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cmsnifer's Bio

1 Feb 2010

My Dance History:

Iíve been dancing on and off since I was 7 and now Iím 26. Dance is a big passion in my life and no matter how long Iím away from it, it always draws me back. I started dancing at a small local studio which closed when I was 12. As you all know, thatís about the age where you really have to decide what you want your future to be in dance. You either have to commit all the way, or not. My parents owned and ran their own printing business and the closest Ďgoodí school was 30 min away from our house. It was too difficult for them to run their business and drive me to class regularly. Additionally, they really couldnít afford the tuition at a good pre-pro school. So, I stopped dancing for a while. I had started competitive swimming at about age 9, so I continued on with that after I quit dance. In high school I started taking a few ballet classes again at the local community college. I quit swimming towards the end of high school because I wanted to pursue other interests, mainly drama and music (swimming after school 5 days per week doesnít leave a lot of time for other things). I attended junior college for 2 years after high school where I continued to focus on music and got back into dance more intensively. I started taking adult dance classes at an excellent local pre-pro school as well as dancing at the JC. For a while I wanted to minor in dance and so I transferred to a private college with a really strong dance program. Life happened and I happened to not minor in dance or even continue to dance for the 2 years that I was at that school (though I did get really into Pilates). After graduation I returned to my hometown and began taking classes at the pre-pro studio again. Then life happened again. I got married and moved and was unemployed, and so I gave up dancing again. Last year I started dancing at the JC again and found a wonderful instructor with her own studio. Currently, Iím on pointe and even performing again, which is amazing! This last fall, I even got to try my hand at partnering for the first time. It was so much fun! I still try to take the majority of my classes at the JC when I can and then take pointe at the studio. My instructor at the studio also teaches at the JC, so I still see her quite often. :) Itís much more affordable to do this than to dance at the studio all the time.

Obviously, most of my dance background is in ballet. Iíve also done jazz and modern. I learned ballroom from my husband (thatís how we started dating :) ), and I can do a few things with all of the Ballroom and Latin dances. My favorites are Cha-cha and Night Club Two Step and those are the two that Iím probably the most competent in. I also enjoy Pilates and find that it compliments my dancing really well.

Dance strengths: I have an excellent memory when it comes to combinations. Also, I have beautiful feet and hands (if I do say so myself). With my klutziness, they are sometimes the ONLY beautiful thing, so I feel ok about pointing them out. ;)

Dance weaknesses: I already mentioned the klutziness. Iím terrible with turns (any and all turns, though I am least-terrible at pique turns on the left side). My biggest problem with turns is that I have something in between poor balance and vertigo due to a neck injury when I was younger (yes, it makes it hard to balance and spot). I hate turns! But I try to make myself do them. Also, Iíve never been really flexible and have to work REALLY hard on stretching.

Some Personal Stuff:

I've been married for almost 2 1/2 years. My wonderful husband and I live in a more rural area in a mobile home. Our mobile home is freezing for half the year and boiling for the other half. The closest neighbors are the other mobile homes in our park and then several wineries. We have a huge black cat (who thinks he's the king of the world), and no kids.

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