blocked by another car, and I was at a funny angle to either drive or reverse out.

I decided to reverse round so that I could drive out and have better sightlines into the actual traffic, but it was a funny manouevre and I scraped his bumper :(

My rear passenger wheel arch is really badly scraped - some of it will come out with T-cut but it might have to go to a body shop for the really bad bits. When I came back (I'd just popped out for lunch) the Merc had a big pink streak along the back and I was absolutely horrified. Luckily the pink came off with some kitchen towel but some of the silver paintwork had come off to expose the white plastic bumper. Could be worse, could have been a black car. Also I was travelling at less than one mile per hour so I couldn't possibly have done any more damage - neither car is dented which is brilliant.

So naturally I'm panicking thinking I'm either going to be sacked or it's going to cost me a fortune or both. Luckily he said not to worry about it. "They're only cars", he said.

Eeee I haven't panicked like that for a while :?

What was your first minor accident? Has anyone else injured their boss' car?

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re: Scraped my boss' bumper :(
By Sumayah
On Mon May 14, 2012 09:47 AM
I was trying to pull into a space in an awkward corner parking lot - there were gas pumps on the diagonal and the the drives exiting were just off the edge of each diagonal and the parking spaces were parallel to the street. So I dodge my way around the gas pumps and end up at a weird angle to park. I'm driving a big ole Astro van and I clip the taillight of he car next to me trying to maneuver around the end of one car poking out of the pumps. And I was all of like 16 or 17 so I was super distraught. Not the boss' car, but devastating for me. I still find it exceedingly easier to parallel park than regular park, and I think it's because of that incident.
re: Scraped my boss' bumper :(
By Chaconnemember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Mon May 14, 2012 09:55 AM
Since I have been driving for 56 years I have had some inevitable encounters, fortunately all minor (though I was a passenger in a car that was totally demolished once. I was unhurt. My girlfriend [now wife] broke her pelvis and her mom who was driving, broke an arm and collarbone.)

I've only had one where it was my fault. This was in the late 1970's. I was hit by my alleged failure to yield the right of way (I disputed that) and the other party turned out to be a nearly seven foot tall member of the local professional NBA basketball team. So we were discussing the accident at the scene (the basketball player was very gentlemanly about it) when a military policeman came to investigate. The accident was on a military post where my workplace was located. The MP was totally awed that the other party was a noted athlete. He looked up at the other party (we all looked up to him)..."You Nick Witherspoon of the Washington Bullets?" He was and the cop immediately wrote out a ticket citing me.
I didn't think the incident required a traffic citation, so I fought the ticket (but not my responsibility for the minor damage done) and I told the judge that the "hero worship" on the part of the MP negated his expected neutrality over the incident. The judge agreed and dismissed the charges and gave the MP a rather stern lecture about objectivity.

re: Scraped my boss' bumper :(
By Chaconnemember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Mon May 14, 2012 10:07 AM
The dumbest thing I've done on a car was a one-car thing and not on a public highway. To make matters worse, it was with a rental car. We were visiting my sister-in-law's house back in my home state. She had a curvy driveway in a wooded area that I had to back out of. So as I backed out I had to miss a tree abutting the driveway. I backed out...and missed the tree I could see in my mirrors, but failed to note that that tree had another joined trunk which was in my blind spot. I trashed the rear light assembly on the driver's side. Rental car companies charge an arm and a leg for anything broken on their cars. We repaired the light sufficiently well that I could drive the 100 miles to my mother-in-law's house in our home town. The next day I went to the local car dealership for that brand. Yes they could order the part and get it there the next day. Fortunately all the damage was confined to that plastic assembly. It cost me $90 but that was far preferable to having the rental car company bill me for parts AND labor. An old school buddy had the required tools and it only took the two of us five minutes to replace the part.

re: Scraped my boss' bumper :(
By LingScot
On Mon May 14, 2012 07:30 PM
The first time I caused damage to a car was a similarly bad instance. My friend had been in a car accident that totaled her car. She was recovering from her injuries, which included a broken neck, but still couldn't drive. To celebrate her recovery, we borrowed her grandparents' car (with their permission of course), and went out in to the hills for a weekend getaway. Of course, I was driving...and as we were leaving, I managed to back the car into a tree in my blindspot. And yes, it was a Lexus -- a couple of years old, but in pristine condition.

Wow, did I feel terrible! Fortunately, my friend was really nice about it and took charge of actually breaking the news to her grandparents, and it turned out they had mega insurance on the car, so it only cost me $100 to fix. But wow...definitely felt AWFUL! Who backs their friend's grandparents' LEXUS into a tree?? :(
re: Scraped my boss' bumper :(
By kandykanePremium member
On Mon May 14, 2012 07:48 PM
If it makes you feel better, Louise, my son rear-ended me a couple of years ago. An accident involving two vehicles on the same policy is no fun to deal with. My dad also backed into my mom's sister's minivan a few years ago. Dumb things happen, it'll be ok. :)

re: Scraped my boss' bumper :(
By Damhnaitmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Mon May 14, 2012 09:31 PM
The first time I did damage to a car was last winter. I was going faster than I probably should have been on a narrow road with no shoulder with ice on it (cough), but I slid and lost control for a bit on a patch of black ice, straight into an icy snowbank on the side of the road. I was driving my mom's car on my way to orchestra practice and didn't see the GIANT portion missing from my mom's front bumper, exposing the tank for the antifreeze or whatever.

The only "accident" I've have involving my boss was when my boss left the gate for the dumpsters open on a windy day and the door blew open... into my car door. A few streaks of rust, but nothing serious.
re: Scraped my boss' bumper :(
By Moonlitefairy06member has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Tue May 15, 2012 12:15 AM
The only time I've damaged a car while driving, I was turn around in my driveway and scraped and dented the fender on the stone wall that lines the side.

But I can also say that the first time I was ever in a car crash my dad was driving and he crashed into the car of my gymnastics teammate's mom. My teammate was in her mom's car too. We now know her as "Snooki".

But wow I can't imagine ever crashing into a bosses car or having to tell them. I remember once I had started a new job and apparently I parked in the parking spot of someone who worked in office next to ours and did a really bad job of parking and they left a really dirty anonymous note on my car. That was bad enough for me, at least it wasn't the company I was working with.
re: Scraped my boss' bumper :(
By DeStijlmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Tue May 15, 2012 02:00 AM
I recently hit (well, kind of forcefully nudged) a palm tree as I was pulling into my apartment car park at about 1km/hour. That was pretty grim. I overshot the park because I was absent minded and then BA-DUNK! I'd passed the line and rolled into the tree.

My left headlight is now held in with some very strong tape.
re: Scraped my boss' bumper :(
By ChristinePremium member
On Wed May 16, 2012 01:31 AM
Edited by Christine (207347) on 2012-05-16 01:37:13 punctuation
I backed out of my driveway without realizing my husband was parked behind me. I smashed the bumper, headlights, and hood of his car although mine was mostly just scraped paint.

It was the night of my first Christmas show, years ago, and I didn't have time to do much of anything about it but feel like an idiot and imagine just how miserable he was going to be when he showed up at the show. He was taking a nap,so I just left him a note and went on to the theater. The good news, I suppose, was that because I smashed his lights, he couldn't drive in the dark and missed the show so at least I didn't have to see his snarling face when I looked out at the audience.

Louise, I am so sorry this happened to you, although, I am glad you shared this story. At the moment I'm not feeling particularly warm and fuzzy about this particular man and your situation forces me to remember the mess I made of his car and consider forgiving him his own idiocy since he did get over me smacking up his car back then.

Of course, another way I can spin this is to have a good old laugh at his expense...which is childish but especially satisfying given my current level of marital anger. I'M GLAD I SMASHED HIS PRECIOUS CAR! So there!

Thank you...I feel better already.

Keep On Dancing*

ps I must say, your Susan must be a formidable opponent. My German car smashed the daylights out of his American made car. After that incident, he bought a 10 cylinder diesel German car to replace "Scarface" (as his car was fondly known after the incident)after swearing he'd always "buy American".)
re: Scraped my boss' bumper :(
By Tansey
On Wed May 16, 2012 06:23 AM
Edited by Tansey (209516) on 2012-05-16 06:27:03
Christine wrote:

I must say, your Susan must be a formidable opponent. My German car smashed the daylights out of his American made car.

BMWs are tanks! Years ago I was sitting at a red light in Bethesda when a young kid smashed into me from behind. He never even braked. He said he "didn't see" my 5-series BMW sitting at the light and didn't realize he was even at an intersection, because he was looking at a girl on the sidewalk. There was no damage whatsoever to my car, but his daddy's 6 week old Mitsubishi sustained $2,000 in damages. I swore I'd never drive anything but a BMW after that, but never say never. I've been driving a Camry for the last several years.
/End hijack.

Louise, don't feel bad. I've never damaged a boss' car, but the only accident I've ever had that was my fault was a beauty. When I was 16 and a new driver, Mom asked me to drop my younger siblings off at their tennis lesson. It was August and we had the windows open. Just as we approached a bend in the road in our neighborhood, my little brother said the dog was trying to jump out of the window. I reflexively but stupidly turned my head to tell him to grab the dog -- and so instead of curving with the road I drove directly into a car parked on the other side. I broke my nose on the steering wheel, my friend in the passenger seat needed stitches after her head hit the windshield, but other than that we were all fine, thank goodness. I totaled both cars.

Feel better? :P
re: Scraped my boss' bumper :(
By Brittanymember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Wed May 16, 2012 07:34 AM
At least your boss was way cool about it! My first minor incident was when I was 16 and just had got my license. I was pulling out of the parking lot at school and out of inexperience, cut my wheel a little too early and scraped the side of the car next to me. It happened to be a mom picking up a kid and boy did she freak out on me. I handled it right and filed a report, had a cop come down, etc etc but she was just nasty.

Afterwards I went to Planet Smoothie cause it was my favorite thing in the world back then and I was so upset and lo and behold guess who was there and gave me the nastiest look when I walked in.

I hate people like that. Good god, it's two small scratches on the side of your car. It's fixable and replaceable.
re: Scraped my boss' bumper :(
By ChristinePremium member
On Wed May 16, 2012 07:50 AM
Edited by Christine (207347) on 2012-05-16 07:52:25 fixed markup
I hate people like that

How about it! I'm so sorry this woman did this to 16 year old you. I bet her own kids were mortified.

When I see people act this way...and unfortunately it happens all too often... I sometimes say, "Oh AWFUL for you", all the while humming that old song, "Come Back When You Grow Up"

So...a slight hijack inspired by Louise's diary....this is a song with a message...

Keep On Dancing*
re: Scraped my boss' bumper :(
By Angelinamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Wed May 16, 2012 11:51 AM
As Brittany says, at least your boss was cool about it!

I have never had anything terrible appen while driving, but my sister has while I was in the car - it was mothers day and we had neglected to arrange anything special, so we were going to go out early and pick up some fancy breakfast stuff. We had to get the car out of the REALLY NARROW garage and as my sister was the only one of us insured on my mum's car, she was driving. My mum had inexplicably left the car with the wheels turned and as little sis backed out of the garage, the front wheel arch caught on somthing just inside the garage door. She didn't realise and kept reversing and ended up pulling the whole front panel of the car off.

We still didn't know what had happened, so I jumped out (or maybe I wasn't in the car?) and had a look and then thought I was going to vomit.

LUCKILY the actual damage was very minor, and my dad just used cable ties to reattach the front panel (which wasn't damaged).

So happy mother's day, mum!!
re: Scraped my boss' bumper :(
By Reidfidleirmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Fri May 18, 2012 05:18 PM
I have two. One is mine (and minor) and one is my dad's- major which will hopefully make you feel better!

My first ever mishap. I was new to driving and going to college (about 1-2 months after getting license). I had to stop at a store to get something. So I back out of my space, and then go to turn the car, and I'm thinking in my mind "can I make it? can I make it?" I am riding the brakes, and going 1 mile an hour literally seeing if i can make this turn (as before this, all the turns I second guessed I had PLENTY of room to spare). Wouldn't you know.. Bump! into a parked car. ARG! I figured, there's no damage, I was going so slow! WEll. There was a huge "pocket" dent in the person's bumper! It gets better...
Another person pulls up and parks and sees me. I pull away and park into another space so I can go in the store and see if I can find the owner of the car.
I park my car, and enter the store. Only to see the other person point at me at the entrance and say " SHE'S THE ONE!!!!! SHE DID IT! SHE HIT THE CAR!!!"
I was like goodness sake! I wasn't going to drive off!! I told her I would handle it, found the owner and we exchanged information. I felt so bad. My car was old, so I had NO damage whatsoever (nice hard front bumper), but hers was only like a year or two, and it was leased. Nothing came of it fortunately.

My dad's:
I don't know all the details. However, I know that he was driving his boss's car, and it was this big white Mercury grand marquis or something with a blue cloth top and gold trim. Just a really nice American car, and relatively new.
For some reason, my father had to drive his boss's car somewhere. Well. He fell asleep at the wheel while driving on the highway (going probably about 60). He ended up sideswiping a guardrail, and the whole entire side of the car was dented and scraped up!!!
Of course he had to tell him, and he was honest about it, but boyyyy did he feel so embarrassed and bad. I think his boss was really good about it though too, and they continued to have a great working relationship until the boss retired.

Just remember... it could be worse. WEll. that 's not very comforting. But anyway. It's just material, and it was just a little scratch.
re: Scraped my boss' bumper :(
By Orionmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Fri May 18, 2012 07:30 PM
The only time I've ever damaged someone's car, I was 16 and had just gotten my license. I drove this incredibly run-down Altima that really needed new brakes, and I was in a construction zone and there was a lot of chaos going on and I somehow rear-ended the truck in front of me. I got lucky, though - all I'd even touched was his trailer hitch cover! So I went down to the Ford dealership and bought him a new one for $20 and that was fine.

My car wasn't so lucky, though. My bumper had already been slightly loose, and after that, it was held on with duct tape. Whoops.


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