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Diallo's Bio

Danny Diallo Hinds is a Multi-Arts Specialist with over 30 years of experience, he has developed a career as a Performer, Dance Educator, and an Arts in Education Specialist. Diallo began his thirst and love for the arts with the Yoruba Foundation Barbados in 1975, and The Barbados Dance Theatre in 1978. 1979 he became founder and Director of Youth Creative Expressions, the first Multi-Arts Company in Barbados. That same year he represented Barbados at CARIFESTA in Cuba, and again in Barbados in 1981.
In 1982, through a grant from the United States Embassy, Diallo participated in a Contemporary Dance Teachers Course in Haiti. That same year, Diallo was invited to teach and perform with the Katherine Dunham Performing Arts Center at Southern Illinois University, USA. HIs studies exposed him to Arts in Education, African Cultural Studies, Dance and it's Role in Development, and Black Dance of the Diaspora. Under the umbrella of Katherine Dunham, Diallo represented Africa at the official opening of Epcot Center in Walt Disney Florida, October 1982. After 2 years, Diallo returned to Barbados to become the founder and Artistic Director of SEITU Production Multi-Arts School and performing Arts Company 1984. Then in 1985 he became Production Manager for DIVI DIVI hotel chain throughout the Caribbean. 1988 Diallo returned to the US to become Assistant Artistic Director for the Najwa Dance Corps, and Program Director with Christian Community Services Chicago Illinois. With his natural ability to encourage, enlighten, inspire and educate, Diallo became founder and Director of Sundance Productions,Arts Institute, Resident Artist with Urban Gateways Arts in Education Agency, Fine Arts Consultant with Bobby Wright Mental Health Center, Master tutor with Second City Ballet School,Physical Education teacher for St Helena and St Anthony's Catholic High Schools, Part time teacher and student at Northern Illinois University, Chicago Illinois.
Between 1990 and 1999 Diallo annually taught Afro Caribbean Dance for Black Family LIfe Black Dance USA Conference, St Louis Mo. Arts Consultant for The O.A.S. Antigua and Barbuda National Dance Teacher's Program. Arts in Education Teacher with the US Virgin Islands Teacher's trainiing program 1992, as well as Barbados in 1998. In 1999, Kansas City School District offered Diallo a position as Fine Arts Coordinator for 4 Public Schools, Kansas City MO.
Then , 2001 The Barbados Government offered Diallo an opportunity to return and work as Master Tutor for the STEP AHEAD Community Dance Teachers Program. At this moment Diallo is Artistic Director of Sankofa Productions Afrikan Centered Cultural Arts Agency; Arts in Education tutor with Barbados Youth Development Program; Tutor for NCF Dance in Schools Project; Music teacher for the Barbados Youth Service Department.

References and Resume will be furnished upon request

contact me at -

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