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dancerqtxoxo40's Bio

Hey!im Jenny and i've been dancing for 8 years out of the ten years in my life!The styles i do are jazz,ballet,tap,hip-hop,lyrical,and character!I go to a dance studio which is like the best dance center in the world!I've made sooo many new friends since i joined performing company!you guys are all amazing and the best company anyone could ask for!I love you all soo much and thanks for two great years and im looking forward to many more!

(Some of the best quotes ever!)

-dance is the hidden language of the soul!(Martha Graham!)

-walk on like you own it walk off like you owned it!(my performing company!)

-Dancers are the athletes of god!(Albert Einstein!)

-There are shortcuts to happiness,and dance is one of them!(Vicki Baum!)

-Life is a dance from one stage to the next!(Anonymous!)

-Dancing is the poetry of the foot!(John Dryden!)

-We're fools whether we dance or not so we might as well dance!(Japanese Proverb!)

-She did everything Fred Astaire did except backwords and in highheels!(said about Ginger Rogers!)

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3 Jan 2009
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19 Nov 2008
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9 Nov 2008

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Comments about dancerqtxoxo40

By never_katie
On Thu Feb 12, 2009 06:01 PM
Just dropping by to say Hi! We havent really talked for awhile, so yeah. :D HAPPY NEW YEAR...1 month late!
By never_katie
On Thu Jan 01, 2009 08:32 AM
You are welcome! That quote is one of my favorites ever!!
By never_katie
On Mon Dec 29, 2008 06:29 PM
Hi! Im just dropping by to tell you I accepted your friendship offer. =) I love the quotes on your profile!! primaballerinax0

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