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Atanua's Bio

I'm currently studying biology in Switzerland,and started with ballet september 2008.My parents couldn't afford it, and for the last three years I also had to deal with a horribly painful snapping hip and piriformis syndrome, because I stretched to much and have weak connective tissue. But I never gave up my dream, thanks to my doctor...

"You know, you shouldn't do such things as splits or, ehm ballet...but I know how it is, if you love it so know, I love skiing, ruined both of my knees, but I still do it..ehm"

Well, now I'm here XD


Dryed Flowers . Oil color . Photoshop . My Cats . Tofu . Rain. Satyrs . Imagination . Long hair . Red lipstick . Drawing . Dance . Green Apples . Collecting picures of dead birds . Anatomy . Daydreams . Candles . Forests . Sarcasm . Beer . Discussions . Wings . Cows . Doc Martens . Vegetarian food . Wikipedia . Eugen Onegin . Bacardi . Yslaire . My old pharmacy bottles . High Heels . Old books . Smell of turpentine . Blogging .


"True revolution is in mind. Remember that and all else shines." (Rozz Williams)

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In my kitchen...

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Comments about Atanua

By sugarfairy_
On Sun Aug 03, 2008 05:38 AM
hi ^-^ i think it's great you never gave up your dream... i'm sure you will become a great dancer as long as you take care of your body. :D i wish you all the best and tons of fun dancing!!

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