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DiamondDancerH11's Bio

You Know You're A Dancer When... is life and the rest is just spare time. put on your pointe shoes to reach high places. use your swingset to practice your fouettes. have fights with gymnasts about who works harder. sit in a straddle when you are watching TV. have blisters on your feet for life.
...your friends are covering up their zits while you try to hide your ugly feet.
...your pointe shoes are your babies.
...your body cracks loud enough to stop social studies class but you don't hear it.
...people mistake you for a rubber band. look down all you see is blisters and no toes.
...pirouette and fouette are the two main words in your vocabulary. point your toes... all the time! dance down the hallway instead of just walking. hear Nutcracker music at the mall and start to get nervous. do plies and tondus while waiting in line.
...watching TV is not a time to relax, it is a time to stretch. do grande jetes in the parking lot and down the hallway. can't remember a time when your feet were soft and uncallused. are well coordinated in dance class but trip over your own feet just walking.
...a new leotard makes your whole day.
...every hard floor is a place to dance. walk with your feet turned out without even thinking about it. use every handrail you see for practing. carry a bottle of nail polish around to stop those darn runs in your tights.
...your dad bought stock in BandAid. actually sit up straight in your chair at school. hear classical music and you need to dance. actually dream of wearing those heavy, expensive, netting-ridden tutus.
...the top shelf in your closet is stuffed with your old dance shoes. don't think guys in tights is all that unusual. have a permanant crease in your hair from all those buns. lean down to pick something up and your leg shoots up to a 180* angle. not only dance everyday, but also every night in your dreams. use more rosin than soap. worry about arthritis in high school- and it doesn't even run in the family. know more French terms than the kids on the French team. really CAN do the can-can.
...your wardrobe is filled with T-shirts from dance competitions and performances. are stretching for gym and everyone goes, "WHOA!!"

Hi, my name is Hayley! I am trying to make this professional dance thing work. Dance basically takes up my entire life. I love performing and being on stage. I love cats. I also love to horseback ride and figure skate. Feel free to friend/pm me, I love meeting new people! :)

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Comments about DiamondDancerH11

By Alinaismyidol
On Sat Dec 27, 2008 02:51 PM
Yea I can see your profile now!!! Hope you are having a great day!

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