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Hi to Anna.,.i think it is changing now..1staug2012..Hi,I will try another edit.I am not sure what went wrong last time..Hi to Anne,anna Ingrid,Maria,Astrid,karen,Alice,Liv,Annbjorg,Nora,Sara,Sofie,Aud,linnea,Thea,Maja,Emma,Aslaug,astrid,and ingrid...Do you know who they are?..I think there may have been thousands of migrations all over the world for maybe the last 100,000 years,but it was a natural type of migration before modern religions and nationalities existed.I think migration can be dangerous.Anyway we can all have our own opinions..That man in houston looks like he does not know what is happening.Maybe insane.What about brevik..maybe insane.He took drugs on the day and he has delusions to think one person can change the policy of a government..30july2012..this is very annoying,I just spent abot 15 minutes editing my bio then after I pressed save,it told me to log in again and everything i wrote was lost...20may2012...perhaps"para universe "are the wrong words.maybe the best words are "much in common".that is what the books that I have read have "said".Anyway,I do not see anything wrong with it,any more than saying that the polynesians in Hawai probably have things in common with the polynesians in Tahiti.Australia has many things in common with New Zealand......14may2012..the greek man said,"get out of my country,get out,go away"He was on television about 2 weeks ago.I think he was a leader of a small Grek political party.Many people allover the world have opinions about immigration and some are very angry about migration,legal or have probably heard of parrarel universes where if you could change from one universe to the other you would find things the same.There have been movies about it.After a while,you would notice in the parra universe some differences.For example,mr Smith in one universe would look the same as mr smith in the other except one may be an electrician and the other may be a plumber.The cars may look the same at first but in one universe they may have a left hand steering wheel and in the other it may be a right hand.i think Norway and Australia are parra universes in so far that there are people that want a rainbow country although I have neverr heard that word used.The USa and Canada are para universes seperated because of political ideas from about 250 years ago.Norway,sweden and denmark are para universes.Norway and Sweden are seperated by mountains and denmark is seperated because of the sea.However,the languages are much alike,but not 100% the same.Some Norwegians want to spread a dialect based more on Old Norwegian which I think would be more different to moden Danish and Swedish.I think it is because of Nationalism and maybe because they want to be more different to S. and D.Maybe that is the idea of the rainbow land,to be more different....In the case of the USA,I think there is the "spaceman"effect taking place now.That is the idea that if monsters came from space to come to attack earth,then all the countries would unite to fight them.I think this is what is happening with the USDA fighting terrorists.All the races and groups in the USA are fighting a common enemy and so are not fighting among themselves.I think the USA has to have all the groups getting along and this is being done with various laws.One the other hand,without this effort to live in harmony,one day something could happen to set of a sort of civil war with the result of one race winning and having complete control.The USA already has a large number of different races living there but is it a good idea for other countries to introduce different peoples?In the case of the USA,migrants came and settles,sometimes fighting native Americans and often fighting the worst of nature.No one gave them a free ticket,a free house and protected them with laws.They had to struggle for everything they got....Lets take the case of a modern country....say" Lollyland "next to poland.Lollyland may have been an empty place once because there was nothing there but a lump of ice.Thousands of years ago,there was a wave or two of immigration when the ice melted and they turned into Lollypeople.Well,there were 20 million Lollypeople so some people thought we could have one million sugarpeople here because we want a mixture and i out of twenty is not much.However,migration may be foreever.i million now could turn into 30 million in a hundred years time.Is that a good idea?Then the 30 million will be telling the 20 million what to do.Once the geni is out of the bottle,it may be impossible to put it back unless you have a one child policy as there is in China....Well,that is some of my thoughts....

6may2012,Of course I am joking..Or sometimes I joke about somethings.However,sometimes I am sewrious.On the other hand,nice people can have a sense of humour too...25julyagain,I thought my 4th july post had been deleted...I just found it again...25july2011..these are my favourite things...laughing at bullies,going to the beach,playing with my pets,and having a picnic/barbque in the park....I am building a new BBQ in my backyard.Would anyone like to see a picture? 23july2011These computers are really annoying at times.I just found out that all my messages in one of my email addresses had been erased and not by me.Then I looked at the pet section and there was a question about collars.I was about to post a comment then I had a message to sign in again then I could not find the same question under pets....Anyway,I think i would like to add that I believe that subjects such as the causes of ww2 are very important.False ideas should not be spread.I did very well in history at school with top marks.also,I am not anti British as some people said to me once.I am pro british and I am saying what is in British History and language books.People that say that british history books are wrong are the real anti British people.I resent ignorant people saying that what I know about history is wrong.After ww1 Germans blamed socialists communists and Jews and others for the war and germanys loss.Now it seems that there are germans blaming the English,french and Scandinavians for ww2 and Nazi germanys loss.The friends of the germans ,the Dutch are going along with this and also I think Germans are using the Dutch to cause anti Scandinavian feelings in Australia.Then there are these strange accidents with Scandinavians dying and it being written off as freak accidents.There have been too many.In the case of Australia,Capt cook came and with the british flag claimed Australia for the British.That has given many Australians the idea that we were on Englands side because of it and therefore if the angles Jutes and Saxons came from what is now germany,then the nazis were right about thinking the English would be on their side.However,it is not the same.It was a migration of people and no one got off a Saxon ship claiming England for Germany,which did not exist as a country.The words that we speak did not cause WW2,thAT IS A STUPID IDEA.If it did ,why did it not cause a war hundreads of years ago.Peolle have studied languages for thousands of years...You do not say "you have to be on our side ,so we are starting a war" say.."we are starting a war and you have to be on ourside." "we are starting a war and we want you to be on our side so that we can use your men and weapons and goods and food so we are telling you that you have to be on our side' that is Nazi thinking..12.april.2011.I am having trouble with this email just now.Also,no illegal messages please.For example if you are 11 years old,that could cause me some trouble.However,under a certain age that I can not think of just now,you can not read this and get my email address anyway.It was not like that when I first new other email address is."6may2012 I took off this email address because it may not work..another thing,do not call anyone "baharrsting "or anything like it.edited my old bolg,6may2012" .....if you are interested....5thFeb2010...Well I think I will have to apologise....I hereby apologise to the blonds,the people in Scotland,the Norwegians,Paris Hilton,Zeta Jones a.d Jessica Alba..I also apologise to...No No No ..Thats all..31Jan2010.When I wrote in my debate"what do you think of me know?"I meant that folks will think I am honest....Did I upset people about writing about prenuptuals agreements.Everyone has heard of them..I mean I would not be greedy....Did I upset Paris Hilton fans?Well she is O.K as far as looks go but I do not know anything about her personality....the same with the others that I named....I do not understand why my jokes were called hate filled ravings.was it because I said it was in Scotland?The names of those countries do not mean anything...My personal messages are not working properly today.,otherwise i may have asked why my jokes are called "hate filled"I do not understand it...There is nothing wrong with me,I am just honest.I am also not arrogant.I am nice good natured human being....2Jan2019..I decided that it would not matter if I identify myself on the language is can google search victorvk2xvs and you will find me.Victor is my name and vk2xvs is something to make me different from any other victors.However,I think I will cange it to victor2vv when I get a chance to make it simpler....I just forgot the exact name of the French language website but I think it is A la francaise.......forums.about .com...4thjan2009..Those that said those things about me can not prove the things they wrote.When silly people lose an argument,they can only make insults....sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me....You see how they insulted me when I wrote a joke.Anyway,the things that I wrote in the profile here are the truth and something over 200 folks have looked at my joke and possibly my profile.That means more than 200 have read the truth.I think it is important to let folks know about the lies that some people are saying about WW2 and other things.Yes I wrote about P in my other profile because of the nasty message that he sent me,but he is not important and there are better things to write about.The next comment is one that you will probably not understand unless you have read all my posts and put 2 and 2 together....Those people that insulted me in the humour section are the types that I would keep off the footpath when they were driving,especially if they were driving a truck....I would not go on a golf course when they were playing golf...and I would not go on a camp that they ran or were at the same camp.....17Dec2009.I just remembered two more things those people said.We got to talk about why the U.S. got into WW2.They said it was because the U.S was in the British Empire.No,I said,have you not heard about the American war of independance?It seems that they had not or that they believed it did not happen.I had to explain to them that the U.S went into WW2 after Japan bombed pearl harbour.One more thing I remembered...Swedes and scandinavians were Dark People,they said.No I said ..what about ABBA,they are not dark.Anyway what did they have against dark people?However one was half Norwegian but I forgive her...Anyway ,I said the only dark people were immigrants that are dark,and maybe the people that are something like Eskimoes..I forgot the right word..Is it Alamute or something?29Nov2009..someone asked me once why I am on Dancenet,well I am looking for a 19 year old girl to clean my house...I hope you are satisfied with that answer.29Nov2009...I am now on about 5 other internet sites but I am not using the same name as nickname as here...Anyway I found a French woman from Paris on the internet.She is some sort of language expert.I asked"can you make up sentences that are nearly the same or the same as in English and French and the answer is "no.She wrote more than about 150 words about the language and places in France such as Brittany,Normandy and also wrote about William the Conq.When I get a chance,I will copy the message and photograph it then put it in with my photos.I will leave her name out because I did not have permission to give her name out."Another note for 28Oct2009....Here are some simple English sentences,I will explain after the sentences the reason that I have written them.........THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA>THE WARM MAN IS IN THAT SHIP THERE>THE WARM MAN IS IN THE SHIP<THE SEA WATER IS COLD>THE APPLES ARE MINE>THE HOUSE IS RED AND SMALL>...The reason I have written these sentences is because they have words nearly the same in Danish,Swedish and German,and of course English.You have to read history books to understand why and there are enough words nearly the same in all those languages to make up sentences that are nearly the same.Look up those words in French,Greek,Russian,Hungarian,Japanese,Korean,Chinese and others and those words are mostly completely different and it is not some sort of amazing coincidence......28Oct2009.Someone wrote something about the land in my pictures.I do not own any of the land in my pictures.The land is places that I have visited and also driven past.I do not want people to have the wrong idea about me....28Oct2009..The Jews make a big noise and complaint when anyone denies the holocast.Well,I think that the truth of history should be protected and it should be illegal to say that the german Nazies were not at fault in WW2.That is part of the reason that I made the following copy of a conversation.There are a few more details that I will add one day.@4August2009.They ruined my post again!Well,I will just have to think of a new one.Really,of course i was writing about potatoe growing where you can grow it.Now we have a Canadian saying you can not grow it there.Well grow something else.The almighty one or mother nature decided mot to give much sun to any part of Ireland,and mother nature did not take ant notice of the border.This makes me think that the little countries such as Ireland,Belgium,maybe Switzerland ,Denmark ,Sweden should have their own economic union so that they can be economically strong against the big countries.Australia could also be in the union because most Australians have European ancestors.There are also a few other very little counties,Burgandy?Iceland,a little country near Spain and another somewhere at the top of Italy.These little countries could share ideas and develope things for their own good.I have my doubts about Genetic modification,but it may be a good idea for potatoes so that they can grow better in the cold.However,talking about genetic modification,I heard that the Iclandics sold their genetic map to foreign scientists.I am not sure what it is about and I think that Icelandic folks may be sprouting in scientific laboratories around the world.I will have to make posts about these things one day...I have written about what a Dutch person said to me once.I have decided to summarise it to the main points.However,you shoul;d know some background history first....In World War One,The germans ,Austrians and Turks were on one side and the British,French and Russians were one the other side.What did Holland do in the first world war?Nothing.They did not help the British and I believe they like the Germans more than the British.I also believe that if the Nazis had not invadewd Holland in WWTwo,the Dutch would not have helped the British then either.....Some years ago at a place where I worked,we were having morning tea when a Dutch person said,"did the Angl saxons come from Germany?'I said yes,but it was not a country in the modern sense of the word.There were local tribes of Angles,Jutes and Saxons,ruled by local Kings and Chiefs.Some of the Angles,jutes and Saxons also came to England from Denmark,around the year 400AD.that is because tje Jutes came from Jutland and part of Jutland is in Germany and some is the main land mass of Denmark.Also,the Danish border was furter south once.Some small numbers also probably came earlier with the Romans when the Romans ruled most of Britain.She said "that is Nazi propaganda."I said no it is not propaganda,it is the truth and it is in history books.She was with another woman that I now think was probably of German descent.The Dutch person said"does that mean we have to be on Germanys side?' I said NO,we do not have to be on Germanys side just so that Hitler and the Nazis can take over.No one outside Germany voted to have Hitler as the leader of Europe.A nazi victory in Europe would have turned thed English into 2nd class citicens or almost slaves of the Nazis.England and the other countries are seperate countries to Germany and have the right to do what they want to do and not be ordered around by Hitler.She said,that is propaganda and it cause the Second World war.The Germans thought we were going to be on their side.I said,NO the Germans did not think the British were going to be on their side.Hitler wanted a war to become the emperor of Europpe.The other woman said ,The Scandinavians wanted WW2 and were savages.I said,talk about savages,the Nazis started a war that killed millions and millions of people.The other woman said that The Scandinavians were savages and that talking about the Anglo saxons was a British trick.The Dutch person said,"Can you make up sentences that are nearly the same as in English and Swedish?"I siaid yes,Can you make up sentences that are nearly the same as in English and German?and I said yes.She said that is propagands.She said you can do that with any language" I said No you can not....The other woman said that Sweden was about to invade Europe.I said that was a stupid thing to say as Sweden is a small county that defends itself but is not powerfull enough to take over Europe..She said,when the nazis compared languages and said the ANGLOS came from Germany,they fought against germany now the Scandinavians are saying it.I said,it has always been said.That is not why the British fought against Germany.They fought against Nazi Germany to kepp themselves a free people with out being ruled by another country..29N0v2009.Those 2 women that I was talking about also called the British halfbreeds........more later....that is the main points,also after WW1,many Germans blamed other people such as Jews for the war,now some are blaming WW2 on the British and others,....more later...Recently,2009.The north Koreans let 2 American prisoners out of gaol.Now I will have to write something nice about them....29June 2009..Someone said my post about Nth Korea ia a joke.Well partly it was,but I am mostly serious about being serious with them.If they continue to make nuclear bombs and have such a hostile outlook towards the West then I think tough words and possible action is needed.Talks did not work.Another thing.I have allways thought of myself as a goodie,but people call me names such as racist..well you must realise thatI also belong to a minority..Look at China about 1 billion.India the same.Pakistan has so many people.Then there are the european countries such as Germany and Russia,so many people.One the other hand ,England has about 60?million,Ireland20?million and Sweden has only about 9 million.Well you can see the numbers are down where my ancestors came from.Look at Sweden.,I am so ashamed.Only 9 million.You know ,I have known since I was little that some of my forebears from my mothers side came from Sweden.When I began to find out about the country,I was humiliated about how small it was,not even as big as England.Anyway,I have an English name and my Swedish heritage was a skeleton in the family cupboard.When I was growing up,Australia was about 80percent British/Irish.It did not seem to be much point in Australia to say you were part Swedish.Anot5her thing is that the Swedes get hostile remarks made about them in Australian mass media.There has also been an idea spreading that Swedes are like Russians.After learning more about politics,languages and history,I know it is not true.I have also heard Dutch migrants say the Swedes and Scandinavians are like Russians.Using the same lgic,you would have to say that the dutch are like Danes.Look at a map and you will see how close dutch island are to the danish coast.You would have to say the Dutch are like Germans,if you use that same logoc but if you say that then the Dutch will say it is a coincidence.It is just illogical..That will be enough for today.Things are a bit different now with so many foreigners coming here especialy since the 1980s.What difference does it make now if you are part foreigner?.My last name is a very old English namw.That is what some relatives told me when I was little.Any way I do not think my last name shows up anywhere on dancenet.I will leave it like that..25June2009..I have now began a new profile in MySpace..First name Victor Last name Victor...I have lived in Sydney,Australia,most of my life..I will add more things on Dance Net and My Space soon...24June2009.I have added photos of what could be called "Historical"police information pages from an Australian Police Department.The information in it is out of date but interesting ,if you like that sort of thing......Once a jolly swagman camped at a billabong...time for a change..but some things do not change such as where your ancestors came from,England,Ireland and Sweden....the rest is being wiped out from this ...some other time I will make a new bio.Also I am going onto my space soon with this profile..First name Victor..Last Name VICTOR..From AUSTRALIA If someone else takes that name on myspace before my new entry,I will make up a new name for my space,but it will have VICTOR in it somewhere..I do not think I will put my full name in my space as I seem to have made some people angry...For example,someone called me a racist for wanting to nuke North Korea...Well I just think it is self defence and I would rather them get killed than folks in my own country..Something nice,Some North Koreans are all right,but it is up to the Americans to do something,be naughty or nice....?...........................................................................................................................................................

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