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New to lyrical dance, help with my panache(sp?) and forte turns, and leaps.
By LyricalForever
On Fri May 25, 2012 02:10 PM

Hey everyone, (sorry for any misspelled dance terms.)
I've only had two years of dance expieeence many years ago. I've recently picked dance back up and I'm loving it. I've already gotten back most of my turns butni just can't seem to get my forte turn! I can't get enough momentum without losing my balance? Any advice?

Also, Ive been told my arabesque looks great, and I can hold it for quite sometime but I can't get a 180 panache. Help! I can't get my leg to go any higher!

One last thing,
I have my front splits fine but I can't get my leaps! Any advice?

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re: New to lyrical dance, help with my panache(sp?) and forte turns, and leaps.
By AlwaysOnStagePremium member
On Wed May 30, 2012 10:01 AM
Hi! And welcome to DDN!

I'm sorry that one of your first posts took so long to get a reply, but you did ask a whole lot of questions in one place. A little bit of advice for the future, when you think of a question that you want to ask, look around the site and use the search feature to see if the question has already been asked--often times it has and you might get your answer that way. Also, try to stick to one question or topic at a's easier to have a discussion on one thing at a time and not shuffling between several different ideas.

I'm glad to say I do have some advice for your problems:

After a break from dancing, I have been able to master my pirouettes but not my fouette turns.
First, congratulations on returning to dance! An important thing to remember when dancing after a break is that your body has lost some of what it used to have...that includes strength, flexibility, coordination, and muscle memory of steps. So even though you may have been able to do fouette turns in the past, it may take time to work up to them again...they aren't an easy step to master.

My philosophy is that all turns, including fouette turns, have 3 components that must ALL be in line to have a successful turn: form (that is the position your body is in), force (that is the momentum that turns you around), and then your balance. It's hard for me to guess what is going wrong in your turns without seeing a video of it, however the only way to get better is to figure out what is going wrong and fixing it. So, perhaps work on all 3 parts. Work on BALANCE by holding balances in passe, in coupe, in a devant position, and in a la seconde. Work on force by practicing pirouettes (meaning 1 turn, 1.5 turns, 2 turns, 2.5 turns...) and "whip" turns at the barre so you get used to how much force your body needs to rotate. Then practice form by getting corrections on your posture, your releve, your alignment.

My arabesque looks good, but my penché isn't getting to 180 degrees!
Again, it's hard to see what is going wrong if I can't see your body as you are doing your arabesque and penché...however, this has 3 basic parts to make it successful: flexibility of the legs, strength of the legs and back, and then left of the torso. You mention that you have your splits, which is good, but are you working past your splits to oversplits? If not, that should help by having a higher flexibility. You also need the phsycial strength to lift the leg that high AND lift the back in opposition to the leg. Finally, the only way the penche looks good is if you get the correct position of the torso and arms .

I have my front splits, but my split leaps aren't flat.
Having the splits means you have the flexibility, but that doesn't garuntee that you have the strength or coordination to execute the jump as well. Are you paractising grande battements in each direction, and holding developes in each direction? This should help with strength. And then it takes practice to get the coordination.


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