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I have been doing classical ballet since I was five and tap since I was seven. I did jazz from the ages seven to nine but quit due to my new found love of horses. I started horseriding when I was nine and it has dramatically improved my balance, leg and arm strength. I now do intermediate foundation ballet (right from pri-primary) and grade 6 tap (from primary). I also have been blessed with my beautiful horse, Pippa. When life and dancing gets me down, she's the one there for me.

Fun fact: I have had the following injuries in my life - 4 sprained right wrists (various), 2 sprained left wrists (various), hairline fracture to t12 (trampoline backflip fail, aged 9), hairline fractures to both sides of my pelvis (front flip off horse onto fence post, aged 10), broken toe (dropped a brick, aged 11), nearly open fractured snapped left humerus (pony flat out bolting, aged 12), nearly open fractured snapped left collarbone (same accident, haha! No, it was a terrible accident), fractured left metatarsals (pas de chat fail, aged 13), hairline fractured right forearm (my horse falling backwards in a ditch with me on her, aged 14). I'm accident prone. Hahaha!!!

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