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Sally Ride was Americaís first Lezbonaut
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On Wed Jul 25, 2012 01:42 AM
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So according to USA Today, Ride was scissoring with some lesbian leprechaun (named Tam O'Schaughnessy - I'm just assuming about the leprechaun part) for TWENTY SEVEN YEARS. Who knew NASA had a Don't Ask Don't Tell policy?

I really think Ms Ride should have come out (dare I say sallied forth?) years ago to let young lesbians know there’s more to life than softball and carpet munching. They could also grow up to sport a glorious 80s mullet.
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Or I guess they could be an astronaut. Pfft. But what are the odds of that? Especially since NASA obviously has something against lesbians.

Anyway, I wish I knew you were into muff while you were still alive. It would have made you seem a lot more interesting. I know you did all that science stuff, but BLECH! Science is for nerds. Lesbians are hot.

RIP Sally Ride.

edit: here's the USA Today article . . .