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kslach's Bio

Hello, my name is Kim, some friends call me Kimi or Kimberly...whatever you choose is fine by me!!

I'm a wife & mother of 2 very beautiful daughters, named Serena (5) & Lindsey (2). Serena just started taking ballet lessons & she is very excited to become "a ballerina"!

I will tell you about myself and why I have joined I have just started dancing again this year, after 10 years of not dancing since High School graduation!

I started dancing when I was in the 8th grade and danced all the way through High School. My strong point of dance was ballet & modern. Everyone told me I was such a beautiful & graceful dancer. But I wasn't sure if I wanted to pursue dancing as a professional because I've also been told that I'm too short & probably didn't have the body type to make it, especially since I wanted to go to New York. So that really brought doubt into me & lowered my confidence even more. I figured "why would I want to waste all those years dancing and trying to make it big, when all I'll do is be rejected?".

So when I graduated from High School (1996), I decided I didn't want to go to college because there was nothing I wanted to major in, so I just started working.

To make a really long story short:
I married my high school sweetheart at age 20, had our 1st child at age 23, stopped working and became a housewife, had our second child at age 26, became an apt manager (this past year) & i'm still a housewife!! lol In between all those years I've also been serving my Lord Jesus, the best that I can. I've had some struggles & some falls, but none the less, He's still my Lord and Savior!!

So what has made me decide to start dancing after all those years?? An opportunity! A friend of mine posted a bulletin on myspace (yes I'm a member lol) about our High School Dance Concert in May and the choreographer was wanting as many Dance Alumni to be in it as possible. Even us older ones, he wanted it to be big!! My mouth was wide open as I read it & I was overfilled with joy that I screamed with excitement & said "omg, I want to do this, I'm so going to do this!" I called my husband at work & told him all about it. Then as I was telling him I started to doubt myself again & speaking negative words. Then he said to me, "What did you say your New Years Resolution was this year? You're going to do this!"

My NYR this year is to overcome my fears. And what a better way to overcome my fear of dancing again, but to dance in the Alumni piece!

To make another long story short..I went to every rehearsal, except Easter weekend, & worked my butt hard to dance again. Along the way I incurred many bruises & aches & pains..but every moment was worth it!! The concert was a great turn out!! The Alumni had the best dance piece in the concert. I had many family & friends there watching & reliving the High School days with me! What a rush & excitement to finally live out my passion once again!!

After the concert was over, I decided this wasn't going to be the end of dance for me & I was going to start taking ballet at a studio. I'm not going to let my passion die again.

I've been going since July 11. I'm rusty & need all the help I can get. I've been studying ballet online, trying to get as many tips & advice as I can. I've forgotten so much of the ballet terms, but I know I'll get it soon! I hope to meet some really great people here that will encourage me & inspire me to push hard for this & not give up!

I'm not as young as I used to be, but I'm never too old to dance!!

God bless all of you who have taken the time to read this long bio. If you have any advice for me, please share. I'm always open to correction & guidance.


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6 Oct 2006

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