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Hi, I'm Farrah. we dance for Lula garlands dance school in bristol. I dance in Adult intermediate solo :D :D :D :D :D :) :) :) :) :) I love going to dance competitions and I have lots of friends. My favorite grade is champs and premier champs because I want to be as flexible as a champ and a premier champ. I was dancing doubles with my friend Jazmin but she gave up and now I've got a new partner called Chole Tucker which she is a great dancer and we was dancing in U16 beg for pairs and now in Adult intermediate pairs and sometimes If my partner is not there I have to do it with someone else if their partners not there. I Like all dances at dance competitions and I like to go to Devon cliffs every year. I love all my dancing friends and new friends, If you see me at a comp, come and say hi as I love making friends and meeting new people and having pictures of my friends at comps.

My best mates from dancenet who I see are:

Helen (helen_dancer)
Taylor (Taylor5)
Hannah (majicdancer)
Izzie and Alex (celticbele)
Laura (disco_diva12)
Suzy (HyperSuzy)
Robert (robzz)
Hollie (DiscoHollie)
Charlie and Danni (cdtwins)
Tasha (tasha00)
Mellisa and Naomi (Dancin_Queen_92)
Mellisa (danicng_mellisa)
Trini (cheekychamp1)
Alice (alice123)
Holly (hyper_Hollz4eva)
shiv (xxshivxx)
tara (tarastar)
Emily (Princess_Emily)
Ellie (eliie17)
Amelia (dancexmia)
Chole (cholejoey)
Kim and Shev (kimwhite)
Charmaine (dandan99)
Dani (wildcatdanni)
Jazz (Jazzer99)
Paige (paggers)
Danni and Bella (sportingqueen)
Naomi (KeenBeen_nomi)
Elesha (mygem)
Rhiannon (littlechamprhi)
Alex (simply_da_best)
Bri (Briony)
Chole (cholew)
Elesha (EleeG)
Paige (betty_boop_angel)
Madison (lilamdz)
and lots more friends...

These are my piccys:

Image hotlink - ''

My starter solo cozzie at burnham on sea

Image hotlink - ''

My group of friends at burnham...

hope you like my piccys...
Write a comment and tell me what do you think???

Lots of Love,

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Comments about Farrah01

By melissabrown
On Mon Jan 07, 2019 09:19 PM
hope you have fab time in hafon next weekend, you ll dance brill lots of love lucy x x x x xx
By xKelseyStevensx
On Tue Jun 09, 2009 03:44 PM
heya farrah. i noo you dont no me but i am also going to decn cliffs which you are going to arn't you?..i also dance in u16 starter. see you there:) love kelsey x x x
By majicdancer
On Fri Apr 03, 2009 04:26 AM
because i didnt want to lose my life before chichister. because i aint been there before and i want to start in champs at a comp that i know the floor weell and stuff. xx
By majicdancer
On Wed Apr 01, 2009 03:24 AM
heyya bbes didnt lose my life at chippenham lol. got in final and danced rubbish i literally just marked it through but im glad i didnt win because i would of lost that last life and be in champs for chichister and i've not been there before lol. xx
By majicdancer
On Tue Mar 31, 2009 05:29 AM
me, holly and pauline are in inters i have one life till champs though. and one of the younger kids chris he has one life till inters so will be soon for definate he very good. xx

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