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Hi, I'm Manda! And yes, I am Puss_In_Boots' little sis.

I'm a gigantic nerd. I'm currently doing my first year of post-grad research work in Chemistry, and next year am planning on starting my PhD in Chemistry. I love working in the lab and I love Chemistry!

I have been dancing since I was 4, but unfortunately don't do much of it anymore, now that I'm not living in my home town, but I still do hip hop classes every Friday and I love it! I also love music, I play piano and flute, and if I'm ever in a bad mood, music is what makes me happy.

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3 Oct 2011
3 Oct 2011
19 Sep 2011
19 Sep 2011
30 Aug 2011

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By Cadbury_Eater
On Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:55 AM
Hey, are you Puss_In_Boots younger sister? Welcome :)
By AmyJoJo
On Mon Aug 08, 2011 03:51 AM
Is this who I think it is?!

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