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My name is Emma and I've been dancing almost nineteen years now. I started ballet at age eight, right after both of my parents were killed in a car accident, and spent the rest of my childhood with my grandparents. However I stopped attending ballet classes at sixteen because other dancers kept taunting me and my severe speech impediment. (Even today, I have a stutter so bad that I can barely even talk.)

Foolish and naive, I thought I could continue dancing en pointe on my own. Ten years later, I discovered that dancing alone was a mistake. I had developed many bad habits, lost too much flexibility and turnout, and had forgotten most of the terminology. Worst of all, I had accumulated a lot of minor damage to my feet and ankles from improper pointe technique.

I thought I was getting better throughout those ten years, (and I was in demi-pointe, especially since I would often dance four to six hours a day), so it wasn't until Dancenet and Ballet Talk persuaded me to rejoin that I actually began to take classes again. My primary passion is ballet, but I'm also in Irish dance, Jazz dance, and high-heel tap. I was also on the dance team and in Color Guard when I was in highschool.

I also have a high interest in dancer fashion and I like to create fantasy dresses, costumes and dancewear. I also collect tights and have over two-hundred pair. Some of them are even still in their original package! I'm also obviously a die-hard Cinderella fan because she and I both share so many similarities in our lives..

One of the most unusual things about me is that I am a "super-feeler". (It's sort of like a super-taster, but for tactile sensation instead of taste.) For example, I can tell exactly how many teeth are in a fine tooth comb just by brushing it against the back of my neck. This is another reason why I have such a great interest in designing dancewear and trying to find out what makes something comfortable versus uncomfortable. It also makes the painful side of dancing (i,e, blisters) a lot worse for me than it should be.

I also work a full-time job in a milk-bottling company, enjoy fencing (swordfighting), photography drawing, swimming, reading, writing, and I especially love animals and I play the Native American flute. I can also be incredibly shy at times, so you may not see many pictures on my profile.

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17 Dec 2016
17 Dec 2016

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