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celticprincess's Bio

Hi! I'm celticprincess. I'm an irish dancer in the New England Region.(go Celtics, Red Sox, ect...) I've been irish dancing for about 11 years and compeating for 9. I'm in Prizewinner (FINALLY!) My favorite dances are reel and hornpipe. Oh, and I like hardshoe better than softshoe in general.

-I have a hedgehog, 2 dogs, and a cat- I'm always my sketch book, on napkins, on my arms...basically you shouldn't let me anywhere near Sharpies :)- My favorite colors are pink and turquoise- I love to read- I can't live without my iPod- I want to be a fashion designer/TCRG- I love country music! TEAM T-SWIFT!-IMHO Castle is the BEST SHOW EVER- I love to cook- I want a bubble tea right now- I like painting my nails random colors- I love the Harry Potter books- Owl City is awesome- I like knitting, sewing, jewelery making, and just being crafty in general- My room is a mess- Irish Dance is my life :D

"To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak" ~Hopi Indian saying

"Don't ruin my stories with your logic!" ~R.C.

"Life's too short to wear boring socks" ~Some random person :D

Check out my deviantART! >

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Comments about celticprincess

By RAID_Babe
On Tue Dec 06, 2011 03:05 PM
That's really interesting, actually, to see how a simple name changes, depending on where you live. Cool. :)
By RAID_Babe
On Tue Dec 06, 2011 04:08 AM
Haha, they're not spring rolls. Spring rolls are deep fried, these are fresh. And so amazing. Maybe Google them?
By RAID_Babe
On Mon Dec 05, 2011 04:09 PM
Cold rolls are the most amazing thing since padding in Soft Shoes. lol. It's rice paper, filled with salad, like avocado, carrot, etc, and you can have it with chicken or prawns or just veggies. I prefer chicken personally. Try them, they're amazing.
By RAID_Babe
On Sun Dec 04, 2011 09:07 PM
Yeah, I don't care for the jellies, much prefer the tapioca. Random, but do you like cold rolls? The bubble tea place I go to, sells them - they are amazing!
By RAID_Babe
On Sun Dec 04, 2011 03:11 AM
My mum loves lychee, I on the other hand, don't. lol. I like mango, passionfruit, banana, grape, chocolate, hazel nut, etc. Do you have yours with the jellies or tapioca?

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