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DavidCTaylor's Bio

David C. Taylor

(513) 403 6642
(513) 271-0073
(513) 271-7200

3707 Homewood Road
Marriemont, Ohio 45227

My objective is to instruct and choreograph hip-hop, funk styles, and break dancing (b-boying) by maximizing performance in dance teams, using these art forms to develop competition champions.

I have had the opportunity to train with some of the most renowned hip-hop dancers in the world. I had the honor of meeting and learning from my childhood inspiration, Bruno Falcon (a.k.a. Poppin’ Taco) – Michael Jackson’s private dance coach and choreographer of 18 years. I also had the opportunity to train with one of the innovators of popping, Poppin’ Pete, of the Electric Boogaloos. Some of the most influential dancers that I’ve trained with are as follows:

• Mr. Wiggles; Electric Boogaloos, feature dancer for Madonna, Buffalo Gals, Limp Bizkit, Missy Elliott and Usher videos; he also appeared in movies Beat Street and WildStyle, as well as several Broadway shows,
• Kujo, the Flying Water Buffalo; Soul Control Dance Crew, he is a feature dancer/b-boy, “Its Like That” (Run DMC vs. Jason Nevis) music video,
• Boppin’ André; Inventor of “roboting”,
• Flat Top; 30 seconds of fame winner, hip-hop dance innovator,
• Nigel Holt, Daze one, Top Notch Artist; feature dancer “Save the Last Dance”, appeared on “So You Think You Can Dance”,
• B-Boy Shorty; innovator of power moves in b-boying,
• Scott Cronin, Mr. Clean; Sixth Cinc, ground-footwork master, house-dance master
• Amy Spears; trained by Don Campbell-lock, the inventor of locking,
• J-Roc; Animated Beat Mechanics, the leading crew in competitive funk styles, countless battle champions. Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio in Los Angeles.

Numerous companies have hired me for promotional purposes to generate interest and to entertain guests at events, shows, and private celebrations. Predominate clients include:

• Scion (Toyota) Promotions- 2003-2005
• Wild Style Technicians Clothing- Los Angeles, CA, 2002-2003
• Mixwell Clothing and Print- Los Angeles, CA, 2001-2003
• Focal Point Entertainment- Cincinnati, OH, 2005
• Cincinnati Bomb Squad Promotions- Cincinnati, OH, 1998-2000
• True Blue Street Wear- Cincinnati, OH, 2001-2005
• Prophecy Entertainment- Cincinnati, OH, 2001-2002
• Trifecta Entertainment- Cincinnati, OH, 1998-2004
• Club Annie’s - Cincinnati, OH- Television Commercial, 2000
• Club Vertigo - Cincinnati, OH - Television Commercial, 2001

Instructional and choreography experience:

Instructed private hip-hop and b-boy dance lessons through “On The One” studio. While training inside my personal studio, I also had the opportunity to teach. Numerous people came to observe and/or learn my hip-hop dance style. I started On The One B-Boy Crew consisting of the twelve most talented students that I had trained. Steve Brown, aka B-Boy Render (On The One Entertainment, Street Symphony), is the most successful hip-hop performer that I have taught. He is responsible for starting the group Street Symphony, Ohio’s “all star” b-boy crew featuring the 10 most outstanding break dancers in Ohio.

Choreographed and preformed for On The One’s “Dance Showcases”, a touring talent show, visiting high schools and recreational centers.

Choreographed for Sixth Cinc b-boy crew, the 3-time winner of “Battle for B-Boy Supremacy”, semi-finalists at “City vs. City 2”, semi-finalist at “Out for Fame”, as well as a performance at “Taste of Cincinnati.”

Dancer for Trifecta Entertainment, performing weekly with DMC champions the Animal Crackers, and twice monthly for touring acts such as Black Eyed Peas, Kid Rock, Atmosphere, Limp Bizkit, Jurassic 5, The Roots, and several more. I was accountable for organizing and approving all dance acts to perform for Trifecta Entertainment.

Privately training, instructing and critiquing dancers for competitions in order to advance their knowledge of hip-hop and hip-hop dancing.

Youth Program Administrator for Cincinnati Recreation Commission; Was responsible for developing an after-school program for youths promoting a positive lifestyle through hip-hop dance and b-boying. This class was offered to under-privileged youth in the Coryville and Over the Rhine areas. I was also involved in the Arts for All “Empowerment Zone” fundraiser, which helped develop programs for underprivileged youth by directing an urban dance show. I also promoted adult dance classes for members and non-members of the studio, which produced a new draw and interest for the recreational centers.

2001- 2003:
Coordinated and taught b-boy clinics at Mixwell’s “The Yard” in various U.S. cities on the “Mobile Skatepark Series Tour.” I also conducted a national competition on this tour. In this event the battle winners in each city competed for the championship title in Los Angeles. My responsibilities included DJing for extreme sport contests, promotions, acquiring sponsorships from independent hip-hop clothing companies, booking DJs, MCs, dancers, and artists, scheduling, finance; was also responsible for obligations to sponsors, Aggressive Skating Association and the Mobile Skatepark Series.

Critiquing and training world-champion dance and skate team “Break Sk8.” This is a group who created a new fad in the roller-skating world by mixing break dancing and rollerskating. I taught Shannon Anthony, Jordan McQuiston, Jessie Nice, Tyson Neal, and other members of Break Sk8 the fundamentals of hip-hop and break dancing. Break Sk8 travels the U.S. on a continuous tour.

Dancer for Top Notch Artists Hip Hop Crew, ( Chicago; responsible for performing, judging, and organizing performances. I performed with the group for various promotional purposes for different companies; In addition I was responsible in assisting creative choreography and development. I performed at competitions, for example, “Who Came to Serve”, “City vs. City 3”, “Scribble Jam”, “Out for Fame”, and “Rock the Burbs.”

2005 - present:
Teaching formal hip-hop, funk styles, and b-boying classes to trained students in a formal studio setting. This opportunity has become possible by the popularization of hip-hop dance in the media; the demand for true hip-hop classes is growing now a fast pace. The teaching of trained and disciplined dancers is a remarkable opportunity to articulate my skill through choreography in an elaborate and detailed way. I carry out my program to take full advantage of effectiveness and performance in dance squads thus elevating their proficiency level.

2005 - present:
Continuing to reach out to the community and attract in new students to recreation centers in order generate an interest in hip-hop and hip-hop dancing. I promote classes, rent gym time/studio space for underprivileged youth.

Abbreviated list of competition and judging appearances:

• Indiana Univercity Hip Hop Congeress B-Boy Battle, April 2006
• Scribble Jam, 2005
• Knights of the Round Tables, 2003
• The Yard, 2002-2004
• Rock the Burbs, 2003
• Showing The Love B-Boy Competition, 2002
• Battle for Midwest Supremacy, 2002-2003
• Ohio’s City vs. City Preliminaries, 2001-2003
• Antioch B-Boy Fundamentals of Hip-Hop Battle, 2003
• Mr. Dibbs B-Boy B-Day Supreme!, 2001-2002
• True Blue 4 Elements Monthly Dance-Off, 2002- 2004
• Countless battles that have no title, or were affiliated with other parties.

• Scribble Jam 1998-2001; semi-finalist for Sixth Cinc in 2002, semi-finalist for TNA Crew in 2003
• The Yard, 2005 Champions (On The One Crew)
• Freestyle Session, 2002
• City vs. City, 2001-2003
• Who Came to Serve 2002, semi-finalist for TNA Crew
• Get Freaky 2000, solo champion
• Get Faded 2005, solo semi-finalist
• B-Boy Masters Pro-am, 2000-2003
• Breaklanta, 2003
• Rock Steady Crew Anniversary, 2002-2003
• B-Boy Summit, 2001
• Battle for B-Boy Supremacy, 2001 champion, 2002 champion, 2003 runner-up

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