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dancingthrulife1's Bio

Hey everyone! So I'm a major IDer, or was- I'm coming off a bit of a break... I fell in love with it watching Feet of Flames on tape at my grandparents house, and started when I was 5. It's tough on your body but so much fun, and it's cool being the only one in your town that does what you do sometimes. Makes talent shows a breeze.

Other than that i run, play clarinet, am (I think) starting yoga, am on yearbook, hang out with the girls, or the boy, and do homework. Think that pretty much sums up my life right there.

Some random facts- I love Cage the Elephant, Muse, Avett Brothers, Manchester Orchestra and Seabird for bands... Robert Francis is up there too. And for the die-hard Muse fans out there- I didn't jump onboard after twilight- a friend sent me a link to Knights of Cydonia, and I then proceeded to buy about half their discography within a month.

Catch-22 and Harry Potter 7 are my favorite books.

About me in general- I'm fairly independent, incredibly stubborn, wicked friendly, decently smart, and I try to do what's good for the people I love, even when I don't like it. My biggest peeves are lack common sense, freaking out over stuff that doesn't matter, and fixing what doesn't need to be fixed. And I've turned into a bit of an exercise junkie recently.

As far as most things go, I don't really have a type or a favorite- anything that's well written, well acted (for movies or TV), sounds amazing, is very moving, or just epic in general (LOTR anyone?).

So those are the basics :)

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Comments about dancingthrulife1

By carlastar96xx
On Fri Feb 18, 2011 06:18 AM
Hi. Your welcome for the karma :) Carla xx
By Jada
On Fri Apr 25, 2008 07:54 PM
Hey! Thanks for the Karma! :D

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