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Charlotte Metcalfe..;]
Age 15 ..;]
Dance School joanne lowe ..;]
Dance in Under16 Begs/starters soon And Slow , under 16 novice ..;]
Partener None ..;]
Go To Comps Wid .. Mam And Lil Sister

Lil Sister Dances in ..;]

Under 12 Starters ..;]
And slow .. under 12 novice
And pairs Wid No1

I Love All My Dancin Friends ;] x

I think a dancer should...
* Always smile when he or she are dancing.
* Must strech properly before dancing at a competiton, lesson or class.
* Should always dance like there is no tommorow.
* Must always try hard in classes, private lessons and especially in competitions.
* Must look and feel good when they are dancing.
* Must always congratulate the other people in your section.
* Always cheer and support for your friends whilst they are dancing at competitions.
* Go on to a comp dance floor with the right attitude.
* Always bounce back if you don't make a final.
and finally...
* Just be your true self

My numbers been called
I walk to the floor
I want to win like never before
My heart is pounding the music begins
I remember my routine, I begin with my spins
I look to the judges with a smile on my face
showing my confidence dancing with grace

The trophy is gleaming up there on the table
i give it my all, show them what i am able
i fly and i try like never before
I love every minute out there on the floor

Then it is over and I sit and rest
wherever I come i did my very best
If thats not enough its all I could do
And If I dont win good luck to you

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14 Feb 2010
17 May 2009
2 Mar 2009
2 Mar 2009
2 Mar 2009

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Comments about charlie11

By xdiscodancerx
On Tue Mar 03, 2009 02:15 PM
Hi its ok! :) where abouts do you go to comps might see you at a comp one day! x bry x
By tracker1
On Thu Jul 17, 2008 10:40 AM
hiya charlotte thankyou bethany said thankyou too.wish you were there we could have got some pics.hope to see you at the next comp :) :). love ya loads charlotte and x x x x x x x bethany
By tracker1
On Sat Jun 07, 2008 11:26 AM
hiya charlotte goodluck 4 tomoz :) dance your socks off love loads charlotte and bethany
By PinkRaz
On Fri Jun 06, 2008 11:04 AM
Thanks for your comment Charlie. I would love to meet you at a comp so come and find me if you see EXPRESSIONS s.p.a Or Daniel Heald. Lots-a-Love Kirsty x.X.x
By DanceFaweva
On Mon Jun 02, 2008 08:52 AM
H3YAH...!xX thatnks for the offer of friendship see you at dancing tell ya mam i said Hiyaaa :P Bye-Byez xx

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