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Danztchr07's Bio

(I'll just use my welcome post and add things I forgot.)
My name is Amy and I'm located in Oklahoma City. I am the Director of all of the city's community center dance programs, but go under the name Sellers Dance since it's the main center name I teach out of and we needed a name for competitions. Heck, I may even keep it whenever I do ever get out on my own. Even though I'm not the "owner", I don't feel any different from anyone else since I do it all and do pay rent for my little studio space that only I use anyway. I'm not Dolly Dinkie and refuse to let anyone treat me that way just because for right now it is financially better for me to run my program out of a community center! ) I am working very hard on getting my own space/place at the conclusion of this upcoming season. Warm, happy, positive thoughts and prayers most certainly accepted! ;)

I started dancing when I was 9 and assisting when I was 13, but I always knew I wanted to be a dance teacher! I've been teaching/running this program since I was 17 and I'm now 31 now! I did it by myself for 3 years and then hired other teachers along the way. The two teachers that were with me the longest left 4 years ago to start their own "real" studio. So that really stung, but I'm a forgiving person and even though we don't speak any longer (actually their choice, not mine and a VERY long story) I believe things happen for a reason and it's much better this way. Things are really coming together and taking off! I taught at other studios in the area (including the one I grew up in) and have done freelance work, but love being on my own! I have a year and a half left on my dance education degree at The University Of Central Oklahoma, but don't know when I'll make it back to school if ever. So expensive! But I go to as many conventions and workshops that I can to keep up my education. I've studied at the Edge in California. I also have been (still affiliated with one...I just never can make it to practice!) a member of 2 prominent modern dance companies in my state.

I have a wonderful, supportive husband Jeremy who works for Sprint. I have a 7 yr. old son Levin who is too much! He's my little rocket scientist! He does jazz, hip hop, and tap competition groups and classes and loves it and it was his choice to do it! I also have a 4 yr. old daughter named Rowen who will be starting competition this year. She is a little dance phenom! Blows my mind how much natural talent she has, how she can do all kinds of things you throw at her and how much she truly loves dance! She has a perfect point and has been pointing since day one! I also has a 1 yr. old daughter named Aralyn. She is the most laid back, easy going, and all around best baby! Now that she's walking, she loves to dance and can't fight the urge if any music at all is on! She always drops whatever she's doing to move it!

And lastly, I love this site! Everyone on here has been so helpful, supportive and nice! Thanks you guys and nice to meet you all!

My website is
My birthday is 3-12-78, just in case you want to throw me a party! :O)

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Comments about Danztchr07

By dancetcher1
On Wed Apr 23, 2008 05:10 PM
Congratulations on the birth of the 2nd daughter. Congratulations to the whole family!! What a wonderful time.

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