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Dance moves me, if you'll pardon the pun. The beauty, the expressiveness, the magic of all kinds of dance just awe me! I grew up in and around the NYC ballet world. I have studied, performed and taught belly dance. My sister was very into Balkan folk dance when we were growing up. I love almost all forms of dance, with ballet high on the list. I also love dance forms as varied as kathak, swing, ballroom, square dance, and just about any kind of traditional, regional dance!

In addition, I am very into design and crafts. Over the years I have done weaving, quiltmaking, crochet, embroidery, sewing, knitting, macrame, jewelry making, stained glass and a tiny bit of woodworking. Some recent projects are posted in my photo album.

Throughout my life I have enjoyed photography, with my recent work focusing on the historic architecture of NYC, and nature scenes. My current project is a series of studies of dead pointe shoes, trying to capture the beauty in their bedraggled state, and all the hours of hard work they symbolize. There is something about the contrast between the tattered condition of dead shoes, and the beauty they've given their 'lives' to create, that I find very moving. And I enjoy the challenges inherent in trying to convey that contrast in an image, and capture the color and texture of the shoes. I gladly accept donations of old shoes, and will pay postage. (Note added: I've also just discovered tissue technique decoupage, and am eager to try it on pointes!)

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