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Sarahdncr's Bio

I've been a full member here on DDN for many years now, but like so many others, I too started out as a lurker here.

I'm Sarah,early 50's, and a lifelong (I guess) adult recreational ballet student. And a bit of a geek too. I live in the greater San Antonio, Texas (USA) suburbs. I'm semi-retired now after serving a wonderfully rewarding 27+ year career in The Forces. By trade, I am a graduate school degreed professional construction engineer/projects manager. I have just gone back to work part-time for a civilian (municipal) law enforcement agency -- a field of interest that I have had for many years prior to my retirement from The Forces.

Like so many here, Mum started me out in ballet when I was a little girl, but unlike so many, I had little interest in it back then, certainly did not take to it well, and hence, I didn't stick with it for very long. Fast forward to adulthood when just after graduating from Uni and joining The Forces that I finally became interested once again in ballet,....and all on my own this time! I began with a adult beginner lesson as a way to stay in shape, make new friends & acquaintances, and to have a hobby that got me out of the house and which was not related to work. It's all been downhill from there, and today 25+ years later, I am still taking ballet classes and enjoying my classes more now than ever!! I try to get in 2 - 3 classes per week and I do a good home practice as well. Also, I've finally started taking private beginner pointe instruction!

In general, I just enjoy ballet very much!
Looking back on it now with hindsight being 20/20, I really wish I had stuck with ballet back when my Mum first enrolled me in class, as I can only imagine what my technique would have been like today. I think only another adult learner like myself can fully appreciate how an art form such as ballet can be so dang difficult to master when one has only just studied it in adulthood, as I just over analyze and over think every step, arm movement, and combination we do in class way, way too much!!

I enjoy sharing my life experiences with others here on DDN, esp. with the younger adults who are just starting out on their own, and who I hope can benefit from my 50 years of wisdom. I'm always up to making new acquaintances with other like minded adult ballet dancer's here on DDN.

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