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dancegirl90's Bio

When we are children the possibilities seem endless and we possess sincere illimitability in our dreams. The world is ours to explore and conquer in any way imaginable. We thrive on the devotion of our loved ones and future objectives seem to be easily attained.

However, with age and maturity, undesirable knowledge surfaces and alters our innocent childlike mentality. Simply by coming to the painful yet necessary realization that you presumably will lose every person in your life somewhere along the way can break a part of our spirit. It is even possible and quite common for people to end up losing themselves in the process of losing their loved ones. Dreams don't nearly always come true and the road we must take to fulfil these dreams is invariably strenuous and lenghty.

Yet there is still hope for us. We just have to learn how to play by the rules. We have to adjust our current viewpoint according to our new discovery and transition in life. Granted, it will not be effortless and it can not be done in a split-second but it is nonetheless most definetly doable.

As long as we keep on chasing after our most important dreams with all of our hearts and enough determination, as long as we learn to never take any person for granted that has ever filled our life with joy even though our paths may have separated with time, it will be okay.

So tonight as I gaze upon the sky, I am going to pray for courage to get through one more day and for strenght to keep on fighting. And whenever I see the stars sparkling in the sky or a rainbow forming after the rain has poured down, I will know God is watching over us. I will hold my head up high every single day and because of the stars and rainbows, I will be strong.

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By Cliffbella
On Sun Mar 15, 2009 06:21 PM
Hey! Be my friend! :)

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