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Jett167's Bio

My name is Ryan, Ryan Clark. My friends call me Remus... I love midgets... and im currently involved with one romantically.

I play my guitar alot. I used to have this band that represented most of what I now stand against... with my acoustic guitar and my girlish voice ( I also play the keyboard and the bongos... but Not at the same time as the guitar. Thats impossible.

I smoke cigarettes but that's my only vice. Im friendly, even to people I am not particularly fond of. I wet the bed until my freshman year of highschool, and for some reason I can't anymore, I always wake up when i have to pee... which really sucks because then i have to get up and go... im not just gonna lay there and consciously piss myself, thats repulsive.

I live in Lewisville, Texas. and hopefully always will... I dont have a car right now because it just died and I quit my year round job because I have stupid moments. I also teach youngins' to dance at Ballet Arlington. I am a dansuer there too... and im attending University of Texas, Arlington. But, my band just broke up and I just quit my job... So really i have nothing going for me. I might be playing shows in down town dallas right now, but in thirty years ill probably be sleeping there. So if you see me, I'll be the white one... Maybe you could throw me some money. I swear i'll use it on food.

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