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hiphop2pointe's Bio

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Bueno! My name is Miranda. I was just looking at my profile the other day and noticed that I haven't updated it in forevs! Soooo here we go!

My name is Miranda
I love acting, dancing, and singing
I take lyrical, hip hop, jazz, pointe, and tap classes
I have a HUGE obsession with Michael Jackson
Abercrombie and Hollister make me MAD
I do not like spending much time on the computer
I have a small appetite and don't eat junk food
I have a lot of friends but only one of them is my true friend
I love pizza crust but dislike the rest of it
Lemons are amazing
Overnight success is worthless
Johnny Depp is a cool cat
I like saying nub
Making collages is my hobby
I'm a Teen Vogue addict
I LOVE Michael Jackson

Welllll that's me!

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21 Jun 2010
19 Sep 2009
17 Sep 2009
13 Sep 2009
17 Dec 2008

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Comments about hiphop2pointe

By pinkandpistachio
On Sun Sep 16, 2007 02:29 PM
hey! i love your music video! i've never heard of that singer before. wow, its a great lyrical song. i LOVE to act too! pinkandpistachio
By hiphop2pointe
On Mon Apr 23, 2007 07:40 PM
I'm great! Thanks! Do you like my sledshow? Haha. That took me a long time.
By ActingBunhead
On Thu Apr 19, 2007 10:28 PM
Hey Miranda! We haven't talked in a while. How are you?

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