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Hey there! Im a crazed loving girl who has a HUGE passion for dance. Sometimes people freak out when I tell them that I am a coach, at the age of 15, but when they actually see me in action with their kids, the are much more open. As much as I love dancing myself, I'd rather be teaching 3 year olds. I am the oldest girl at our studio (which is kind of small). I do jazz, tap, hip hop, pom pom, ballet, pointe, lyrical, and contemporary. This past year my instructor/boss had me trial my own class with 8 amazing girls. They have literally changed my life in a way that isn't imaginable.

This next dance season I am having 3 of my own classes- AHH!!! Freaking out a bit? Yup. The classes are lyrical 1, ballet 1, and a mini jazz/hip hop. Also, another thing you should know about me is that I am allergic to what I love. That's right. I have EIA, or exercise induced anaphylaxis . That means I am deathly allergic to an major physical activity. In fact, I have to carry and epi-pen on me at all times, and have had two major attacks where I've gotten close to using them. Your probably wondering, how the heck is she still alive? I am very aware of the dangers of continuing this spart (sport and art) and it has changed the way I look at dance. I'd rather die dancing, than die from being old of age!


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