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Elemia's Bio

hi, I'm June, I have 5 daughters, the 3 oldest have all left home and all have done well in their lives.
The 2 youngest are 14 and 16 and both love to dance.
They started dancing for fun when they were little, doing cheerleading, disco, and a little bit of ballet, before discovering freestlye, and the intention was not to compete, but thats not what happened.

Ellie is a youth champ, she did her first comp in under 12's, winning Birmingham tower, and I didnt go with her, she then did no more comps till under 14's and left begginers in 2 more comps, starters in 5 comps inters in 11 months, and after 4 months in champs became a premier champ. She was then sponsored.
Amelia is an under 16 champ, she spent 7 months in beginners dancing under 12's, 11 months in starters, and 8 months in inters, loosing all 3 lives in 5 weeks, 2 in 2 weeks.

Everyone who knows me, knows that this is their hobby, and I would be happy without dance, but I am enormously proud of what they have achieved, and support them as much as I can.
We struggle for time, and of course money, as do many others, both me and their dad working unsocial hours and weekends, and have to book time off for comps, using holidays all the time.
I often wish we had more money and time, and I could take them to all the comps they want to go to, (prob 52 a year lol)
I would like to thank, Anna Jones, TOC for taking Ellie as far as she has, and I wont forget Emma Brookes who said she should compete, in the first place, (thanks Emma), then Natasha Hansell, who took Ellie all the way through, and gave her the beautiful slow dance, both have their own dance schools now and we remain friends.
Amelia was taught by Natasha from the start, and is still very close to her, and is now taught by Andrea for solos and slow, she looks forward to her classes, and is gaining confidence all the time.
We go to a lot of comps without our school, locally, and have met some really nice people, come and see us at comps, Ellie only goes to socialise, lol, June x
Dont want to change this but add to it, Amelia 16 now, no longer dances.
Ellie 18 now,is an adult champ, sponsored by Foxy, big changes on the teaching as well, new faces, new ideas,but Ellie remains devoted to freestyle. x

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Comments about Elemia

By Amy_Ace
On Mon Mar 24, 2008 11:55 AM
Heya June, Good luck to Ellie and Amelia ;) Hope to see you soon after my 3 mounth ban Amy x

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